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Orthodontic Diagnosis and Preparation for Cosmetic Dentistry
Featured Speaker: Dr. William Roberts

Dr. Roberts will explore some of the less recognized contributing factors to malocclusion such as aberrant function and asymmetric growth. He will also share his observations concerning tooth position and smile esthetics, and describe orthodontic treatment and retention goals in preparation for cosmetic dentistry.
Dr. Roberts graduated from the orthodontic program at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine in 1978. He is a former Clinical Associate Professor of Orthodontics at Temple University and a Board Certified orthodontist practicing in Philadelphia, PA and Lawrenceville, NJ. His specific areas of interest are biomechanics and adult orthodontics.

President's Message

The History of MCDS 101

The Middlesex County Dental Society was originally organized in New Brunswick in July of 1912 by 10 charter members. Their names may be familiar to some of you, Charles Dunham, DDS, Eugene Griggs, DDS, Harvey Iredell, DDS, Frank Hindell, DDS, W.W. Hodges, DDS, Louis Kuntz, DDS, G.S. McLaughlin, DDS, Lawrence Mundy, DDS, Walter Rice, DDS, and Henry Zerfing, DDS. I was quite surprised that T.S. Symansky was not on this list since his name and the MCDS were synonymous when I joined the society and he seemed to have been around since all things began. The object of this new Society was “to encourage the improvement of the health of the public; to cultivate the science and art of dentistry, and all its collateral branches; to elevate and sustain the professional character of dentists; to promote among themselves mutual improvement, social intercourse, good will and self protection; to promote the welfare of its members and for any other like purpose.”
How interesting that 92 years later the object of our Society remains the same. Our ten “forefathers” were very thoughtful, indeed. First and foremost, our dedication today is to the health of the public, second, to the development of our profession and last, but not least, to the development of our characters as professionals. Attending dental society meetings with our colleagues has such a tremendous positive impact on each of us regardless of the topic of discussion. It is very difficult to keep an open mind relative to everyday issues in our offices since each and every one of us already knows everything, right? However, casual conversations with our peers can offer enlightening insight toward alternate means of managing complex issues.
Our website includes a MCDS newsletter from January of 1953. It’s amazing how some things don’t change. The issue of fluoridation of the community water supply was discussed in editorial by Dr. “Sy” Symansky. So, for almost 50 years, the dentists of our community have been trying to help the public by fluoridating the water supply. Studies done in Texas have shown that the state Medicaid system would save $24 per child per year in dental expenses with public fluoridation. Shouldn’t this be a “no brainer?”
As my dental school instructors used to say, “dentists are trying to put themselves out of business.” We all know that will never happen, since filling cavities is only one of the many facets of delivering comprehensive dental care. Membership in our society makes it easier for each of us to “encourage the improvement of the health of the public” which is our primary responsibility. As the great philosopher, Cavan Brunsden says, “always do the right things for the right reasons and success will follow.”
Nancy Villa, President
P.S. If anyone has any “old” issues of our newsletter, please send them to me for inclusion in our archives on our website.

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MCDS Board of Trustees Report

