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Speaking of Dentistry: Building Professional Speaking Skills
Featured Speaker: Dr. Paul Homoly

Dr. Paul Homoly is a worldclass leader in dental education. As a comprehensive restorative dentist and acclaimed educator for over twenty years, Paul speaks with the voice of experience. His innovative and energetic approach to coaching enriches dentists worldwide.
Dr. Homoly received his DDS degree in 1975 from the University of Illinois. He is the author of the bestselling books Dentists: An Endangered Species and Isn’t it Wonderful When Patients Say “Yes”. He is a leading columnist for Dental Economics Magazine offering his “Opportunity Knocks” column to over 100,000 dentists and team members each month.
Paul devotes his full time focus to coaching, authoring, and innovating. He is a member of the American Dental Association, The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, The American Academy of Implant Dentistry, The North Carolina Dental Society, and is licensed to practice dentistry in North Carolina. He is a guest speaker at The Wharton School of Business in the Department of Entrepreneurial and Leadership studies.
Paul is president of Homoly Communications Institute. Its focus is to coach high performance dental teams and advance communication in Dentistry worldwide. Paul’s unique process helps dentists master their practice giving them more freedom in their work and life.

President's Message

As the spring season begins and we put our snowplows and winter coats away, we re-energize and look forward to longer days and more outdoor activities. At MCDS, activity is the key word as the spring season brings multiple continuing education and social activities for both doctors and staff.
This month, Dr. Paul Homoly will be delivering a much-anticipated presentation at the Clarion on the 16th. Next month brings us our annual staff night on the 20th, which is a must-attend for any of our members who have not joined us in the past. In addition, an interesting and very low cost CE course on eradicating thumb-sucking habits is coming to St. Peter’s Hospital on May 21st. The ever-popular annual OSHA certification course will follow in June on the 17th at St. Peter’s Hospital. For the CE courses alone, that’s 13 Continuing Education Credits, 2 continental breakfasts, and one luncheon for a total of $40/member if you add up all of the registration fees. With most full day CE courses at $200+, it is inconceivable to me that some dentists in our community don’t perceive the value of membership in our society.
All of these great member benefits would never be possible without our stellar continuing education ‘trifecta’ of Dr. Mark Schambra (Full-Day CE Chair), Dr. Ethan Glickman (Mentor Chair) and Dr. Celi Ziemba (Program Chair). The tremendous amount of effort expended to make these courses a success should not go unrecognized and we thank them for all of their efforts. Additional thanks goes out to Dr. Bob Silverstein, who helped arrange the May 21st presentation on controlling digit-sucking habits.
I encourage all of our members to take advantage of these CE/social events and to realize that the executive board members of MCDS work tirelessly to provide you with quality, tangible member benefits.
Respectfully Submitted,
Bruce Huberman

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MCDS Board of Trustees Report

