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STAFF NIGHT — A Deserving Tribute
As we gather this month to honor our respective staffs for their contribution to our success, we should reflect on how each separate staff person is so vital to the practice as a whole. Any practitioner who forgets the vital function of a staffperson is clearly reminded of it when he/she calls in sick and we are left to perform his/her functions on top of our treatment duties.
In an age where loyalty to an employer in the marketplace is becoming nonexistent, many of us are blessed with employees who will go to the end of the earth for us because they believe in us and we have made them feel a vital part of our business. For these staff members who show unyielding loyalty to us during inevitable hard times, this night of tribute is deserving. As our practices are extentions of ourselves, so too are our staffs extensions of our families. There is no doubt that they see sides of us only our immediate family members know about.
We hope that you make every effort to honor your staffs by attending this special event.

President's Message


Seven years ago, I was minding my own business, emptying the dishwasher, as usual, when I received a telephone call from Dr. Ira Rosen. At the time, Ira was President Elect of Middlesex County Dental Society, and he asked if I would be interested in becoming the upcoming Program Chairman. Of course, I said “no” since I didn’t know anything about running a continuing education program, or managing a dental society for that matter.
Ira, however, was very persuasive in convincing me otherwise. In retrospect, I am very grateful to Ira for inviting my participation. As an individual, my social and professional development was instantly accelerated into the fast lane. At first, I felt as though I was driving a golf cart surrounded by Ferraris. Everyone else on the Executive Board seemed to know what they were doing, except for me.
Serving on the MCDS board has been like being in school again, only it was a lot more fun, there were no tests, and all of the teachers were happy to help. Believe it or not, most of our members are very appreciative of the efforts of all of our board members.
It is very important for each of us to balance our time between family, dentistry, ourselves, the dental society, etc. Participation with the dental society will certainly take us away from fun stuff at home, like emptying the dishwasher. However, your colleagues will thank you for your efforts on their behalf, and that feels good. Just about as good as when your kids thank you for emptying the dishwasher….right??
Anyone interested in enjoying the benefits of participating with the MCDS is welcome to. Don’t wait to be asked. Teach your children how to participate at home by chipping in with household chores. It will develop them into self-sufficient college students one day, and give you time to be happy enjoying your profession.
Nancy Villa, President

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MCDS Board of Trustees Report

-April 13, 2004-

Attendance: Ashmen, Brunsden, Courey, Fahsbender, Galkin, Huberman, Kahn, Lawson, Schambra, Silverstein, Simos, Villa, Vitale, Weiner
Acceptance of Minutes-vote unanimous.
President’s Report-Nancy Villa
Please reserve the dates for the NJDA annual session, June 9-11 (Wed-Fri). The House of Delegates meeting will be held on Friday at 10a.m. We have discussed reimbursement for hotel expenses for one night for each delegate who attends the meeting. Many other components are doing the same.
During next week’s general meeting, the “Sy” Symansky Memorial Plaque will be presented to our speaker, Bill Roberts by Cavan Brunsden. Cavan has known Bill since dental school and also knew Sy very well.
The Middlesex County Hygiene program will be holding their graduation on May 20th. Anyone interested in hiring a hygienist may want to contact Merry LeBlond. A second plaque was ordered for the hygiene student with the second highest GPA, Debra DeFazio.
Treasurer’s Report-Stephen Lawson
See full report on page 3.
Editor’s Report-M. Weiner
We have been prominently advertising the Mentor courses and we will be advertising for next year’s full day courses.
Program Chairperson-James Courey
Last month’s speaker, Dr. Richard Marfuggi, presented an excellent lecture. He gave all participants a copy of his book and there was a lively question and answer session at the end of the lecture. He was very well received.
Staff Night dinner will be a buffet style and there will be a band that will play a number of sets. The theme is a 70’s style “love fest”. There will awards for the best dressed in line with this theme.
NJDA Council Reports:
NJDA Trustee’s Report-Richard Kahn
See full report under NJDA Noteworthy News.
Special Olympics-Cavan Brunsden
Donations are still being requested for the Annual Session’s Silent Auction to benefit the Special Olympics.
Dental Education-Bob Ashmen
The council on dental education voted to continue 4 annual $500 scholarships to students in dental assistant education programs. The council also
selected the 4 speakers for the 2005 NJDA Weekend Study Club series.
Membership-Scott Galkin
Mailings were sent to all Middlesex non-members promoting the Mentor and Kokich courses. The membership council will be meeting next week.
Peer Review-John Fahsbender
One case pending from last month was settled. There is currently one additional ongoing case that has not been resolved.
Committee Reports:
Continuing Education-Mark Schambra
There are currently 109 people signed up for the Kokich course.
Respectfully Submitted,
Robert Silverstein, Secretary

