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Dentistry Audio/Visual Holdings


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  • ADA- American Dental Association
  • ADAVCE- American Dental Association Video Continuing Education
  • CDE- Continuing Dental Education
  • CGS- The Country Gold Series
  • PCC- Practical Clinical Courses
  • PDN- The Profitable Dentist Newsletter
  • SW- South West Seminar
  • VEDCA- Video Education Company of America
  • VJD- Video Journal of Dentistry
  • VSC- The Video Study Club
  • Excellence in Dentistry, Inc.

  • D 1:2 The Challenge of Oral Diagnosis, Alan Drinnan, ADAVCE.
    D 1:3 Conservative Esthetic Restorative Dentistry: Utilizing the Light Activated Composite Resins, Gerald Denehy, ADAVCE.
    D 1:4 Coronal Radicular Buildup for Endodontically Treated Teeth, Arun Nayyar, ADAVCE.
    D 1:5 Endodontic Surgery: An Extension of Therapy, James Marshal and John Pappin, ADAVCE.
    D 1:6 Medical Emergencies in Dental Practice, Stanley Malamed, ADAVCE.
    D 1:7 The Modified Widman Technique in Periodontics, William Hurt and E.P. Allen, ADAVCE.
    D 1:8 Occlusal Imbalance and TMJ Syndrome, Harold Gelb, ADAVCE.
    D 1:9 Oral Surgery: A Bread-and-Butter Review, Matthias Hourigan, ADAVCE.
    D 1:10 Quality Dentures in Five Appointments, Julian Woelfel, ADAVCE.
    D 1:11 Removable Partial Dentures, Kenneth Rudd, ADAVCE.
    D 1:12 Reversible Occlusal Therapy: Clinical Use of Centric Appliances, James Potts, ADAVCE.
    D 1:13 The Team Approach to Current Periodontics, D. Walter Cohen, ADAVCE.
    D 1:14 The Three-Unit Posterior Bridge: A Classic Case, Raymond Contino, ADAVCE.
    D 1:15 Three Common Problems in Interceptive Orthodontics, Jon T. Kapala, ADAVCE.
    D 2:1 Demonstrated Bonding, Ronald Goldstein, VEDCA.
    D 2:2 A) Local Anesthesia, VEDCA.
      B) Nitrous Oxide Inhalation Sedation, VEDCA.
    D 2:3 A) Intravenous Concious Sedation, VEDCA
      B) Post Operative Pain Control, VEDCA.
    D 2:4 Live Periodontal Therapy, Edward Sugarman, Marvin Sugarman, and Richard Sugarman, VEDCA, 1987.
    D 3:1 A) Implants and Implant Prosthetics I, L. Schulman and G. Rogoff, DENSTAT.
      B) Implants and Implant Prosthetics II, L. Schulman and G. Rogoff, DENSTAT.
      C) Maryland Bridge and Adhesive Castings,Van Thompson, DENSTAT.
      D) Orthognathic Surgery, Leonard Kaban, DENSTAT.
    D 3:2 A) Preprosthetic Periodontal Therapy, Nicholas Dellorussu,
      B) Management of Dental Trauma in Children, Dennis McTeagu, DENSTAT.
      C) Management of the Periodontally-Involved Patient During Orthodontic Therapy, Robert Boyd, DENSTAT.
      D) The All Ceramic Crown, Ralph Sozio, DENSTAT.
    D 3:3 A) Sealants, Robert Musselman, DENSTAT.
      B) Gingival Flap Procedure, Henry Goldman, DENSTAT.
      C) Periodontal Implants, Ray Yutna, DENSTAT.
    D 3:4 A) Infectious Diseases: Considerations in Dentistry, S. Sonis and
      B) Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office, Paul Moore, DENSTAT.
    D 3:5 A) Hydroylapatite Augmentation, James Quinn, DENSTAT.
      B) AIDS, Stephan Sonis, DENSTAT.