-March 11, 2003-

Attendance: Brunsden, Courey, Galkin, Glickman, Huberman, Kahn, Katz, Kline, Krantz, Leizer, Perlmutter, Rosen, Schambra, Silverstein, Simos, Villa, Ziemba
Acceptance of Minutes-2/11/03-vote unanimous.
President’s Report-B. Huberman
• Bob Silverstein has accepted the position of Secretary for 2003-2004
• Jim Courey will be the next Program Chair for 2003-2004
• Kudos to Mark Schambra for executing a phenomenal all day course with Dr. Tarnow
• If our component has a resolution to present to the House of Delegates at the annual session, it needs to be to Phyllis Cortazzo by April 11th
• The board was reminded of the night at the Races, which will be held on May 14th at the Meadowlands.
• The issue of purchasing an LCD monitor for the society was deferred and will be re-evaluated next year.
• If interested in attending the Dinner Dance at the Annual Session, MCDS will be arranging a table so please contact Nancy Villa @ 732-679-2323
• You will live in happiness too, like the Umpah Lumpah Doopidie Doo!
Treasurer’s Report-R. Kline
See full report in newsletter
Program Chairperson Report-C. Ziemba
We are looking forward to the upcoming Gala Ball for MCDS members on March 22, 2003 which will be held at The Manor in West Orange.
NJDA Trustee Report-R. Kahn
See full report in newsletter under NJDA Noteworthy News
Special Olympics-C. Brunsden
We are looking for donations for the Silent Auction taking place on June 11-13 at the Annual Session. The money raised will be used for the benefit of the Special Olympics. For donations, please contact Cavan Brunsden @ 732-679-2323
NJDA Council Reports:
Annual Session-A. Ziemba
Plan ahead and save the date:
• Annual Session will be held June 11–13, 2003 in Atlantic City at the Taj Mahal.
• Exhibit booth sales are at a record high at this point of the year
• Free CE credits are available through table clinics, product demos and essays
• “Jimmy Buffet” theme party with margaritas on Wednesday, June 11th
• UMDNJ Dental Alumni Luncheon will be held Wednesday, June 11, 2003.
• June 12th will be the President’s Dinner Dance
Children’s Dental Health-C. Brunsden
NJDA Family Day at the circus was held on Sunday, March 9, 2003 at the Continental Arena. The event was a huge success and was enjoyed by all who attended.
Dental Benefits-M. Vitale
The Council on Dental Benefits met on February 12, 2003. The following was discussed:
• CRP statistics were reviewed for the year 2002. 128 complaints were dealt with, with 59 being resolved, 4 not resolved due to contractual limitations, 36 were for data purposes, and 27 are pending.
• Aetna dental policy on extractions: Before submitting extractions a patient’s policy must be checked to see whether medical or dental has primary responsibility.
• MetLife COB: The DoBI sent a letter to MetLife stating that COB rules do apply to Met Life policies. MetLife is expected to comply with the rules effective January 1, 2003.
• State employee dental plan: Aetna will no longer deny claims solely for lack of pre-determination. Claims initially denied will be paid upon appeal.
• It was requested that the council submit codes to the ADA for the cleaning of prosthetics and Valplast/Cusil partial dentures.
• Aetna is now offering the “Access Plan” which is a referral plan, not an insurance plan, and has a reduced fee schedule for participating dentists.
• Direct Reimbursement statistics were reviewed for the calendar year 2002. 453 plans were implemented covering 22,776 employees.
• The council discussed the access to care problem, the application of fluoride varnish by non-dentists, and the need for oral health education at birth.
• Another HIPAA Seminar will be held at NJDA on March 12, 2003.
Governmental Affairs-H. Katz
• Rules for the state fluoridation are being developed in the NJ State Public Health Council
• HIPPA regulations go into effect in April. Make certain you have been briefed. Fines are heavy.
