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President's Message

As we forge our way into 2003 our society continues to make strides in all aspects of organized dentistry. When I sat down to pen my last editorial, I discussed how “teamwork” amongst leaders of our society has provided outstanding continuing educational programs for our membership. After submitting my editorial, I realized that the most prolific example of true “teamwork” within our component is with the production of this newsletter. There are two major forces that allow this endeavor to come to fruition. Dr. Robert Silverstein and Dr. Mitchell Weiner have been under the helm for the past four years. Their dedication and selflessness is second to none. Each month they spend countless hours procuring information, collating it and formatting it into a concise, readable and informative fashion. These two active members have re-defined the definition of symbiosis. This newsletter is highly regarded throughout the state and has been the recipient of significant praise among the leaders of our state association. We can all be proud to have this newsletter circulated throughout the state. I tip my presidential cap to them and thank the “dynamic duo” on behalf of our entire membership.
2003 should be very exciting with some great continuing education (Homoly, Tarnow, etc…). Please mark these courses on your calendars
MCDS’s dinner dance will be held on March 22nd at the Manor in West Orange. I hope to see you all there as we expect a great turnout. I wish all my colleagues at MCDS a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

Respectfully submitted,
Bruce A. Huberman DMD

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MCDS Board of Trustees Report

-November 12, 2002-

Attendance: Brunsden, Fahsbender, Glickman, Huberman, Kahn, Katz, Kline, Krantz, Lawson, Leizer, Perlmutter, Schambra, Silverstein, Villa, Vitale, Weiner, Ziemba
Acceptance of Minutes-10/8/02-vote unanimous.
President’s Report-B. Huberman
• Excellent C.E. program with Dick Barnes on 10/16/02 with 80 participants at the Clarion.
• Dental Shadowing Program in conjunction with the pre-dental society at Rutgers University is underway.
• MCDS dinner dance is finalized. It will be held on 3/22/03 at The Manor in West Orange.
• The budget will be voted on at the general meeting on 11/19/02.
• ID training seminar will take place on 11/14/02 at the Pines Manor. MCDS participants (Weiner, Krantz, Kartagener, Huberman)
• Council on Nominations package for 2003 positions will be attended to by our secretary, Stephen Lawson
• For future state board positions they are looking for women and minorities to fill the positions.
• House of Delegates meeting will be held on 11/13/02 at the Pines. A resolution will be presented to the house for a vote regarding the smoking cessation platform for NJDA.
• Early registration is still available through 12/15/02 for the full-day Tarnow Course.
• A legislator’s night will be attempted for the spring. I will work with Dr. Katz to facilitate the program.
Treasurer’s Report-R. Kline
A motion was made to accept the budget for 2003. The Executive Board accepted the budget with a unanimous vote.
See full treasurer’s report in newsletter
Program Chairperson Report-C. Ziemba
We are looking forward to the upcoming Dinner Dance for MCDS members on March 22, 2003. Details about this exciting event will appear in upcoming newsletters.
ADA Delegate Report-J. Leizer
The ADA Annual Session report was presented to the MCDS Board in detail. The report summary was published in the Nov. 2002 issue of the newsletter.
NJDA Trustee Report-R. Kahn
See full report in newsletter under “NJDA Noteworthy News.”
Special Olympics-C. Brunsden
We are looking for donations for the Silent Auction taking place on June 11-13 at the Annual Session. The money raised will be used for the benefit of the Special Olympics.
For donations, please contact Cavan Brunsden @ 732-679-2323
NJDA Council Reports:
Annual Session-A. Ziemba
Plan ahead and save the date:
• Annual Session will be held June 11–13, 2003 in Atlantic City at the Taj Mahal.
• UMDNJ Dental Alumni Luncheon will be held Wednesday, June 11, 2003.
• Free continuing education courses will be offered.
Children’s Dental Health-C. Brunsden
• Give Kids A Smile is a national day of giving sponsored by the American Dental Association. On Friday, February 21, 2003, all across America, needy children will have an opportunity to start on the road to a lifetime of great smiles. See additional information in this newsletter.
• NJDA Family Day at the circus will be on Sunday, March 9, 2003 at the Continental Arena. Look for details in upcoming newsletters.
Peer Review-J. Fahsbender
There was one case resolved by mediation this month.
MCDS Committee Reports:
Mentor-E. Glickman
Dr. Blair presented his seminar “Positioning Your Practice for Profit” on Wed., Nov. 20, 2002 at the Clarion Hotel in Edison, NJ. We had approximately 80 members and staff attend this MCDS member benefit seminar.
Dr. Blair asked the question, “Are you working “in” your practice rather than “on it”? He said that doctors and staff should spend the time necessary to grasp the business side of their practice, analyze the practice from a business perspective and take solid steps toward increasing profitability.
Most dentists are “cost-based” rather than “revenue savvy”. Dr. Blair discussed how to see the big picture.“ In addition, fee profiling, procedure mix enhancement, new financing options, scheduling, and hygiene department strategies were also explored. Strategies, ideas and valuable “pearls” were covered that could be easily implemented and understood.
Dr. Blair showed us how to strengthen our ability to work as a team and take specific, proven and profitable actions that would benefit our practice for the future.
We have one additional Mentor Program for 2002-2003 being presented: Case Acceptance-Complete Dentistry—Wed. April 16,2003 with Dr. Homoly
Dr. Homoly will be presenting a one-hour program at our monthly MCDS meetings on the third Tuesday at the Pines Manor. The following Wednesday morning he will be presenting his full five (5) hour course at the Clarion Hotel, which is near the Pines Manor.
Due to the incredible support from sponsors, we will be able to offer this program to our members at no cost! The only fee to our members will be for their staff to cover the cost of breakfast. We will also be promoting this program to NJDA members and non-MCDS dentists at a reasonable fee. Please see the insert in this newsletter to register for the course.
New Business
The date for the Tarnow course (Friday, February 21, 2003), was decided upon long before information was received about the Give Kids A Smile day, which will be taking place on the same day.
Respectfully Submitted,