    D 4:1 A) Dynamic Practice Management V.1, Linda Miles, VSC, 1986.
      B) Esthetic Dentistry V.2, Ron Goldstein, VSC, 1986.
    D 4:3 A) Glass Ionomer Cements V.5, Peter Hunt, VSC, 1986
      B) The Caridex Caries Removal System: Advertising Seminar V.6, Jeff Young, VSC.
    D 4:5 A) Endodontics (The Sonic System): an abbreviated course V.9, J. Jackligh and A.K. Weathers, VSC.
      B) Dental Implant Systems: Procedures V.10, Hilt Tatum, VSC, 1986.
    D 4:6 Rinn XCP Radiographic Technique V11, V12, Skip Truitt, VSC, 1986.
    D 4:7 A) Glass Ionomer Cements V13, G. Christensen and R. Hill, VSC.
      B) Do you need an association? V. 14, G. Christensen and R. Hill, VSC.
    D 4:8 A) Alternative Porcelain and Bonding Systems V.15, Pamela Mcinnes-Ledoux, VSC.
      B) The Survival of Laminate Systems V.16, Leendart Boksman, VSC.
    D 4:9 A) Effective Collections V.18, Paul Zuelke, VSC.
      B) Behavior Modifications V.17, Steve Gutter, VSC.
    D 4:11 A) TMJ Framework Philosophy V.21, William Williams, VSC.
      B) Money Management and the Professional Practice V.22,
    D 4:12 A) Dicor Veneers & Inlays L.A. Cement Mixing V.24, William Sulik, VSC.
      B) "A Cookbook for Dental Photography" V.23,
    D 4:13 A) Solutions in Dental Management V. 26,
      B) Infection Control in the Dental Environment V.25, VSC.
    D 4:14 A) Predictable Shade Selection V. 27, VSC.
      B) Periodontal Ligament Anesthesia for all Dental Procedures V. 28, Anthony Ricciardi, VSC.
    D 4:15 A) Overdentures Using Zest Anchors V.30b, E. Wical, VSC.
      B) Temporaries That Last- Seven Easy Matrix Techniques V. 30a, Gary Kientzner, VSC.
      C) Staff Incentive & Bonus Program- A Confidential Tape for the Doctor V.29, James and Suzanne Dumolin, VSC
    D 4:16 A) Electrical Anesthesia V.32, Fred Quarnstrom, VSC.
      B) Iontophoresis in Dentistry V.31, Arthur Jeske, VSC.
    D 4:17 What's Hot in Esthetic Dentisrty V.33,V34, Michael Miller and Craig Mabrito, VSC.
    D 4:19 A) Vacuum Formable Materials & Techniques V. 37, Doug Murphy, VSC.
      B) A Comparative Analysis of Dentin Bonding Agents V. 38, VSC.
    D 4:20 A) Successful Philosophies That Sell Your Practice V.39, Patricia Fripp, VSC.
      B) The Hotline to Success- Telephone and Communication: Training That Promotes Growth, Profitability and Professional Etiquette V.40, Connie Bailey, VSC.
    D 4:21 A) Amalgams? You Betcha! V. 42, Kenneth Grubbs, VSC.
      B) Clinical Procedures for OPTEC HSP (high strength porcelain) V.41, Ross Nash, VSC.
    D 4:22 A) Bonding Cast Ceramics...A Step Toward Perfection V. 43, Ralph Defelice, VSC.
      B) Consistent Quality In Crown and Bridge V. 44, Ronald Noe, VSC.
    D 4:23 A) Participative Goal Setting for Strategic Practice Management V. 46, Sally McKenzie, VSC.
      B) Productive Laboratory Communications V. 45, Carl Rosseau, VSC.
    D 4:24 A) Clinical Application of the Golden Proportion V. 48, William Shoemaker, VSC.
      B) Willi Glass Crowns V. 47, John Nasedkin, VSC.
    D 4:25 Advances in Dentin Bonding, Raymond Bertolotti, VJD.