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Treasurer's Report

Dr. Stephen Lawson

(2/29/04 - 3/31/04)
Checking 16,219.16 27,876.32
Money Market 57,565.77 57,607.33
TOTAL 73,784.93 85,483.65
(2/29/04 - 3/31/04)

Interest Earned 3.35
Cont Ed 2,730.00
Mentor Comm 45.00
Dues 14,026.84
TOTAL INCOME 16,805.19

Dinner Meetings 1,202.80
Lecture Fees 500.00
Office Supplies 76.00
Newsletter/Other Printing 1,836.46
Cont Ed 545.00
Executive Secretary 493.00
Exec Comm Dinner 494.17

(2/29/04 - 3/31/04)

Interest 41.56

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NJDA Noteworty News

Guest Speakers
Ernesta Parisi, D.M.D. – Green Tea for the Prevention of Oral Cancer. Dr. Parisi is an Assistant Professor, Department of Dental Medicine, UMDNJ. It is her job to recruit patients and educate dentists about the research being conducted by The Cancer Institute of New Jersey. The Institute is currently conducting a clinical trial studying chemoprevention with green tea.
Dr. David Pettigrew – Dental Director of Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey. Dr. Pettigrew attended to speak about the CHIP Program (Children Identification Program). The program collects a tooth print, saliva and DNA from each child. The parent could elect to have a child fingerprinted, videotaped, and/or have the tooth print taken. The parents maintain possession of all of the identification tools they selected. Dr. Pettigrew is hoping to gain the support of the New Jersey Dental Association as he attempts to grow the program in New Jersey. This was referred to the NJ Society of Pediatric Dentists for review.
State Board of Dentistry Report
The State Board recently conducted a hearing regarding alleged sexual misconduct by one licensee of patients in treatment. The doctor’s license was temporarily suspended pending a full hearing. Representatives of the NJDA were in attendance for most of the hearing and reported that the proceedings were procedurally fair.
Disaster Victim Identification Team Task Force
The Task Force met in March 2004. A meeting has been arranged for April 2, 2004 with representatives from the Attorney General’s office to discuss obtaining state sanction for the team. The Task Force has determined that a team member must have taken one of six courses identified by the Team captains from January 1, 2000 through July 2005 to maintain membership. The Task Force captains will discuss establishing a training or re-certification program to be hosted by NJDA.
Directors’ Reports
Director of Dental Benefits (Ms. Mary Moskal)
The Dental Director for Aetna will be attending to discuss Aetna’s processing of claims and compliance with prompt payment regulations. NJDA is working on obtaining a revised PIP dental fee schedule. Ms. Moskal is awaiting a determination from the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance advising whether the department still gives a stamp of approval to dentists using CPT codes for procedures that are medical in nature.
Marketing and Communications (Mr. Eric Elmore)
The Members Edge Brochure will be mailed in approximately two weeks.
The NJDA website will be submitted to the ADA for a Golden Apple Award consideration in the Website Achievement category.
Meetings and Events (Ms. Ricky Dibofsky)
Ms. Dibofsky reminded everyone to make Silent Auction contributions for the Auction held at Annual Convention.
MOTION: A motion was made and the Board voted to amend the Rules of the Board to include the President of the Connecticut Dental Association as an official guest at Annual Convention.
Membership (Ms. Patricia DeCotiis)
The third New Practice Seminar was held on March 10, 2004 at the Association Headquarters. There were approximately 35 attendees. Evaluations of the program were overwhelmingly positive. Several non-members attended and one joined the Association.
Grassroots Membership Initiative (Ms. Patricia DeCotiis)
MOTION: The Board unanimously voted to establish a budget of up to $5,000 for a Continuing Education course to be offered on a Saturday in August 2004 for the female target group. The Board also recommended to the target group co-chairpersons that a nominal registration be charged to attendees and that the NJDA attempt to obtain sponsorships for the event.
New Practitioners Target Group
