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Trials and Tribulations of being an Employer
Featured Speaker: Jennifer de St. Georges

Jennifer M. de St. Georges is an internationally renowned dental practice management educator. A member of the National Speakers Association, she has spoken at virtually every leading dental meeting in the United States, Canada and the UK. Jennifer has built a solid reputation for providing the ‘nuts and bolts’ of management in a highly motivating, practical and entertaining manner. Audiences appreciate her fast paced, humorous style. Her management programs appeal equally to both doctors and staff. Beyond her speaking schedule, Jennifer serves as a contributing writer for “Dentistry Today”. She is the first non-dentist to be named to this position. Her articles are the only management articles to be published so far by the prestigious international journal of the FDI.
The Employer and the Payroll Law:
• Understand your legal obligations about overtime pay
• What’s the law about staff recording hours worked?
• What are ‘comp time’ legal requirements?
Hiring Quality Staff for Your Winning Team:
• Accelerate your interview process. Hire within 2 days. Don’t miss the right person
Communication for Success:
• Dentists hate doing Performance Appraisals! Learn how to make this a positive experience
Dealing with the unpleasant side of personnel management:
• What are the dentist’s rights when an employee ‘quits’?

President's Message

Our state and county organizations are powered by dedicated individuals who are highly proactive on behalf of their members. The anchor of our state organization, Executive Director Arthur Meisel, has assembled a top-notch, motivated, and accessible staff that is committed to serving its member dentists. I am fortunate enough to have attended NJDA Board Meetings and seen the NJDA team in action. I encourage our membership to visit the NJDA website and take an in depth look at the information available to members only. It only takes one call to NJDA Lawline or to Mary Moskal on a dental insurance matter for one to appreciate the return on their dues investment.
On the county level, MCDS, in my opinion, is in a class by itself. The makeup of our Executive Board has been a consistent mix of devoted established members and refreshing new faces. In my early years on the Board, the devoted established members had names like Symanski and Levy, people who spent countless hours over decades on our behalf. Today, we have an array of past-presidents of MCDS who exhibit the same level of selfless volunteerism on our behalf. Joel Leizer and Harmon Katz, both past-NJDA as well as MCDS presidents, are still a visible and vocal presence on our behalf, with Joel’s report from the ADA meeting inside this newsletter issue. Ira Rosen currently chairs the Budget and Finance Committee and has just completed the arduous task of putting together our 2005 Budget, which is presented in this newsletter. Dan Krantz, our former NJDA Trustee, is the current NJDA Treasurer and Richard Kahn, our current NJDA Trustee, brings NJDA and MCDS a wealth of knowledge from his many years of service. Cavan Brunsden continues to be a tireless advocate for Children’s Dental Health Month and NJDA’s partnership with the Special Olympics. Recent past-Presidents Mark Schambra (Continuing Education) and Nancy Villa (NJDA Alternate Trustee) show that this trend will continue. I’m very proud to have brought Jason Wasserman and Wael Ibrahim on as new members of the MCDS Executive Board this year.
The Executive Board voted in October, based on our strong fiscal health, to offset the 2005 NJDA dues increase of $25 with a one-time 2005 MCDS dues abatement of $25. Thus, there will be no net increase in dues for MCDS members. I wish the entire membership a Happy Thanksgiving and Holiday Season and encourage you to contribute generously to NJDA’s PAC when you receive your 2005 dues statements so we can continue to move forward as an organization from a position of strength.
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MCDS Board of Trustees Report