    D 4:26 Behavioral Science in Dentistry, Leonard Horowitz, VJD.
    D 4:27 Color Communication Between Dentist & Technician, Carl
    D 4:28 Implant Dentistry Today- Achieving Predictable Prognosis, Alan Simons, VJD.
    D 4:29 Local Anesthesia & Restorative Dentistry, Frank Caughman, VJD.
    D 4:30 Malpractice & Periodontal Disease, Beverly Bailey, VJD.
    D 4:31 Medical History for the Dental Patient, Sanford Gruskin, VJD.
    D 4:32 Metal Adhesion, Raymond Bertolotti, VJD.
    D 4:33 Oral Cancer Diagnosis, Sanford Gruskin, VJD.
    D 4:34 Practical Asepsis, Patrick Roetzer, VJD.
    D 4:35 Successful Endodontic Emergency Treatment, Eugene Pantera, VJD.
    D 4:36 The Acceptance Appointment, Tom McDougal, VJD.
    D 4:37 Achieving Profitability in Dentistry, Roger Levin, VJD.
    D 4:38 Computerized Video Imaging, T. Scott, VJD.
    D 4:39 Dental Esthetics, Henry Williams, VJD.
    D 4:40 Implant Prosthetics, Edward Mills, VJD.
    D 4:41 Legal Aspects of the Practice of Dentistry, Bruce Bloom, VJD.
    D 4:42 Optimizing Your Patient's Dental Insurance Benefits, Tom Limoli, VJD.
    D 4:43 Optimum Adhesive Systems, Samuel Waknine, VJD.
    D 4:44 Porcelain Inlays & Onlays, Joseph Serflek, VJD.
    D 4:45 The Team Approach to Success, Bruce Pettersen, VJD.
    D 4:46 Treatment Acceptance, Gisele Fernandez, VJD.
    D 4:47 The Ultimate Dental Success Formula, Paul Bass, VJD.
    D 4a:1 A) Dental Team Marketing--ST3-012, Roger Levin, VSC.
      B) Office efficiency--ST3-011, Roger Levin, VSC.
    D 4a:2 A) Your Marketing Message--St3-021, Roger Levin, VSC.
      B) "Cosmetic Dentistry & the Hygenist- A Perfect Match", Lynn Kasmiroski, VSC.
    D 4A:3 A) "The Psychology of Collecting"--ST3-031, Leonard Sklar, VSC.
      B) "Dental Equipment Maintenance"--St3-032, Randy Talaski, VSC.
    D 4a:4 A) "Enlightened Staff Management for a Successful Dental Practice", ST4-011, BentEricksen,VSC.
      B) "Dental equipment maintenance"--ST4-012, Randy Talaski, VSC.
    D 4a:5 A) "Balancing Time & Money- How You Can Have It All"--ST4-021, James and Suzanne DuMolin, VSC.
      B) "Dental equipment maintenance"--ST4-022, randy Talaski, VSC.
    D 4a:6 A) "Dental Equipment Maintenance"--ST4-032, Randy Talaski, VSC.
      B) "Financial Communications"--ST4-031, Lynn Garber, VSC.
    D 4b:1-3 Advanced General Dentistry: Series I, VSC.
    D 5:1 A) Diagnosis and Management of Post-Extraction Pain V.1,Matthias Hourigan, VJD, 1991. B) The Mesio-Angular Lower Third Molar Impaction V.1 #1, Karl Koerner, VJD, 1991.
    D 5:2 A) Marketing Cosmetic Dentistry in the General Practice V.1 #2, Paul Homoly, VJD, 1991.
      B) The Sure-Fire Contact in Class II Composite Restorations V.1 #2, Norman Feigenbaum, VJD, 1991.
    D 5:3 Soft Tissue Management V.1 #3, Herbert bader, VJD, 1991.
    D 5:4 A) Laboratory Procedures V.1 #4, Adam Adamonis, VJD, 1992.
      B) The Ultimate Aesthetic Restoration-Porcelain Veneer V.1 #4, Isaac Comfortes, VJD, 1992.