-March 9, 2004-

Attendance: Ashmen, Brunsden, Courey, Fahsbender, Fertig, Galkin, Glickman, Kahn, Kline, Krantz, Leizer, Rosen, Schambra, Silverstein, Simos, Villa, Vitale, Wasserman, Weiner
Acceptance of Minutes-vote unanimous.
President’s Report-Nancy Villa
The newsletter, once again, has an outstanding presentation of photos and important information, thanks to Bob and Mitch and all other contributors!
The hygiene program at Middlesex County College has announced the name of the student with the highest GPA. Tammy Monguso will be given the MCDS Academic Achievement Award on Monday, April 26th.
The “Rules of the Board” are being updated and an annual timeline will be constructed with an overview of all MCDS activities that occur every year. This timeline will give the President and the Executive Secretary a system of checks and balances along with all of the Council and Committee Representatives. In addition, it will provide a framework for new representatives to follow.
We look forward to the upcoming Mentor programs and are thankful that Ethan Glickman has once again organized additional member benefits on our behalf.
Eric Elmore of NJDA has sent photos of our Life Members receiving their pins at the Officers meeting for distribution.
Treasurer’s Report-Stephen Lawson
Our 2003 tax return has been completed and sent in to the IRS.
Program Chairperson-James Courey
The Staff Night program is still in the works. There will not be an open bar this year.
NJDA Council Reports:
NJDA Trustee’s Report-Richard Kahn
See full report under NJDA Noteworthy News.
Council on Dental Benefits-Mark Vitale
The council met on February 22, 2004. The following items were reviewed.
•CRP statistics were reviewed for calendar year 2003. 112 formal complaints were received of which 44 were resolved, 3 were not resolved, 20 were for data purposes, and 45 are pending.
•A letter was sent to the director of the Aetna dental program regarding two persistent problems. The first problem involves Aetna’s policy requiring surgical extractions be submitted to the patient’s medical plan, which usually does not provide coverage. The other is pending of claims while Aetna requests information from the patient. The Dental director of Aetna is being invited to a council meeting to discuss these problems.
•The council reviewed a letter sent to United Healthcare regarding this insurance company forwarding a check to a dentist for less than what is stated in the EOB. To date United Healthcare has refused to provide NJDA with information concerning this problem, other than to say that the payment sent reflects a previous overpayment to a non-par dentist. NJDA has sent a letter requesting a response in 14 days.
•A problem with a utilization review company substituting dental codes for medical codes in the treatment of TMD was reviewed. NJDA sent a letter and is awaiting response from the Department of Banking and Insurance and the UR company.
•ADA direct reimbursement was reviewed.
•Medicaid reform and the problems that discourage participation by dentists, was discussed.
•Mr. Meisel presented compelling arguments for the fluoridation of water in NJ to the Public Health Council.
•The director of Medicaid has agreed to reinstate regularly scheduled meetings with NJDA.
•NJDA has been in contact with the Department of Banking and Insurance concerning the required update to the PIP fee schedule that was last increased in March 2002. There has been no response to date.
•Recent legislation signed by the Governor was reviewed. Non-par dentists will receive notification when payment has been sent to a patient. The law will also allow the dentist to enter into written agreements with covered persons to sign over the dental benefits payment to the dentist within ten days of receipt. Covered persons who breach the written agreement will be liable to the dentist for payment of attorney fees and costs in enforcing the agreement. The law is effective on March 14, 2004.
•HIPAA: Dentists who are covered entities will need to apply for a National Provider Identifier as a standard unique identifier. Dentists may begin applying after May 23, 2005 with compliance scheduled for May 23, 2007.
•For up to date information read the NJDA CAPSULE.
Membership-Scott Galkin
The membership council met on February 12, 2004. A dues waiver policy was formalized and will be detailed in the Capsule. The Member’s Edge program will begin within the next couple of weeks; it will avail NJDA members to discounts at various businesses with their ADA membership cards. Additional member benefits that were discussed were certificates and pins for 5, 10, 15, 20 year anniversaries as an ADA member. Also in June, the NJDA employment exchange will be augmented to include R.D.H.s and R.D.A.s.
Peer Review-John Fahsbender
There were two appeals, both of which were turned down.
Relief-Ethan Glickman
One case of relief was granted.
Children’s Dental Health Month-Cavan Brunsden
Poster Contest - Mailed to 200 Schools - Awards Ceremony 4/15/04
Nurses Night - 3/18/04 - Dr. Dobrin - Child Abuse
Give Kids a Smile - 32 Sites, 1,500 children seen, A huge success
Committee Reports:
Corporate Sponsorship-Constantine Simos
A new vendor has contacted MCDS. A representative from Dental Specialists will be attending the March and April meetings.
Additional vendors were contacted to sponsor Dr. Kokich’s course, Nobel Biocare has confirmed that they will be present.
New Business:
Incoming Program Chair Dr. Mark Vitale has finalized the Fall ‘04 - Spring ‘05 Program (see sepcial announcement on page 5 ).
Repectfully Submitted, Robert Silverstein, Secretary

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Treasurer's Report

Dr. Stephen Lawson

(1/31/04 - 2/29/04)
Checking 1,103.95 16,219.16
Money Market 57,526.92 57,565.77
TOTAL 58,630.87 73,784.93
(1/31/04 - 2/29/04)
Interest Earned 1.04
Cont Ed 3,840.00
Corp Spon-CE 1,000.00
Corp Spon-Meetings 600.00
Corp Spon-Newsletter 500.00
Dues 13,292.50
TOTAL INCOME 19,233.54
Dinner Meetings 2,192.50
Lecture Fees 500.00
Accountant Fees 200.00
Telephone 64.25
Newsletter/Other Printing 556.58
Cont Ed 65.00
Executive Secretary 442.00
Plaques 98.00
(1/31/04 - 2/29/04)
Interest 38.85

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NJDA Noteworty News

Dr. Fred Sterritt presented a resolution to the board recommending a change in name for the Chemical Dependency Program to the Well Being Program in order to mirror the ADA’s language. In addition, Dr. Sterritt recommended in his resolution that an unpaid co-director be appointed to serve with Dr. Bill Keene, the current Program Director. Both measures were unanimously approved.
Three meetings of the State Board have occurred since the last meeting of the Board of Trustees. Mr. Meisel reported on its actions that include:
1. Review of the draft Enteral Sedation regulation proposal. The State Board heard a presentation from Dr. Sidney Whitman representing the Society of Pediatric Dentists outlining their concerns on the draft of the proposed regulation. The State Board was supportive of this position and has agreed to make changes to accommodate them. They include: completing 60 hours of training in a residency program and 20 hours of refresher course work from a course approved by the State Board. The refresher course may be completed before the regulation is adopted.
2. The State Board’s regulations are scheduled to sunset next year. This will provide an opportunity for the State Board to revisit several issues in its current regulations and it will provide the NJDA with an opportunity to recommend changes as well.
Dr. Rempel reported that the Council on Nominations met and has recommended Dr. Pellegrini as the next president elect, Dr. Shekitka as the next vice president, Dr. Hersh as the next Secretary and Dr. Krantz as the NJDA’s next Treasurer. A recommendation was made to have the Secretary and Treasurer serve only 1-year terms instead of 2-year terms as has been the case in recent years.
Dr. Rempell reported on conversations he has had with the NYS Dental Association regarding NERB exams and New York’s move to a PGY1 requirement in that completion of a GPR will make one eligible for licensure and the NYS Dental Association’s latest move to require that all dentists seeking licensure in New York complete a one year post graduate program.
Ms. Dibofsky reported that Give Kids a Smile was a great success and the number of children was increased substantially from last year.
In addition, on March 31st, there will be an Oral Cancer Screening Seminar with guest speaker Dr. Rosenheck and representatives from UMDNJ Dental School.
Mr. Eric Elmore reported that the Members Edge Program is progressing nicely and that it is now available to the members. It will be marketed to the membership sometime next month. .
Governor McGreevey signed the Collection of Benefits legislation into law on January 14th and its provisions will go into effect on March 14th. Of importance, the new Act requires health and dental service corporations as well as dental plan organizations to give nonparticipating dentists an explanation of benefits. In addition, the Act allows dentists to recover attorneys’ fees from patients that fail to honor their written agreement to pay the insurance proceeds.
The NJDA won amendments into two bills that create study commissions – one addressing access to care and the other reviewing the moving of the health care licensing boards out of the Division of Consumer Affairs. In addition, the NJDA blocked an amendment that would have joined the State Board of Dentistry with the Board of Medical Examiners in requiring stricter oversight and enforcement.
The NJDPAC was selected as one of 5 organizations nationally by ADPAC for its Partnership in Growth development initiative. The objective is to make the NJDPAC a strong and better-funded entity.
Ms. Moskal reported on recent Aetna problems some members are experiencing regarding claims for extractions. Aetna is claiming that dentists must submit to medical first. However, NJ plans only cover bony extractions and all others will be rejected. This is essentially a waste of time for the dentists because it will get denied unless it fits that narrow definition. In addition, Aetna is also delaying the payment for routine claims because patients are required to fill out a questionnaire. This appears to be a violation of the prompt pay laws.
