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Featured Speaker: Dr. Dick Barnes “Creating the Successful Practice”

Dr. Dick Barnes is a leader in the development and marketing of today’s cosmetic dental practice. A 1962 graduate of Marquette Dental School, he began his general dentistry practice in Rialto, California. In addition, Dr. Barnes taught at Loma Linda and the University of Southern California schools of dentistry.
By concentrating on simple yet proven ways to motivate patients and staff, Dr. Barnes offers easily implemented changes that will increase production and actually decrease stress and hours at work. Convincing a patient to have the care he or she needs is a basic part of dentistry. Dr. Barnes can help you gain the capability of helping your patients want and accept your treatment plan every time. His lecture will encompass the following:
• How to comfortably convince your patients to have the cosmetic and restorative dentistry they need, and what to say to patients who say they want to “think it over”.
• Lowering the stress and increasing satisfaction with dentistry as a profession.
• Staying in control of your practice by recognizing and supporting the responsibilities of your staff.
• Implementing proven practice building techniques by providing ideal treatment for patients.
• The art of case presentations, a step by step procedure for achieving acceptance of treatment. Slide presentation on full mouth reconstruction.
• Diagnosis appointment & charting.
• Implementing a proven structure designed to increase retention of new patients.
• Creating desire for cosmetic dentistry and the latest in cosmetic restorations including preparation techniques.

President's Message

Will MCDS take home the Yellow Jersey?

Over the summer I had time to contemplate the contents for my MCDS president messages. At the time, I felt the Lance Armstrong story was apropos to the plight of our society and the direction I felt it needed to go. At this time, my thoughts have not wavered rather they have intensified. As Lance Armstrong captured his fourth Tour De France I was moved and inspired for our society to harness some of the same energies and perseverance as we tackle the multitude of issues which pervade the practice of dentistry in Middlesex County and in the state of New Jersey. Over the years MCDS has had some of the best leadership amongst the state dental societies. We have stood out with many of our members making significant contributions at both the state and national level. At this time, we are in dire need of our younger doctors and recent inductees to get geared up and join our executive board. Without this new infusion we will not be able to perpetuate the groundwork that was set by our inspired previous leadership. Our executive board meetings are on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm at NJDA Headquarters. With our society constantly facing new regulatory, reimbursement and employment issues there has never been a more important time when our society must ride together as a “peleton”. In order to effectively succeed in this ever changing health care environment we must seek the “yellow jersey” and maintain the leadership so we can continue to provide the full scope of dentistry at the highest level to our patients in the most cost-effective and efficacious manner. If interested in getting involved, feel free to contact me via email (b.huberman@worldnet.att) or at 732-738-6555.
Respectfully submitted,
Bruce A. Huberman DMD

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MCDS Board of Trustees Report