• Tort reform is being debated in the legislature. One proposal calls for a State Cap Gap Fund that will co-insure up to $1,000,000. Insurance policies will stop at $300,000 and Cap Gap will kick in. A fifty-dollar fee will be imposed in all participants, not only health care providers, but attorneys and accountants as well.
• The Governor’s budget will end all adult Medicaid dental benefits. The association is lobbying against their proposal. At least the aged and disabled should be covered.
Membership-S. Galkin
We are working at updating our former and non-members lists for MCDS. We will distribute this information at the General Meeting so that our members can help us to update our files.
Peer Review-J. Fahsbender
Peer Review resolved one case for the patient. One case is in plenary hearing. There were two state appeals; one was denied for the doctor and the patient and the other, which was received today, is pending a result.
MCDS Committee Reports:
Mentor-E. Glickman
The Mentor Programs for spring 2003 that are being presented:
• Case Acceptance for Complete Dentistry… Wed. April 16,2003 Dr. Paul Homoly
• Prolonged Digit Sucking Habits……………..Wed. May 21, 2003 Rosemarie Van Norman
• Annual OSHA Certification Seminar……….Tues June 17, 2003 LifeForce USA
• Case Acceptance-Complete Dentistry - Wed. April 16,2003 Dr. Homoly
Dr. Homoly will be presenting a one-hour program at our monthly MCDS meetings on the third Tuesday at the Pines Manor. The following Wednesday morning he will be presenting his full five (5) hour course at the Clarion Hotel, which is near the Pines Manor. Due to the incredible support from sponsors, we will be able to offer this program to our members at no cost! The only fee to our members will be for their staff to cover the cost of breakfast. We have promoted this program to NJDA members and non-MCDS dentists at a reasonable fee.
• “Prolonged Thumb/Finger-Sucking Habits: Help with a…Positive Approach!
Wed. May 21, 2003 Rosemarie Van Norman C.O.M.
Course Outline: This is an intensive full-day workshop at St. Peter’s University Hospital for dental and speech professionals as well as child psychologists to facilitate the development of clinical skills to help children discontinue prolonged digit- (thumb or finger) sucking. This is a behavior that is widespread, under treated and misunderstood that results in a host of often-preventable dental, speech, physical, emotional, learning and socialization problems. This presentation will sort out the confusion and provide comprehensive information about the WHOLE behavior. A complete therapeutic program will be presented to eliminate the sucking activity through positive behavior modification, including assessment, treatment planning, and effective treatment strategies. Actual treatment videos and a question and answer session will enhance your learning experience. Details and a flyer with a registration form are also on our website: www.mcdsofnj.org
• Annual OSHA Seminar: Tues. evening, June 17, 2003 at St. Peters Medical Center. This program will satisfy the OSHA standard on Occupational Exposure to Blood Borne Pathogens, which is required annually for dentists and staff. Each office person trained will receive certification that they have been properly instructed for this OSHA regulation on Infection Control. Two CEU credits will be awarded for all those attending the seminar. The fee for this required OSHA seminar will be $15 per person and the instructor is Mr. Mathew Giachetti, LifeForce USA
See insert in this newsletter to register for these seminars
Continuing Education-M. Schambra
Dr. Dennis Tarnow presented his course entitled, “Controversies & Innovations in Implant Dentistry” on Friday, February 21, 2003, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Pines Manor, Edison, NJ. This course was approved for 7 CEU credits. This very informative course was well received by the 132 people who attended.
Respectfully Submitted,
Steve Lawson