A preliminary determination has been made to host an event for practitioners 1-10 years out of school in late fall 2004. This event would feature NJDA staff and volunteers offering information on member benefits at individual stations, while free continuing education courses (in the form of short one credit programs) were being offered by several of our endorsed providers throughout the day. Membership staff will be present to facilitate application for membership.
Officers’ Reports
President’s Report (Dr. Jeffrey Rempell)
Mr. Meisel, Dean Feldman, and Dr. Rempell met with Commissioner Lacey of the Department of Health and Senior Services. Fluoridation and access to care were discussed with the fluoridation of the New Jersey water supply being top priority. The Commissioner is conducting a survey of municipalities to determine each municipality’s position on fluoridation. A response to the survey, which was sent via e-mail to local health officers, is due by March 31, 2004.
The State of New Jersey has sent a letter commending the NJDA for its Give Kids a Smile program and thanking the Association for its commitment to oral health.
Dr. Rempell attended the ADA Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. and spent a day meeting with legislators.
Mr. Meisel and Dr. Rempell met with the President of the New Jersey Dental Hygienists’ Association and their lobbyist to discuss their agenda. The NJDHA’s primary goal is to modify the hygiene scope of practice to permit hygienists to operate under general supervision as opposed to direct supervision.
Invitations will be sent to all non-member faculty to enter the exhibit hall at Annual Convention. These individuals will not be required to pay any fee to enter the exhibit hall, but would have to pay all non-member fees to attend any courses or special events.
General Counsel and Executive Director’s Report (Mr. Arthur Meisel, Esq.)
Mr. Meisel updated the Board on the Public Health Councils’ interest in the fluoridation issue. He has requested the tape recording of the Council’s meeting and that request has to date been denied. Mr. Meisel advised the Board that if the Council does not provide the tape recording in accordance with the Right to Know Law he intends to file a legal action to obtain that recording.
The NJDA has received a letter from Delta Dental regarding a legal action against a member dentist requesting certain records. The records have been provided with prior notice to the attorney representing the member dentist. The NJDA has received a subpoena for documents from Delta Dental in the legal action filed against another member dentist.
The Department of Banking and Insurance was supposed to adjust the PIP fee schedule by March 4, 2004. The Department reported to Mr. Meisel that it was considering an increase in the fees, however, it is not yet clear if it intends to keep the schedule at the 75% percentile of billed fees. If the Department does not proceed in a timely fashion, the NJDA will consider taking legal action.
The United States Supreme Court heard a case on March 23, 2004 regarding whether or not HMO’s can be sued for malpractice. The NJDA will track the decision in this case.
Assembly Bill 50 which would create a pool of funds to assist with the malpractice crisis by imposing a $75.00 tax in each of three years upon doctors, lawyers and dentists, is on the fast track through the legislature. While the NJDA is opposing this measure, the Bill is likely to pass.
President-Elect’s Report (Dr. Frank Graham)
There was a session on Bioterrorism at the ADA Leadership Conference. Some states are mandating continuing education courses on this topic.
A Committee has been formed to review the NJ State Board of Dentistry’s regulations in anticipation of the regulations’ sunset.
Treasurer’s Report (Dr. Robert Hersh)
The draft of the Year End Financial Report submitted by the accounting firm retained by the Association was distributed.
Speaker’s Report (Dr. Walter Chinoy)
There are no resolutions that will be before the House of Delegates in June 2004.
Dr. Bernie McDermott will be attending the House of Delegates meeting in June 2004.
New Business
The Board voted unanimously to amend the rules of the Board to include a Disaster Victim Identification Special Committee of the Board comprised of the Disaster Victim Identification Team Captains, an officer and trustee. The Chair of this committee shall be named by the President.
The Board considered the New Jersey Dental Assistants’ Association Recruitment Project Grant Request for $1,000.00. The Board voted to contribute $1,000.00 to Phase III of the Recruitment Project.