-October 12, 2004-

Attendance: Ashmen, Brunsden, Courey, Galkin, Ibrahim, Kahn, Kline, Krantz, Lawson, Leizer, Rosen, Schambra, Simos, Vitale, Weiner
Acceptance of Minutes-vote unanimous.
President’s Report-Mitch Weiner
-Thanks to Marlene, Mark Schambra and Mark Vitale for coordinating an excellent CE course by Dr. Chiche in September. Everything went smoothly thanks to their efforts.
-Thanks to Ira Rosen, Chair of Budget and Finance, for all of his tireless efforts in organizing and presenting the 2005 Budget. As MCDS member benefits have expanded, so has the work for revamping the budget to meet these expansion related changes. We recognize Ira for his service to the society.
-Thanks to Joel Leizer for representing us at the ADA annual session and giving us his report.
-I received a request from a former member for proof of his attendance at CE courses in 1999 and 2000. These records were not accessible and it is important to remind the membership that it is the MEMBERS responsibility to keep track of their CE for state board purposes. MCDS is currently working on CE verification forms for its membership for the past year and will continue to do this annually from now on. This should help to avoid the dilemma that this former member now faces.
-I am in the process to completing the endless MCDS course sponsor renewal application for AGD, which expired at the beginning of the year. AGD will, upon reappointment, make our sponsorship retroactive. None of the Board members were notified by AGD that we were up for renewal and now that we have an executive secretary as a contact for AGD, this problem should not happen again.
Treasurer’s Report-James Courey
Will contact our accountant regarding our tax status, and confirm that our reserve will not jeopardize this status.
See full report on page 3.
Children Dental Health-Cavan Brunsden
There will be no circus this year. We are exploring the possibility of having our program at the Liberty Science Center.
Program Chairperson-Mark Vitale
Dr. Chiche said that he was very happy with our meeting, the attendance and participation. Our sponsors were also very happy.
Steve Seltzer will present in October.
Jennifer de St. Georges is set for November’s general meeting and the following days full day CE course. Benco has already given us monies for the de St. Georges lecture.
Thanks to Mark for a great job at our September meeting.
Editor’s Report-Mitch Weiner
2005 Life Member bio’s must be submitted by Thanksgiving for inclusion in the Jan ’05 issue.
ADA Delegate’s Report-Joel Leizer
See full report on page 3 under ADA Annual Session Report
NJDA Trustee’s Report-Richard Kahn
See full report on page 4 under NJDA Noteworthy News
Special Olympics/Give Kids a Smile-Cavan Brusden
Give kids a smile NJ date will be Wed Feb 2. UMDNJ will be closed that day and only provide service for GKAS. The NJ state pediatric dental association has been asked to get more involved with GKAS.
NJDA Council Reports:
Membership-Scott Galkin
Non-members that attended the Chiche seminar were called by our component to see their satisfaction with the course and their interest in joining organized demtistry in the future.
Council on Dental Education-Bob Ashmen
Four awards were given.
Anyone interested in speaking at the NJDA weekend study club, please contact NJDA with a synopsis of course content.
Funding for SOAR, an awareness program for new recruits in dental assisting, was eliminated. Ideas were entertained regarding having NJDA be a participant in a possible dental job fair.
Guidelines for CE thru NJDA are being tailored to mimic the ADA CERP guidelines
Committee Reports:
Corporate Sponsorship-Constantine Simos
Osteohealth is interested in helping to sponsor one of our meetings
Budget and Finance-Ira Rosen
The 2005 MCDS Budget was presented and unanimously approved by the Board. It will be voted on by the membership at the November general meeting after publication in this months newsletter. A motion was made and passed unanimously to give our membership a one year dues abatement to offset the increase in NJDA dues. This abatement will be revisited again during the 2006 budget process.
New Business
An idea was presented that we should send a resolution to the NJDA board of trustees to set up a taskforce to see if the House of Delegates needs to meet twice per year or could it be limited to our once a year Atlantic City meeting.
Dr. Fertig asked for a donation to St. Peters hospital for our use of the library and lecture hall.
Respectfully Submitted, Ross Kline for Bob Silverstein, Secretary

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Treasurer's Report

Dr. James Courey

Checking 42,100.67 27,471.37
Money Market 57,812.56 57,852.84
TOTAL 99,913.23 85,324.21

Cont Ed-Inc. 5,765.00
Corp Spon-c.ed 6,000.00
Corp Spon-Newsl 500.00
Mentor Comm-inc 240.00
Interest 9.06
TOTAL INCOME 12,514.06
Board Member Exp 146.26
Cont. Educ-exp 9,106.80
Cont. Educ-lecture fees 10,848.16
Dinner Meetings 3,785.90
Exec Comm Dinner 247.08
Exec Secretary 1,118.00
Newsletter and other printing 1,768.12
Office Supplies 37.00
Telephone 68.84
Postage 17.20