Ms. Moskal reported that she, Dr. Whitman and Mr. Schulz attending a meeting with the new Medicaid Director to discuss access, fluoridation and generally restart a dialogue with the office. It was a positive meeting and there is optimism that others will occur more routinely.
Ms. Moskal stated that there have been issues with United Health Care regarding deductions on reimbursements to dentists who allegedly were previously overpaid by them. This may or may not be illegal. Ms. Moskal and Mr. Meisel are investigating the action.
Ms. DeCotiis reported that the Council on Dental Education is expected to meet in March, and that the recent Weekend Study Club was a success hosting 35 participants. It netted a small profit that will go to Special Olympics.
The Council on Dental Education is always looking for speakers from the components for programs. While they are nonpaying, it provides a good opportunity for those dentists who may want to enter the speaking circuit.
Dental Assistants have requested assistance in recruiting as well as contributions from the NJDA to help fund programs. There will be further discussion on this subject.
Ms. DeCotiis reported that the NJDA’s conversion to ADA’s TS computer system was largely a success and that the ADA was amazed at the speed in which the NJDA made the conversion. She also reported that only 6 members called complaining about the new payment options while staff fielded only 12 calls from members who had questions. Overall membership is pleased with the conversion and new payment procedures.
The Employment Exchange Program continues to be successful. In fact, it will be expanding to include Hygienists and Registered Dental Assistants. The details have not yet been finalized as to how this will work.
reported that the NJDA is about to begin its annual audit and that everything looks to be in order.
reported that dues revenue receipts are down about $50,000 from this time last year. However, it is not yet known why. He is investigating the matter. Part of the issue lies with the conversion issue and the need to generate sufficient reports.
Mr. Meisel reported on the pending PIP Fee Schedule matter that is before the Department of Banking and Insurance. He has been in contact with the Department on the matter and expects that it will be addressed soon.
Mr. Meisel reported on a recent State Supreme Court ruling, which held that the provisions of the Consumer Fraud Act do not apply to the learned professions. Legislation has been introduced to address this matter. However, its ultimate passage is still not known.
Recently, the Appellate Division ruled on the enforcement of case where a doctor wanted to leave a hospital and move to another hospital. The Appellate Court ruled that the hospital could enforce the restrictive covenant. It was appealed to the Supreme Court, which stayed the Appellate Court’s ruling. There may be leave to appeal granted and if so, Mr. Meisel would like the authority to draft amicus curiae brief for submission. The Board approved unanimously.
Mr. Meisel reported on his recent presentation to the Public Health Council on Fluoridation. The NJDA has petitioned the Public Health Council to issue regulations to fluoridate only that portion of the public water supply that would not require an increase in property taxes for funding. This will remove the state mandate, state pay issue that halted the initial petition for rulemaking by the Oral Health Coalition. Members of the Public Health Council that were present were extremely supportive of the idea and directed preparation of a draft regulation in concert with the NJDA.
A proposal was brought forward to allow NEBCO and Aaron Katz to market a John Hancock long-term care product to the membership. A discussion ensued and it was agreed that this could occur.
Dr. Rempell established a Task Force to Review the State Board of Dentistry’s Regulations in anticipation of their sunsetting next year.
The Board took up Dr. Levitt’s legislative proposal to allow a majority of towns on a water line to determine whether that water supply receives fluoridation. Currently, one town can stop fluoridation from occurring even if a majority of towns on the line want it. This issue may be pursued depending upon an assessment of progress along the regulatory route.

