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Disposable CPE Isolation Gowns from M Plus

  • These are the same plastic ones that we sold last time.
  • We have a total of 480 to sell.
  • They are $3.00 each (our net cost).
  • They come pre-packaged in a 10 pack, so you will need to order in multiples of 10. When you place the order below, enter the NUMBER OF GOWNS, not the number of packs of 10 that you want.
  • No maximum purchase. First come first serve.
  • No returns.
  • Pickup arrangements should be made by contacting Dr. Antoinette Tauk at (732) 940-0092 or [email protected] (the only method we are offering to get you the gowns you purchase is to pick them up at Dr. Tauk's office in North Brunswick. We are not going to ship them to you. If you have any questions about this, you should contact Dr. Tauk BEFORE YOU MAKE THE PURCHASE).
Enter the quantity here (enter the number of gowns, NOT the number of groups of 10.

You must order in multiples of 10.

If you get a message that the gowns are sold out, try a lower multiple of 10:

Cell Phone #: