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Pictures from the Gala Ball (photos by Ethan Glickman)


Program Chairperson: Dr. Araceli Ziemba

Date Speaker Topic
September 17, 2002
Dr. Louis G. DePaola
Bioterrorism: Dentistry’s Role in Recognizing and Responding to the Threat
October 15, 2002
Dr. Dick Barnes
Creating the Successful Cosmetic Practice
November 19, 2002
Dr. Charles Blair
Positioning Your Practice for Profit
January 21, 2003
NJDA Officer’s Night and New Life Member Recognition
February 18, 2003
Dr. John West
The Total Endodontic Experience
March 18, 2003
Dr. James Jacobs
Esthetic Perio: Setting the Foundation for a Beautiful Smile
April 15, 2003
Dr. Paul Homoly
Speaking of Dentistry: Building Professional Speaking Skills
May 20, 2003



Program Chairperson: Dr. James Courey

September 16, 2003
Dr. Robert Cowie, Jacksonville FL
Developing a comprehensive examination and treatment plan philosophy

October 21, 2003
Dr. Richard Kraut, Bronx, NY
Placing implants, lessons learned and lives changed

November 18, 2003
Dr. Noah Chivian, West Orange, NJ
Endodontic contributions to esthetic dentistry

January 20, 2004
NJDA Officer Meeting

February 17, 2004
Dr. Harold Baumgarten, Philadelphia, PA
Treatment planning in the age of implant dentistry

March 16, 2004
Richard Marfuggi MD, New York, NY
The Plastic Surgeon and the Dentist – Any connection?

April 20, 2004
Dr. William Roberts, Philadelphia, PA
Orthodontic preparations for cosmetic dentistry

May 18, 2004


Board of Trustees

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Program Chairperson: Dr. Mark Vitale

September 21, 2004
Dr. Gerard Chiche
Treatment Planning Session
Sponsor: Kuwata Pan Dent

October 19, 2004
Steve Seltzer
The High Tech Dental Office
Sponsor: Equipment Brokers

November 16, 2004
Jennifer de St. Georges
Trials and Tribulations of being
an Employer
Sponsor: Benco

January 18, 2005
NJDA Officer Meeting and New Life Member Recognition

February 15, 2005
Harold Crossley, DDS, PhD
The 50 Most Prescribed Drugs
Sponsors: Asteto Dent Lab & Septodont

March 15, 2005
Dr. Morton Amsterdam
A 50 Year Prospective
Town & Country Dental Studios

April 19, 2005
David Sirois, DMD, PhD
Chronic Musculoskeletal and Neuropathic Face Pain: A Practical and Contemporary Review

May 17, 2005


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Program Chairperson: Dr. Scott Galkin

September 20, 2005
Jim Schultz, NJDA Lobbyist
“NJDA’s relationship with government” and

Michael Schaff, JD, LLM 732-855-6047 www.wilentz.com
“Beyond the Employment
Agreement: The Life-Cycle of a Dental Practice Entity”

October 18, 2005
Dr. Donald Lewis 216-261-1010 Book order form (pdf)
“What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You” (fraud and identity theft prevention)

November 15, 2005
Dr. Keith Rossein
“Narrow-Bodied Long-Term &
Transitional Implants: Great Implant Practice Builders”

January 17, 2006
NJDA Officers Night/Induction of Life Members

February 21, 2006
Dr. John Molinari
“Update on Vaccine Recommendations”
Note: Dr. Molinari cancelled his lecture and in his place, was Dr. Michael Dzitzer who spoke on "Esthetic and Function of Anterior Restorative Dentistry.

March 21, 2006
Dr. Gerald Greitzer
“Adhesive Dentistry”

April 18, 2006
Sy Symanski Memorial Lecture
Dr. Michael Glick
“Emerging Infectious Diseases: An Update for Dental Healthcare Providers”

May 16, 2006


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Staff Night


Program Chairperson: Dr. Bob Ashmen

September 19, 2006
Dr. Frederic Barnett
“Advances in Endodontics”

October 17, 2006
Dr. Howard Fraiman
“Creating an Environment for Anterior Restorative Dentistry”

November 21, 2006
Dr. Scott De Rossi
“Oral Lesions Caused By Drugs Your Patients Take”

January 16, 2007
NJDA Officers Night/Induction of Life Members

February 20, 2007
Dr. David Goteiner
“Gingival Manifestations of Disease”

March 20, 2007
Dr. Irv Lubis
“Marketing for Profitability Emphasizing Cosmetic, Regenerative, and Implant Dentistry”

April 17, 2007
Dr. Susan Calderbank
“Oral Complications of Cancer
Therapies: Diagnosis, Prevention, Treatment”

May 15, 2007