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Featuring Internationally Known Speaker DR. VINCENT KOKICH, Professor of Orthodontics at University of Washington in Seattle/Private Ortho Practitioner in Tacoma, Washington
Orthodontists, periodontists, surgeons, and restorative dentists often have pre-determined goals regarding the esthetic relationship of teeth that may differ from that of the patient. A recent study shows that lay persons may not notice certain problems (such as midline discrepancy, unequal crown length, incisal plane asymmetry, “gummy” smile, altered incisal inclination, “black” triangles, and crown width discrepancies) that dentists and Orthodontists strongly believe should be resolved. Is there a threshold level, where these discrepancies are noticed by both lay persons and dentists? Are there discrepancies that are not noticed by either dentists or lay persons and should remain untreated? If these problems are to be treated, what are the roles of the orthodontist, periodontist, and restorative dentist? How, where, and when should tooth position be altered to accommodate for future restorative dentistry? This presentation will use many clinical examples to resolve these dilemmas and describe the interaction that is necessary among clinicians to establish the ideal result for even the most difficult esthetic discrepancies.


The MCDS full-day course on Wednesday, April 14th with internationally known speaker Dr. Vincent Kokich is only $65 and is appropriate for GENERAL PRACTITIONERS, PERIODONTISTS, PROSTHODONTISTS, ORTHODONTISTS, and ORAL SURGEONS WHO PLACE IMPLANTS. This is an unbelievable member benefit offered due to the outstanding efforts of our full-day continuing education chair Dr. Mark Schambra. Mark is an MCDS past-President and put together the very successful Dr. Dennis Tarnow lecture last winter as continuing education chair. The amount of work that goes into organizing such a quality course and setting up corporate sponsors is surely deserving of widespread support from our membership. With most full day courses in the $275 range, this course is a steal for NJDA members from other components as well, who will pay only $125 with early registration by the deadline. We are appealing to the entire membership to not only come out and support this course yourselves, but also to invite one or more NJDA-member friends from other components…you’ll be doing them a favor as Dr. Kokich is regarded as one of the countries top speakers. SEND IN YOUR REGISTRATION NOW!!!

Dentist (1996 graduate, working as an associate now) looking to purchase a 2-3 chair office in Middlesex County (preferably no real estate). Please contact me at 732-718-6582 or ljkdmd@hotmail.com.

St. Peter's Medical Library
Members of the Middlesex County Dental Society are allowed to borrow dental materials from the Medical Library at Saint Peter’s University Hospital. A valid ADA ID must be presented in order to borrow materials. Here is a list of some of the materials in the dental collection:
• Excellence in Cosmetic Dentistry-Video Series; • Gordon Christensen Video Tapes; • Journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery; • Oral surgery, oral medicine, oral pathology, oral radiology, and endodontics.
Information about the Medical Library, including hours of operation, can be found at www.stpeterslibrary.com

Ethan Glickman – Chairman
The Mentor Programs for Spring 2004 that are being presented are:
Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Dr. Richard Champagne
Thursday May 27, 2004 6:30-8:30PM
2 CEU credits
Annual OSHA Certification Seminar
Mathew Giachetti, LifeForce USA
Thursday June 10, 2004 6:30-8:30PM
2 CEU credits
This program satisfied the OSHA standard on Occupational Exposure to Blood Borne Pathogens, which is required annually for dentists and staff. Each office person trained received certification that they have been properly instructed for this OSHA regulation on Infection Control. Please note that this OSHA program offered elsewhere normally asks for a tuition fee of at least $85. This is another great member benefit for belonging to MCDS !
How to Reduce High Bites and Open Tight Contacts
And Guarding your Patient’s Occlusal Health
Dr. Robert Cowie
Wednesday June 17, 2004 9 AM–4 PM
6 CEU credits
All programs will be held at St. Peter’s Medical Center,
New Brunswick, NJ
See the insert inside this newsletter to register for these
Spring 2004 Seminars

Attention: Members Seeking Associates
As our local residency programs conclude their GPR year this June, several of our JFK and Robert Wood Johnson residents are seeking employment as general practitioners. Many of our MCDS Executive Board members are attendings at either JFK or RWJUH and can furnish references if requested for any residency graduate you are interested in. Please call or speak to MCDS President-Elect Dr. Mitch Weiner at 732-297-4900. All conversations will be kept confidential. This is being offered as both a member benefit for those seeking associates and as a recruitment/goodwill gesture for our new member dental residents.

Special Announcement regarding the ‘04 -’05 Program
Incoming Program Chair Dr. Mark Vitale is pleased to announce that MCDS will be offering three full day programs next year. Mark your calendars now so that you don’t miss these great speakers. More details to come. All programs will be held at the Pines Manor from 8:30am until 4:30pm.
September 22, 2004
Dr. Gerard Chiche
Recipes for Predictable Anterior Esthetics

November 17, 2004
Jennifer de St Georges
Scheduling for Success
(Open to doctors and staff)

February 16, 2005
Harold L. Crossley, DDS, PhD
Clinical Dental Pharmacology

Children’s Dental Health Month: Save the Date
April 15, 2004 Poster Contest, Old Bridge High School East Auditorium - 7 PM

2004 NJDA Annual Convention
June 9-11
Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort
Atlantic City, NJ