Checking Acct. Total -14,629.30

Interest 40.28

Money Market Total 40.28

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Proposed MCDS Budget for 2005
Cont. Educ. – Inc 16,000
Corp. Spon – Cont. Educ. 14,000
Corp. Spon – Mentor 1,500
Corp. Spon – Meetings 6,000
Corp. Spon – Newsletter 1,200
Dues 40,500*
Interest 1,400
Mentor Comm – Income 9,000
Staff Night – Income 8,100
Total Income 97,700
Accountant Fees 200
Audiovisual Eqp 200
Bank Expenses 50
Childrens Dental Health 1,750
Cont. Educ. – Exp 18,000
Lecturer Fees 14,000
Dinner Meetings 16,000
Lecturer Fees 6,000
Donations 1,500
Execcomdinner 2,300
Executive Secretary 7,400
Insurance 1,100
Memorials And Gifts 200
Mentor Comm – Exp 4,000
Lecturer Fees 1,500
Name Badges 250
Newsletter/other Printing 5,000
Office Supplies 400
Plaques 550
Postage 1,200
Secretarial 200
Staff Night – Exp 15,000
Taxes 50
Telephone 850
Total Expenses 97,700

Contribution to available reserve: $0
* - The 2005 estimated income from dues has been decreased by $7,500 to correspond with a one time $25 dues abatement. The MCDS Board of Trustees voted upon the $25 dues abatement to offset the $25 NJDA dues increase in 2005.
Respectfully submitted,
Ira S. Rosen, D.M.D. – Chairman,
MCDS Budget Committee

ADA Annual Session Report - Dr. Joel Leizer

New ADA President: Robert Brandjord, MN
New ADA Vice President: Robert Ferris, FL
Priority Items
Res. 26 There will be no dues increase this year. Any shortfall will be funded by available reserves which are 41% of the operating budget.
Res. 24-RC Alaska Native Oral Health Task Force Calls for the steps necessary to get needed dental education and treatment to the under served villages of Alaska. ADA is opposed to any form of irreversible treatment by anyone other than dentists.
Res. 57B ADA Foundation to establish loan interest loan program for dentists who are temporarily activated to duty in the Armed Services and are required to be away from their practices for more than three months.
Legal and Legislative
Res. 36 Calls for Public Health Service/Indian Health Service and the Tri Service Military Reserve to work together to establish civic action programs to provide needed oral health care in the remote Alaskan villages.
Res. 55B Requires all Federally Qualified Health Centers to issue annual reports that details the funds that they receive and a census detailing the types of patients the treated as well as the procedures provided.
Res. 56RC Study of an electronic grassroots contact system.
Res. 62 Inclusion of Adult Medicaid treatment in the Medicaid system.
Res. 66B Continuation of Alaska Native Oral Health Task Force for the coming year.
Res. 67RC ADA should use all appropriate federal legislative and feasible legal means to assure that non dentists should be prevented from diagnosing or performing irreversible dental procedures.
Communication and Membership Services
Res. 13 This would have moved Give Kids A Smile Day to the springtime from February. This was defeated because the move would have impacted on Senior Dental Students who are busy preparing for graduation and boards during this time of year.
Res. 12S-1 Continuation of the funding of up to $3000 per dental school for student outreach.
Res. 66 2003-1 Dues waiver for reservists called up to active duty. Urges constituents and components to also waive dues.
Dental Benefits, Practice, Science and Health.
Res. 31-C Only Dentists, Physicians and their properly supervised and trained designees should provide preventive dental services to infants and young children.
Res. 32RC Any non dentist who provides preventive dental services to an infant or young child should refer that child to a dentist for a comprehensive dental exam.
Res. 52RC-1 ADA should solicit information on third party payer problems from members and data sources. Identify trends and critical issues and use this to help constituents to address and solve these issues.
Res. 37BG The ADA supports the use of fluoride varnishes as safe and efficacious within a caries prevention program.
Dental Education and Related Matters
Res. 3RC Waive continuing education requirements for those dentists called to active duty.
Res. 23S-1 Support the efforts that are going on with regard to the formulation of a nationwide dental licensing exam. Report back to 2005 HOD with progress report.

