October 1997 Newsletter Issue 19

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President's Message

President's Message . . . Cavan Brunsden

ORGANIZATION . . . Any unified, consolidated group operating as a systemized whole, having a specific purpose.

Over the years, we have all shared the many ups and downs of our profession as it has grown through a cyclical pattern of changes. Crises arise to upset the balance every few years only to be pushed from center stage by the next crisis that seeks our attention. Do you remember department store dentistry, amalgam wars, the onset of AIDS, OSHA, HAZCOM, and the alphabet soups of DMO and PPO? What could possibly be next?

My short career in dentistry has shared the most amazing discoveries and advances that have literally changed the future of dentistry and the smiles of our patients for years to come. Sealants, implants, bonding, lasers, computers and the list goes on and on marking the enormous progress of our profession.

Throughout these cyclical changes, one consistency persists and that is the presence of organized dentistry. The ADA, NJDA, and my favorite organization, the Middlesex County Dental Society have persisted as the voice that represents dentistry. What these three groups have achieved on our behalf is exactly what we have asked them to. They are all part of our organization operating with an agenda created by the members.

The local example of this tripartite system is the MCDS which I feel is a very representational group. We consistently respond to our members needs by listening and then acting on their behalf. The excellent communications afforded by this newsletter, the top-notch continuing education program, the member recruitment and retention programs serve to illustrate our commitment to the growth and development of our group.

Our state organization, NJDA, is a national leader in representing issues relevant to membership and their relationship to the profession of dentistry. NJDA has the strongest legal and political representation of any state dental association in the ADA, and we are nationally recognized for this.

In addition, local membership needs are addressed as demonstrated by the recent Delta Dental reimbursement received by hundreds of NJDA dentists entitled to this insurance remuneration. The Freedom of Choice bill and the recent "any willing provider" initiative have been our thrust toward warding off the effects of managed care. NJDA's commitment toward the development of a positive public presence for dentistry is further illustrated by our successful statewide children's dental health program, our donated dental services program, and our most recent sponsorship of the NJ Special Olympics.

The American Dental Association sits at the apex of the triangle of tripartite membership and its decisions on our behalf are the result of member initiatives that start at the state and local level. Our ADA delegates are the standard bearers of those New Jersey ideas that can eventually direct the ADA.

The ADA today is what the members of this organization have created. That is, the single most significant voice for dentistry that exists in America today.

We are all members for many differing reasons, but one thing is for certain; an organization represents all of its members, especially when they speak up.

I would enjoy hearing your comments.


-Cavan Brunsden, D.M.D., President

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MCDS Board of Trustees Report

- September 9, 1997 -

Attendance: Bloom, Brunsden, Clemente, DeSciscio, Engel, Glickman, Huberman, Krantz, McLaughlin, Rosen, Schambra, Silverstein, Villa Weiner.

Acceptance of Minutes last meeting -June 10, 1997 - Unanimous.

Treasurer's Report:   Previous Balance  $26,339.20
 C. Bloom, Treasurer  Income / Expenses  6,677.57
   Current Balance  $33,016.77




The report of this year's annual session was that the attendance was approximately the same as last year, but attendance by staff members was less than previous years. Some discussion was made in this council to change the meeting format to have one fee for the registration to attend any lectures that are offered. This probably will not occur in the near future. Next week representatives are going to check out the facilities that will be available for next year at the Taj Mahal. The 1998 Annual Session will be held mid-week. MEMBERSHIP COUNCIL - N. Villa

The nonmember list has been reviewed by the ADA and there are several names that were absent from the ADA records. They will update their records if we confirm that these dentists are actively practicing with a NJ license.

The outstanding balance list for dues was distributed at the July membership council meeting and consisted of 58 names. A letter was mailed by NJDA encouraging members to maintain their membership. Two weeks later, a letter from MCDS was mailed to the same group and approximately 8 dentists responded. The drop list has been formulated this past week and it includes 28 names.