Steve Lawson

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Treasurer's Report

November 6, 2002

Dr. Ross Kline


(10/4/02) (11/6/02)
Checking 12,236.43 13,894.35
Money Market 61,681.29 61,794.34
TOTAL 73,917.72 75,688.69

Interest 9.16
Cont. Educ. 2,325.00
Corp Spon-Meetings 4,000.00
Corp Spon-newsl 400.00
Dinner Dance Fund 515.00
Dues 706.21
Mentor Comm 610.00
Continuing Education 170.00
Dinner Meetings 3,061.90
Executive Secretary 688.00
Postage 1,077.70
Audio Visual 376.29
Donations 300.00
Memorials and Gifts 39.17
Name Badges 33.58
Newsletter/Printing 903.39
Office Supplies 131.14
Telephone 126.28
Interest 113.05
No Activity 0.00

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NJDA Board of Trustees Report

You can find the reports at http://www.njda.org/member/board_minutes/index.html.

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NJDA Noteworthy News

The department of Banking and Insurance does not want this because of the increased cost to the insurance companies to have a NJ licensed dentist. They are asking for a limited license to only be used as a consultant similar to that of a dental school faculty.
There is an attempt being made to get statewide fluoridation through an act of legislation. The CDC stated that this is the greatest healthcare advance in the last century. The state would save a tremendous amount of money in both the state dental plan and the Medicaid program with the statewide fluoridation program.
The NJDA/ADA sponsored HIPPA program took place on November 6, 2002 at the Pines Manor. Approximately 1500 were in attendance. The HIPPA act applies only to those who process electronic claims. Faxed claims are not effected by this act. Everyone who submits electronically should have applied for an extension by October 15, 2002. If you have any questions speak with either Danny Krantz, Mark Vitale or call Mary Moskal at NJDA.
Will be out on 1/1/03 as well as a new claim form. The older claim form will be acceptable until 10/1/03.
These are self insured and union plans. The reasonable period of time for responding to services performed are 30 days and pre-D are 15 days. Currently the State Dental plan administered by Aetna is the only plan that requires a pre-determination for payment of services. They are attempting to get rid of this pre-determination requirement.
This bill was vetoed by former acting Governor DeFrancesca. The bill was re-introduced and has gotten out of both houses. NJDA is really going to be pushing this bill. With this bill there will not be in office reviews for any non-participating providers.
A beautiful new membership package is now available highlighting why it is a good thing to be an NJDA member. Each capsule will highlight a member benefit.
EThere is an employee exchange program on the NJDA Website to help both employers and associates find each other.
June 11-13 at the Taj Majal
The budget for the coming year has been approved as submitted. There will be a $25 dues DECREASE from NJDA for the coming year. Dr. Bruce Huberman was recognized for his effort in the Smoking Cessation Program. NJDA will partner with the NJ Department of Health and Senior Services to get people to stop smoking. Dr. Cavan Brunsden was recognized for his efforts in the “Give Kids a Smile Program.”
The board is looking into rules and regulations for oral sedation, termination of the doctor patient relationship and expanded function duties.
There is a real effort to work with UMDNJ and we are trying to strengthen our ties with the dental school. It is felt that if NJDA has a presence in the school and the students learn about us and feel we are on their side, they will be more likely to join when they graduate
We are working on funding an endowed NJDA scholarship.
The weekend study club is finding its niche with approximately 50 members turning out. These members represent a cross section of the total membership.
The nitrous oxide regulations regarding use by dental hygienists have been published. They will be allowed to monitor a patient on N2O2 but cannot start the administration or change the settings. This will be dependent upon them completing the proper training program. This program has not been defined as of yet.
Tim Clark has resigned his position. Tim was our lobbyist and was the staff person assigned to membership. We are looking for a new lobbyist and will do some personnel shifting to cover the membership position.

Dr. John Graber, NJDA president elect has resigned from his position citing personal and professional commitments. The Board will be meeting in December to determine how to fill this vacancy.

In Memorium

We extend our deepest condolences to Dr. Jim Courey and his wife Lisa on the passing of their 18 month old son Brendan.
Donations may be sent to the Princeton Child
Development Institute,
300 Cold Soil Road,
Princeton, NJ 08540.