NJDA Noteworthy News

Dental Benefits-Mary Moskal
The Governor signed the health enterprise zone legislation. Pursuant to this legislation, medically underserved areas of the state will be designated as health enterprise zones. Practitioners in these areas will get: tax credits proportional to the number of Medicaid patients treated, low interest loans, and potentially a property tax deduction. A practitioner who practices within 5 miles of the health enterprise zone will get the same benefits if 50% of his or her practice is comprised of Medicaid patients.
Delta Dental Insurance Company (in California) has partnered with the AARP to provide something similar to a traditional dental program for AARP members. Delta hopes to provide this nationally within a year. The program is currently operating in 21 states.
Aetna has moved into the discount card market. Patients participating in the program pay a nominal amount and will get a list of dentists who have agreed to discount their fees for program participants.
Membership – Patricia DeCotiis, Esq.
It appears as if every component will modify its dues structure for 2005 (as the ADA and NJDA did in 2004) to eliminate dues for a dental school graduates first full year of membership.
A letter has been mailed to half-year dues recruits who had not yet paid their dues. The letter yielded very positive results; 70% of letter recipients have paid.
Marketing and Communications-Eric Elmore
Mr. Elmore is now assisting Jim Schulz in Governmental Affairs. The Membership Directory is scheduled for a mid-December mailing.
Meetings and Events-Ricky Dibofsky
Give Kids a Smile (GKAS) – National date-February 4, 2004 NJDA-February 2, 2004
The budget will reflect a $13,700 surplus from the 2004 Annual Convention.
The Association is still examining Children’s Dental Health Month options. A Liberty Science Center ticket would cost $31 plus applicable taxes, as opposed to $26 a ticket for the circus. Later a motion was made and passed to partner with the Hudson component to pursue a children’s dental health month activity at Liberty Science Center
Governmental Affairs-Jim Schulz
NJDPAC contributions are currently up 5% over last year’s year-end numbers. Diamond Club contributions are currently the same as year-end last year.
State Board Report
Sally-Jo Placa has been elected President. The State Board of Dentistry did not complete the sunset review of the dental regulations at the meeting held this date. The Discussion was tabled until the October meeting. The Board did address two issues of importance during its sunset review. It advised the hygiene association that it would not consider requests for general supervision for hygienists during sunset and it clarified that PGY 1 licensees in New York would not be granted reciprocity in New Jersey without having taken and passed a test comparable to NERB.
Committee on Bio-terrorism
Courses at UMDNJ will be given on October 29, 2004 and February 2, 2004. Dr. Graham reported that he attended the Advisory Committee to the States Bio-terrorism Response Team. One of the committee’s objectives is to train 2,000 dentists around the state to respond to an incident. Grant money is available for this.
An award presentation was made to Dr. Nisselson. He received an ADA service award for 15 years in dental journalism.
Membership numbers: 2003 end of year - 4,533. As of 9/22/04 - 4,481
Gross Receipts Tax – there have been several meetings with Treasury. The tax will apply only to in-office bleaching. As long as there is no solution or compound placed on the patient’s teeth in the office, the tax will not apply. This information will be the lead article in the September capsule. It was also e-mailed to all members who have given us an e-mail address and prominently posted on the web site.
A bill has been introduced to add another hygienist and an assistant to the State Board of Dentistry. NJDA will meet with the sponsor to oppose the bill.
A bill was also introduced to require criminal background checks on current licensees upon renewal. The bill also contains provisions requiring the reporting of suspected impairment of practitioners in an institutional setting.
On the issue of Fluoridation, the Public Health Council has not yet received the draft of the Attorney General’s Opinion, but it will hold a fact-finding hearing on October 18, 2004. The Centers for Disease Control will be in attendance as will the NDJA. Other invitees include: the NJ DEP, the Department of Health, the Board of Public Utilities and two anti-fluoridationists.
The Association will be partnering with the Departments of Health and Education to plan and implement programs in elementary grade to increase awareness of oral health issues.
The NJDA has made a $50,000 donation to the UMDNJ-Dental School for the new building. Delta Dental has made a 2 million dollar donation.
The New Jersey AGD may be asking the NDJA to provide administrative support to its membership. Further discussions are necessary, however, the AGD has been preliminarily advised that another staff person would be necessary and current NJDA staff would be utilized as necessary and appropriate. AGD was also advised that while this would not need to be a “money-making” relationship for the NJDA, the NJDA would not subsidize the transfer of responsibilities. The AGD has been asked to detail the exact functions it would need handled by the Association so that further discussions could take place.


Dentist volunteers needed for next year.
You will get back just as much as you give!
Contact Dr. Cavan Brunsden at 679-2323 for more info.

St. Peter's Medical Library

Members of the Middlesex County Dental Society are allowed to borrow dental materials from the Medical Library at Saint Peter’s University Hospital. A valid ADA ID must be presented in order to borrow materials. Here is a list of some of the materials in the dental collection:
• Excellence in Cosmetic Dentistry-Video Series; • Gordon Christensen Video Tapes; • Journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery;• Oral surgery, oral medicine, oral pathology, oral radiology, and endodontics.
Information about the Medical Library, including hours of operation, can be found at