-September 10, 2002-

Attendance: Brunsden, Chustckie, Glickman, Huberman, Kahn, Kline, Lawson, Leizer, Rosen, Schambra, Silverstein, Villa, Vitale, Weiner, Ziemba
Acceptance of Minutes-5/14/02-vote unanimous.
President’s Report-B. Huberman
• I want to personally thank Dr. Daniel Krantz for his tireless effort on behalf of MCDS as NJDA trustee.
• I would also like to acknowledge Dr. Nancy Villa on her service as Chairperson for NJDA Membership Council for the past two years.
• Thanks once again to Dr. Mitch Weiner and Dr. Bob Silverstein for producing a fantastic newsletter.
• A major initiative is underway with Middlesex County College. Our plans are to partner with them in order to stimulate interest in dental assisting as a profession. A member of their staff will be asked to sit on our executive board.
• Rutgers University and UMDNJ have asked MCDS to partner with them on a “Dental Shadowing” program. Pre-dental students from Rutgers would spend time in our private offices in order to get a better feel on the practice of dentistry. This would lead to employment opportunities.
• Leadership Conference will be held at NJDA on October 6th.
• HIPPA course will be given on Wednesday, November 6th at the Pines Manor.
• A sub-committee of board members will revisit dues structure for active life members.
• Certificates will be given out to new members at the first meeting on October 17th.
Treasurer’s Report-R. Kline
See details on page 3 of this newsletter
NJDA Trustee Report-R. Kahn
See highlights on page 6 of this newsletter
NJDA Council Reports:
Annual Session-A. Ziemba
Plan ahead and save the date:
• Annual Session will be held June 11–13, 2003 in Atlantic City at the Taj Mahal.
• UMDNJ Dental Alumni Luncheon will be held Wednesday, June 11, 2003.
• Free continuing education courses will be offered.
Dental Benefits-M. Vitale
• CRP statistics: Statistics regarding complaints against insurance carriers were reviewed.
• Delta Dental Position on Oral Surgery Claims: In meetings between Delta and NJDA it was decided that claims splitting would be appropriate, as long as the dentist wrote on the claim that the submitted procedures were not covered by the medical plan. Procedures cannot be billed twice.
• MetLife COB: NJDA has challenged MetLife’s method for coordinating benefits when a patient has the MetLife PPO as secondary. MetLife will not change its position, so the NJDA will seek direction from the Department of Banking and Insurance.
• CDT-4: The new codes and revisions in CDT-4 will go into effect January 1, 2003. HIPAA standardized transactions rule will require all carriers to accept these codes. Since most carriers filed for the one-year extension, many may not be prepared to accept the codes on January 1, 2003. The council will be playing a more active role in providing input in future code revisions.
• Give Kids a Smile: Dentists will be asked to volunteer on February 21, 2003, and provide free health care services to low income children in need. Members can sign up on the ADA website.
• HIPAA: All dentists are encouraged to attend the NJDA Privacy Seminar on November 6, 2002. The fee is $100 and includes the Privacy Manual. This is a member’s only benefit. HIPAA applies only to those offices filing electronic claims. These offices should file for the one-year extension since most clearinghouses and insurance carriers will also be filing for extensions.
• Prompt Payment Regulations: Insurance carriers must acknowledge electronic claims within 2 days and paper claims within 15 days.
• Carrier Audits: NJDA has been attempting to prohibit insurance carriers from using an extrapolation of errors discovered in audits of claims.
Peer Review-J. Fahsbender
There were three cases handled over the summer. All were decided through mediation.
MCDS Committee Reports:
Corporate Sponsorship-J. Chustckie
• We contacted approximately 25 prospective sponsors for our monthly meetings as well as for Dr. Tarnow’s full day course.
• No sponsors for monthly meetings as of yet.
• We have verbal confirmation from 7 sponsors @ $1000 and we are working on securing 3 additional sponsors.
Mentor-E. Glickman
This year we are very fortunate to start out with an exciting line-up of free continuing education programs to offer to our members. A fantastic line up of speakers have been scheduled due to the creative efforts of our program chairperson, Dr. Araceli Ziemba,
These speakers will be presenting a one-hour program at our monthly MCDS meetings on the third Tuesday at the Pines Manor. The following Wednesday morning these same speakers will be presenting their full five (5) hour course at the Clarion Hotel, which is near the Pines Manor. Dr. Ziemba was able to enlist sponsorship and financial support from the Tri-State Dental Supply Co. of Cranford NJ, Kerr Dental Co., Dentsply/Caulk Dental Co. Dr. Dick Barnes is donating his entire customary honorarium to MCDS. Dr. Ziemba is continuing to look for additional corporate sponsorship for these programs.
Due to the incredible support from these sponsors we will be able to offer these programs to our members at no cost… WOW !!! The only fee to our members will be for their staff to cover the cost of breakfast. We will also be promoting these programs to NJDA members and non-MCDS Dentists at a reasonable fee.
Please register for these programs ASAP since seating will be limited. We will give our members an opportunity to register for these programs before we offer them to NJDA members and non-MCDS Dentists.
Dr Bruce Huberman, our MCDS president, asked me to assist in the promotion of these programs with Dr Ziemba. I will be continuing the Thursday evening Mentor program format in the Spring 2003 season and will of course present our annual OSHA program at that time for our members.
Once again I would like to thank Dr. Araceli Ziemba for creating this wonderful opportunity for our members.
Please see the insert in the October MCDS newsletter for the Registration form and Course Descriptions for these programs.
The Mentor Programs for Fall 2002-2003 that are being presented:
• Creating the Successful Cosmetic Practice —Wed. Oct 16,2002 Dr. Dick Barnes
• Positioning Your Practice for Profit — Wed. Nov. 20,2002 Dr. Charles Blair
• Case Acceptance for Complete Dentistry — Wed. April 16,2003 Dr. Paul Homoly
Respectfully Submitted,
Steve Lawson

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Treasurer's Report

September 6, 2002

Dr. Ross Kline


Money Market

Dues 1878.58
Interest 11.04
Staff Night 36.00
Name Badges 122.21
Telephone 145.56
Interest 116.80
No Activity 0.00

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NJDA Board of Trustees Report

You can find the reports at http://www.njda.org/member/board_minutes/index.html.

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NJDA Noteworthy News

JUNE 26, 2002 Board of Trustees Meeting
State Board of Dentistry
Proposed Regulations
• A new class of anesthesia permit for oral sedation is being looked into.
• Looking into educational protocol for this.
• Would not include anxiety control (Valium)
• A Company that is offering a two-day weekend course called sleep dentistry initiated this.
• Looking into rules for terminating a dentist patient relationship
• Charging patients for medications: Can give a patient a few pills of a narcotic after a procedure, but cannot charge them for this.

Connecticut Dental Association request for assistance: They are in litigation with Anthem Blue CrossBlue Shield and we will be giving them $5000 to help with their legal costs

Dental Decision
• The state board of dentistry voted unanimously to adopt the Dental Decision regulation (Must be a dentist licensed in NJ to consult on a NJ licensed dentist’s claim) A notice of adoption was filed to avoid its expiration. The Attorney General notified the board that he would not file this. NJDA filed an appeal on behalf of the State Board
Dental hygiene shortage
• A task force is being assembled to look into this issue in its entirety.