Minutes from the council's June 18th meeting include the following matters with insurance carriers:

· Delta Dental - If a provider accepts both the Premier (fee-for-service) and Advantage (PPO) plans, Delta reserves the right to pay advantage benefits for a patient with Advantage Plus coverage.

· BC/BS - The 4345 Gross Debridement code is now being downgraded to a prophylaxis. It has not been determined if a participating dentist will be permitted to balance-bill the patient. Bitewing radiographs are no longer covered when submitted with a Panorex.

· Allstate PIP- Allstate is refusing to pay dentists unless medical CPT codes are used.

· CIGNA - Providers are no longer able to confirm coverage or benefits by telephone.

BOARD OF TRUSTEES - D. Krantz. See full report in this newsletter.



A membership drive was launched on July 1st which targeted all nonmembers (170). A letter was mailed along with an application and one of our beautiful tripartite brochures. We have had six new members who have joined since the mailing.

The latest newsletter was mailed to all nonmembers with a letter inviting them to join us for dinner and an evening of CE. EDITOR'S REPORT - M. Weiner

This month's newsletter is a special expanded 8-page edition full of information for mailing to nonmembers. There was a misprint in the newsletter regarding the date of the OSHA course offering. The meeting label for the January 20th "Officer's Night" was omitted. There will be an announcement and label(s) in the next newsletter. MENTOR COMMITTEE - E. Glickman

A postcard will be mailed to offer the OSHA course as the date is rapidly approaching. Flyers will also be put on the tables at the dinner meeting. This year's course offerings will feature more mini-courses for CE credits for members and nonmembers and also a "workshop" formatted course. CONTINUING EDUCATION - P. Engel

This committee will be meeting in late September. The goal is to bring in a high quality speaker for a full day course at a low cost to the membership as a member benefit.


The committee met in June and discussed protocol for corporate sponsorship for the newsletter, monthly meetings, and CE courses. Some preliminary guidelines have been discussed and will be introduced to the Board after the committee's next meeting. NEW BUSINESS - NJDA/Special Olympics Promotional Campaign - This is a state-wide promotion for the benefit of the Special Olympics program. NJDA will be the sole sponsor of the program during the month of October. All promotional materials and advertising relating to Special Olympics during October will be linked to dentistry and NJDA. Information has been mailed to all members about this campaign, and they are urged to participate in this rewarding campaign.

WEB SITE - Dr. Silverstein made a motion to assemble a committee to create the protocol for the MCDS web site. This protocol should specifically include how pertinent information should get to him to be put onto the site and also how it should be prominent in the newsletter every time there is related information on the site. The motion was seconded and the vote was unanimous to form an ad hoc committee for this purpose. Drs. Silverstein, Brunsden, and Glickman will be on this committee.

GOOD & WELFARE - Sy Symanski is currently at Roosevelt Hospital and is awaiting transfer to a South Jersey Veteran's home. Sy was 99 years old in August.

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Treasurer's Report

September 9, 1997

Treasurer: Charles Bloom, D.M.D.

Previous Balance

(6/1/97) $26,339.20

Income / Expenses

(6/1/97-8/1/97) $ 6,677.57

Current Balance

(8/1/97) $33,016.77



6/1/97 Through 9/9/97


Dues $7,206.95

Interest 40.82

TOTAL-INCOME $7,247.77


Newsletter 320.00

Secretarial 108.51

Reimbursement 141.69



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NJDA State Board of Trustees Report

Effective immediately, components societies are no longer allowed to separately post minutes of the State Board of Trustees Report. You can now find the reports at http://www.njda.org/member/board_minutes/index.html.

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None this month.

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A valid ADA membership card from a MCDS member is all that is needed to access the extensive video collection located at St. Peter Hospital Library. (Hundreds of current dental videos are available).

Dr. Joseph Fertig has arranged for this additional membership benefit that should provide all of our members with videotapes on subject matter ranging from 'Current Bonding Techniques' to 'Staff Management and Benefit Determination.'

Additional information and a listing of available titles is available by contacting the St. Peter's Library or Dr. Joseph Fertig.

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