    D 5:5 Diagnosis and Pain Control V.2 #1, Joe Camp, VJD, 1992.
    D 5:6 Clinical Considerations of Non-Surgical Treatment V.2 #2, Donald Rolfs, Larry Burnett, Trisha O'Hehir, VJD, 1992.
    D 5:7 Principles and Implant Retained Overdentures V.2 #3, Israel Finger and Luis Guerra, VJD, 1992.
    D 5:8 Creating Endodontic Excellence V.2 #4, Clifford Ruddle, VJD, 1993.
    D 5:9 All Ceramic Anterior Restorations: Restoring Function and Esthetics V.3 #1, Reuben Roach, Julie Coachman, Terry Fohey, VJD, 1993.
    D 5:10 Non-Removable (Hybrid & Fixed) Restorations V.3 #2, Israel Finger, VJD, 1993.
    D 5:11 Managing Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office V.3 #3, Stanley Malamed, VJD, 1994.
    D 5:12 Adhesives In Dentistry V.3 #4, John Kanca, VJD, 1994.
    D 5:13 TMD: A Team Approach To Diagnosis and Treatment V.4 #1, Charles McNeill, VJD, 1994.
    D 5:14 New Technologies: Lasers In Dentistry V.4 #2, Marilyn Miller, VJD, 1994.
    D 5:15 Endodontics: Restoring The Endodontically Treated Tooth V.4 #3, Keith Manning, VJD, 1995.
    D 5:16 Oral Surgery: Simplifying Difficult Extractions V.4 #4, Karl Koerner, VJD, 1995.
    D 5:17 Removable Prosthetics: Mandibular Overdentures V.5 #1, VJD, 1995.
    D 5:18 Periodontics: Periodontal Surgery For The General Practice V.5 #2, George Bailey, VJD, 1995.
    D 5:19 Implant Surgery:Surgical Placement of Root Form Endosseous Implants V.5 #3, Frank C. Theisen, VJD, 1996.
    D 5:20 Dental Trends: The Operative Dentistry V.5 #4, Van Thompson and Douglas Barnes, VJD, 1996.
    D 5:21 Occlusion: Occlusal Harmony and Function V.6 #1, Bruce W. Small, VJD, 1996.
    D 5:22 Periodontics: Periodontal Disease: Emerging Concepts in
    D 5:23 Geriatric Dentistry: Oral Health and Aging:Healthy, Wealthy, and Dentate, Linda Neissen, Gretchen Gibson, VJD, 1996.
    D 5:24 Cosmetic Dentistry: Chairside Composites and Inlays, Paul C. Belvedere, Video Journal of Dentistry, 1997.
    D 5:25 Ultimate Esthetics: Porcelain Veneers, Ross W. Nash,
    D 6:1 Simple, Fast, High Quality Dental Radiographs, Gordon Christensen,
    D 6:2 Repair and Salvage of Fixed Prosthodontic Restorations, Gordon Christensen, PCC, 1990.
    D 6:3 Dental Cements- Selecting The Best Type (Edition Two), Gordon Christensen, PCC, 1990.
    D 6:4 Tooth Whitening, Gordon Christensen, PCC, 1990.
    D 6:5 PCC Video Instructor Series: Gordon Christensen, 1990.
      1) Tooth Preparation
      2) Tight Contacts On Class 2...
      3) Restoring Abfractions
    D 6:6 PCC Video Instruction Series: Gordon Christensen, 1990.
      1) Bonding Amalgam
      2) Bases And Liners
      3) Porcelain Repair
    D 6:7 PCC Video Instructor Series, Gordon Christensen, 1990.
      1) Interocclusal Records
      2) Super Cements
    D 6:8 PCC Video Instructor Series, Gordon Christensen, 1990.
      1) Conservation Restoration Of Worn Anterior Teeth
      2) Glass Ionomer Resin For Repairing Crowns
      3) Empress And Inceram Crowns
    D 6:9 PCC Video Instuctor Series, Gordon Christensen, 1990.