August 14, 2002 Board of Trustees Meeting
State Board of Dentistry
• New president Dr. Orlacchio Vice President Dr. Ricciani The board is considering issuing admonishments rather than assess civil penalties for minor infractions because these appear as disciplinary actions and are misleading to the public.
• National “Give Kids A Smile” day program to be held on February 21, 2002 For an entire day dentists nationwide would be donating their time to treat needy children who otherwise would not receive dental care.
• Amalgam issue: Nationwide this is an issue that has had several lawsuits from both the adverse health effects, but from the environment issues as well.
• Sunday Studyclu: have 15-20 people registered so far
• A new dental hygiene program is in the talking stages and if this goes forward may require NJDA support

Treasurer’s report
• The 2003 budget has passed. There will be a $25 dues reduction because NJDA has paid off the assessment earlier than originally forecasted. The Annual Session exceeded the projected income

Executive Director’s Report
• Meeting with the Department of Insurance regarding the looming Malpractice problem. The talks were positive.
• HIPAA seminar on Nov 6. This relates to the do’s and don’t regarding patients’ information transmitted via the Internet.

For Sale
Two 220 volt dental compressors, used part time in satellite office available.
* One horsepower ideal for 3-4 operatories. Like new. $1295
* 3/4 horsepower ideal for backup. $695
Contact: Dr. Lucian Kahan

In Memorium
Dr. Richard Reiter
Dr. Reiter was an active member of the association.


MCDS Congratulates past-President (1994) and immediate past-NJDA Trustee Dr. Daniel B. Krantz of Somerset, NJ on being presented with the prestigious Academy of General Dentistry Mastership award in a Convocation Ceremony held during the Academy’ s Annual Meeting on July 6 in Honolulu.
In attaining Mastership in the AGD, Dr. Krantz has completed over 1,100 hours of continuing dental education in the 16 disciplines of dentistry, including 400 hours dedicated to practicing “hands-on” skills and techniques. Dr. Krantz has joined a renowned group of dental practitioners as only 1651 dentists worldwide have received Mastership honors.
Dr. Krantz graduated from New York University College of Dentistry in 1975 and has been practicing dentistry in Somerset, New Jersey for 22 years. In addition to his membership in AGD and ADA/NJDA/MCDS, Dr. Krantz is also a member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry and the attending staff of Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.
MCDS congratulates Dr. Krantz on this important career milestone.

Answers to last month’s
crossword puzzle


HIPAA Privacy and other provisions do not apply at this time to dentists who submit paper claims or fax claims unless they also submit claims electronically.
HIPAA Privacy and other provisions apply only to dentists who submit claims electronically (1) directly, or (2) through a clearinghouse, or (3) through a business associate. A claim submitted by fax is not submitted electronically.
Dentists who submit claims electronically and need an extra year beyond October 16, 2002 to comply with HIPAA's electronic transactions and code sets provisions must submit an application for extension (known as a "compliance plan") by October 15, 2002. An on-line compliance plan and the downloadable PDF-based paper form are available at www.cms.gov/hipaa/hipaa2/ASCAForm.asp. An on-line confirmation number will be provided to acknowledge receipt of electronic extension applications. The number should be kept to verify the submission. Since receipt of paper submissions will not be acknowledged, they should be sent by Certified Mail, return receipt requested.
It is worth noting that Electronic Clearinghouses and Insurance companies are filing for extension since they do not anticipate being compliant by October 16, 2002. Therefore, dentists who file claims electronically should submit an application for extension.
The NJDA is sponsoring a Seminar on HIPAA Privacy on Wednesday, November 6, 2002 at the Pines Manor in Edison, New Jersey. The seminar will begin at 9:00 a.m. and will be preceded by a continental breakfast sponsored by Horizon Healthcare Dental Services. Please call the NJDA to register. The fee is $100.00 and this includes the ADA Privacy Kit that sells for $125.00. This is a great member benefit.
If any member has a question about HIPAA, please contact Mary Moskal (800)831-6532, Director of Dental Benefit Programs at the NJDA.
Mark A. Vitale, D.M.D.
Council on Dental Benefit Programs

Please become part of the Middlesex County Dental Society Colleague Program.
By sharing the wisdom gained through our individual experiences of managing a Dental Practice, we can help our member colleagues’ meet the many challenges that they may encounter. This will become a very valuable benefit for our members of MCDS. Complete this form and fax it to the MCDS fax line @ 732-390-2332 or call Dr. Ethan Glickman 732-572-4244
Name ____________________________________Office Phone _______________
Office Address ________________________________________________________
Type of Practice / Years in Practice _______________________________________
Name of Dental School / Year Graduated ___________________________________
I am seeking the advice of a Mentor______ I would like to be a Mentor _____
The goals of the MCDS Colleague Program are:
1. Promote camaraderie and a feeling of belonging to the dental community.
2. Introduce the benefits of organized dentistry, including the many resources that are available to our younger new dentists.
3. Serve as a resource for practice-related questions and concerns.

Upcoming Mentor Courses
See the 2001-2002 Continuing Education page for details