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Treasurer's Report

March 6, 2003

Dr. Ross Kline


(2/5/03) (3/6/03)
Checking 33,693.84 22,622.92
Money Market 62,083.66 71,640.61
TOTAL 95,777.50 94,263.53

Interest 16.08
Cont. Educ. 3,740.00
Corp Spon-Cont. Ed 4,000.00
Corp Spon-meetings 300.00
Dinner Dance Fund 3,520.00
Mentor Comm 835.00
TOTAL INCOME 12,411.08
Cont. Ed. 7,822.65
Cont. Ed. -Lec Fee 10,000.00
Newsetter & other printing 1,130.82
Dinner Meetings 1,488.60
Dinner Meetings - Lec Fee 500.00
Executive Secretary 480.00
Accountant Fee 200.00
Insurance 239.00
Audiovisual 1,094.70
Exec Comm Dinner 456.02
Telephone 70.21

OVERALL TOTAL -11,070.92
Dues 9,524.39
No Activity 0.00

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Dr. Herb Dolinski appointed to replace William Orlacchio. Dr. Ricciani was elected president and Dr. Rosenheck was elected Vice President
Dr. Alexander Hall and Dr. Sally Jo Placa have been appointed to replace Dr. Abraham Samansky and Dr. Valentine Block.
The 2003 Division of Consumer Affairs Budge was discussed which would set the licensing fee for dentists, hygienists and registered assistants. The biennial licensure fee is proposed to increase from $175 to $280 for active licensed dentists. NJDA and Art Meisel will meet with the State Board and Division of Consumer Affairs to examine the basis for the increase. The increase has to be based upon a definite cost of business increase and only the cost to operate. There cant be any profit built into this number.
The Board indicated that processing branch office licenses is an administrative nightmare and wants to end branch office licenses. However this is required by statue. They asked NJDA to sponsor the necessary legislative action to get this done. The Board of Trustees voted unanimously to take this action.
Dr. Feinberg appeared on Steve Adubato’s television show “Inside Trenton” addressing dental access issues. This represents another positive step in bring the access to dental care and the work of NJDA to the public.
Give Kids a Smile was a great success. The program was well attended at all eight sites and was a very positive experience for all involved.
Dr. Rempell attended the ADA President-Elects conference. The major issue discussed was disposal of amalgam and the amalgam in the wastewater. The other issues were the lobbying efforts in Washington, the licensing of foreign-trained dentists and how to identify and train the future leaders of the association.
Dr. Pelligrini reported that NJDA has collected approximately $47,000 more in dues payment in January 2003 than in January 2002
The issue of the licensure fee increase was discussed.
The Department of Environmental Protection has denied the Petition for Rulemaking on Fluoridation stating that the petition is beyond the purview of the Department’s statutory authority. The Department of Health and Senior Services has yet to respond.
Night at the races is May 14, 2003.
The Chemical Dependency Program has submitted its annual report. Dr. William Keene is requesting funding for another dentist to attend the Annual University of Utah School on Alcoholism and other Drug Dependencies. A motion was made to fund an additional person at a cost not to exceed $3000 and passed unanimously.
NJDA has assembled a committee and developed a three pronged approach to address the legislature regarding the State’s proposal to eliminate the budged adult Medicare funds.
The Task force to study Fluoridation of Drinking water and dental waste will continue to investigate and make recommendations regarding appropriate standards for disposal of Amalgam and will explore the possibility of endorsing a mercury disposal company.
Dr. Rosenheck reported that construction is continuing for the new addition.
The Class of 2007 is almost fully enrolled. The target is 75 students.
The Chairpersons of the Operative and Prosthetic Department and Diagnostic Sciences have been hired.
The School has commenced searches for Chairpersons of the Endodontic, Community Health and Dental Research Departments.
Dentists who pay auxiliary staff up to $600 do not have to pay related taxes for that employee
A dental assistant or hygienist should not receive a Form 1099 (for independent contractors) because as a matter of law they cannot be independent contractors.
If a practitioner covers for a colleague in the colleague’s office on an unscheduled basis, the covering practitioner does not need a branch office license.
Dental ID Team
A task force was appointed to consider several issues: 1) Acceptable pathways to ID Team membership 2) funding for annual training 3) Obtaining outside funding 4) Purchasing shirts and caps for identification purposes at the disaster site
The Board discussed the subject of Foreign trained dentists obtaining teaching positions.
A motion was made to reaffirm the Boards position that Foreign Trained Dentists should not be hired without the required two year degree from a North American Accredited Dental School, necessary to obtain a NJ license or a limited teaching certificate in NJ. The discussion was tabled until Dr. Feldman can attend a Board meeting to discuss this issue.

As our local residency programs conclude their GPR year this June, several of our JFK and Robert Wood Johnson residents are seeking employment as general practitioners. Many of our MCDS Executive Board members are attendings at either JFK or RWJUH and can furnish references if requested for any residency graduate you are interested in. Please call or speak to MCDS Vice- President Dr. Mitch Weiner at 732-297-4900. All conversations will be kept confidential. This is being offered as both a member benefit for those seeking associates and as a recruitment/goodwill gesture for our new member dental residents.

Children’s Dental Health Month: Save the Dates
March 18, 2003 Nurses Night, The East Brunswick Chateau- 7 PM
April 15, 2003 (tentative) Poster Contest, Old Bridge High School East Auditorium- 6:30 PM