      1) Glass Ionomer-Resin Cements
      2) Palatal Anesthesia-Pressure And Electrical Anesthesia
      3) Actisite, Periodontal Fiber Therapy
    D 6:10 Multiple Unit Fixed Prosthodontics, Gordon Christensen, PCC, 1990.
    D 7:1 The Preparation And Restoration Of The Multi-Rooted Tooth With Furcation Involvement V.1 #1, Daniel Casullo and Francis Matarazzo, CDE, September, 1977.
    D 7:2 Uprighting The Inclined Mandibular Molar In Preparation For Restorative Treatment V.1 #2, Robert Vanarsdall, CDE, October, 1977.
    D 7:3 Diagnosis And Management Of Medical Emergencies In The Dental Office V.1 #3, Louis Rose, CDE, November, 1977.
    D 7:4 The Incisal Edge Splint And Other Methods Of Temporary
    D 7:5 Developments In Financing And Delivery Of Dental Care V.1 #5, John Amsterdam and Charles Jerge, CDE, January, 1978.
    D 7:6 Coronal Forms Of The Full Crown Restoration-Their Clinical Applications V.1 #6, Arnold Weisgold, CDE, February, 1978.
    D 7:7 Understanding Dental Products: What You Should Know And What Your Patient Should Know V.1 #7, Samuel Yankell and Robert Emling, CDE, March, 1978..
    D 7:8 Incorporating Root Planing And Gingival Curettage Into A Clinical Practice V.1 #8, Jay Seibert, CDE, April, 1978.
    D 7:10 The Integration Of A Preventive Dentistry Program Into A Dental Practice V.1 #10, Herman Corn and Manuel Marks, CDE, June, 1978.
    D 7:11 Occlusal Adjustment Of The Natural Dentition V.1 #11, Leonard Abrams, CDE, July, 1978.
    D 7:12 Ceramo-Metal Fixed Partial Dentures V.1 #12, George Isaacson and Daniel Isaacson, CDE, August, 1978.
    D 7:13 The Apically Positioned Flap V.2 #1, Peter Rubelman and Andrew Alpert, CDE, September, 1978.
    D 7:14 The Treatment Of Traumatized Incisor In The Child Patient V.2 #2, Ronald Johnson, CDE, October, 1978.
    D 7:15 The Management Of The Patient With Myofacial Pain Dysfunction Syndrome V.2 #3, Marvin Alderman, CDE, November, 1978.
    D 7:16 The Neutral Zone In Complete Denture Prosthesis V.2 #4, Victor Beresin and Frank Schiesser, CDE, December, 1978.
    D 7:17 Analgesia In Dental Practice V.2 #5, Kyle DeMartino and Jeffrey Garber, CDE, January, 1979.
    D 7:18 Diagnosis And Treatment Of Endodontic Emergencies V.2 #6, Louis Grossman and Seymour Oliet, CDE, February, 1979.
    D 7:19 Sleeve Coping Dentures V.2 #7, Irving Yalisove and Joseph Dietz, CDE, March, 1979.
    D 7:20 Tooth Preparation In Fixed Prosthesis V.2 #8, Arnold Weisgold and Morres Feder, CDE, April, 1979.
    D 7:21 Provisional Restorations V.2 #9, Robert Tisot and Donald Kreuzer, CDE, May, 1979.
    D 7:22 Practical Problem Solving In Oral Surgery V.2 #10, Louis Guerney, CDE, June, 1979.
    D 7:23 Partial Dentures V.2 #11, Gerald Weintraub, CDE, July, 1979.
    D 7:24 The Amalgam Restoration- A New Generation V.2 #12, Robert DeRevere, CDE, August, 1979.
    D 8:1 Practice Management:Tape #1, Earl Estep.
    D 8:2 Practice Management Tape #2, Earl Estep.
    D 8:3 Esthetics, Earl Estep.