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Dr. Mark Vitale- MCDS Program Chairperson 2004-2005

September 21, 2004 7pm-9pm
Dr. Gerard Chiche
Treatment Planning Session

September 22, 2004 8:30am-4:30pm ***
Dr. Gerard Chiche
Recipes for Predicable Anterior Esthetics
Sponsor: Kuwata Pan Dent

October 19, 2004 7pm-9pm
Steve Seltzer
The High Tech Dental Office
Sponsor: Equipment Brokers

November 16, 2004 7pm-9pm
Jennifer de St. GeorgesIssues your staff doesn’t need to hear

November 17, 2004 8:30am-4:30pm ***
Jennifer de St. GeorgesScheduling for Success
Sponsor: Benco Dental
February 15, 2005 7pm-9pm
Harold Crossley, DDS, PhD
The 50 Most Prescribed Drugs

February 16, 2005 8:30am-4:30pm ***
Harold Crossley, DDS, PhD
Clinical Dental Pharmacology
Sponsor: Asteto Dental Lab/ TriState Dental

March 15, 2005 7pm-9pm
Dr. Morton Amsterdam
A 50 Year Prospective
Sponsor: Town and Country Dental Studios

April 19, 2005 7pm-9pm
Dr. David Sirois
Chronic Musculoskeletal and Neuropathic Face Pain: A Practical and Contemporary Review

May 17, 2005 6:30pm-9:30pm
Staff Night

*** Save The Date For These Excellent Wednesday Full-day Courses

Full-Day Course with Dr. Vincent Kokich a Success

For the 109 attendees, the MCDS full-day course on “Interdisciplinary Management of Anterior Esthetic Dilemmas” by Dr. Vincent Kokich was an enlightening experience. The feedback from the membership for this course was extremely positive. The most powerful aspect of this seminar was the diversity of attendees from multiple specialties, which expanded the depth of the ‘interdisciplinary’ dialogue both during the course and during the breaks. Congratulations to Dr. Mark Schambra, our full-day CE Chairperson and organizer/mastermind of this event. We could not have offered this outstanding lecture to our membership for $65 without the generosity of our sponsors: Nobel Biocare, 3I (Implant Innovations), Americus Dental Lab, Tri-State Dental Supply and Osteohealth Biomedical. Please remember our sponsors, patronize their businesses and thank them for their continued support.

Dentist (1996 graduate, working as an associate now) looking to purchase a 2-3 chair office in Middlesex County (preferably no real estate). Please contact me at 732-718-6582 or

St. Peter's Medical Library
Members of the Middlesex County Dental Society are allowed to borrow dental materials from the Medical Library at Saint Peter’s University Hospital. A valid ADA ID must be presented in order to borrow materials. Here is a list of some of the materials in the dental collection:
• Excellence in Cosmetic Dentistry-Video Series; • Gordon Christensen Video Tapes; • Journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery; • Oral surgery, oral medicine, oral pathology, oral radiology, and endodontics.
Information about the Medical Library, including hours of operation, can be found at

Ethan Glickman – Chairman
The Mentor Programs for Spring 2004 that are being presented are:
Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Dr. Richard Champagne
Thursday May 27, 2004 6:30-8:30PM
2 CEU credits
Annual OSHA Certification Seminar
Mathew Giachetti, LifeForce USA
Thursday June 10, 2004 6:30-8:30PM
2 CEU credits
This program satisfied the OSHA standard on Occupational Exposure to Blood Borne Pathogens, which is required annually for dentists and staff. Each office person trained received certification that they have been properly instructed for this OSHA regulation on Infection Control. Please note that this OSHA program offered elsewhere normally asks for a tuition fee of at least $85. This is another great member benefit for belonging to MCDS !
How to Reduce High Bites and Open Tight Contacts
And Guarding your Patient’s Occlusal Health
Dr. Robert Cowie
Wednesday June 16, 2004 9 AM–4 PM
6 CEU credits
All programs will be held at St. Peter’s Medical Center,
New Brunswick, NJ
See the insert inside this newsletter to register for these
Spring 2004 Seminars

GIVE KIDS A SMILEDentist volunteers needed for next year. You will get back just as much as you give! Contact Dr. Cavan Brunsden at 679-2323 for more info.

2004 NJDA Annual Convention
June 9-11
Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort
Atlantic City, NJ