    D 8:4 Crown Preps, Earl Estep.
    D 8:5 Occlusion & T.M.J., Earl Estep.
    D 8:6 Dentures, Earl Estep.
    D 8:7 Perio, Earl Estep.
    D 9:1 Country Gold And Overhead Control, Earl Estep, PDN, March, 1993.
    D 9:2 Dental Mania Update, Howard Farran, PDN, March, 1993 .
    D 9:3 The Power Of Persuasion, Walter Hailey, PDN, March, 1993.
    D 9:4 Communication Update, Cathy Jameson, PDN, March, 1993.
    D 9:5 Selling Partnerships, Rick Kushner, PDN, March, 1993.
    D 9:6 Prescription For Success, Happiness, & Humor, Steve Sobel, PDN, March, 1993.
    D 9:7 The Debt-Free Lifestyle, Stanley Greg, PDN, March, 1993.
    D 10 Infection Control In The Dental Environment, Dept of Vet. Affairs, ADA, Dept of Health & Human Services.
    D 11:1 Tunnel Prep: A Technique Lecture Video, William Dickerson, SW Seminars.
    D 11:2 The Easy Rubber Dam Technique: A Technique Lecture Video, William Dickerson, SW Seminars.
    D 11:3 Effective Computer Imaging: A Technique Lecture Video, William Dickerson, SW Seminars.
    D 11:4 Intra-Oral Computer Imaging And Case Presentation, William Dickerson, SW Seminars.
    D 12:1 Practical Approach to Dentistry, Tape #1, Earl Estep, CGS.
    D 12:2 Practical Approach to Dentistry, Tape #2, Earl Estep, CGS.
    D 12:3 Esthetics/Earl Estep, CGS.
    D 12:4 Crown Prep/Earl Estep, CGS.
    D 12:5 TMJ/Earl Estep, CGS.
    D12:6 Dentures/Earl Estep, CGS.
    D 12:7 Periodontics/Earl Estep, CGS.
    D 13:1 Painless Success in '96, Dr. Howard Farran, Excellence in Dentistry, Inc., August 7-10, 1996.
    D 13:2 Total Quality Management: Achieving The High Production, Low Stress Practice, Dr. Roger Levin, Excellence in Dentistry, Inc., August 7-10, 1996.
    D 13:3 Innovative Dentistry, Dr. Duff Kaster, Excellence in Dentistry, Inc., August 7-10, 1996.
    D 13:4 Building a Fee-For-Service Practice With Esthetic Dentistry, Dr. William Dorfman, Excellence in Dentistry, Inc., August 7-10, 1996.
    D 13:5 Building Your Million Dollar Practice, Dr. Ed Silker, Excellence in Dentistry, Inc., August 7-10, 1996.
    D 13:6 Amazing Patient Tracking System, Dr. Ron Groba, Excellence in Dentistry, August 7-10, 1996.
    D 13:7 Improving Practice Profitability, Dr. W. Charles Blair, Excellence in Dentistry, Inc., August 7-10, 1996.
    D 13:8 How To Build and Manage The $1,000,000 Portfolio, Dr. Doug Fabian, Excellence in Dentistry, Inc., August 7-10, 1996.
    D 17:1 The Fundamentals of Porcelain Veneers, Bill Dorfman, Advanced
      Learning Technologies.
    D 17:2 Placement of Posterior Direct Resin Restorations Part I, Ron Jackson, Advanced Learning Technologies.
    D 17:3 Placement of Posterior Direct Resin Restoration Part II,
    D 17:4 Connective Tissue Grafting for Root Coverage, Jim Jacobs,
    D 17:5 Gingivectomy and Tissue Recontouring, Jim Jacobs, Advanced
      Learning Technologies.
    D 17:6 Placement of Indirect Resin Restorations, Ken Neuman, Advanced
      Learning Technologies.
    D 17:7 The Hard Tissue Laser: Issues and Applications, David W. Winn,II, Advanced Learning Technologies.

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