How do I join?

Contact our executive secretary, Marlene Glickman, at:

P.O. Box 7026, East Brunswick, NJ 08816

(732) 238-1255

(732) 390-2332 (fax)

or click here to email her.

What are the benefits of membership?

  1. MCDS Web Site: Our web site has all of the latest MCDS news, as well as archives of past newsletters and useful links. After becoming a member, you can reach the site through NJDA’s Component section. Contact NJDA at 821-9400 for a user name and password after you are a member.
  2. MCDS Video Library at St. Peter’s Hospital. All you need is a valid ADA membership card to access the extensive video collection.
  3. Lawline: Remember LAWLINE if you have a legal question related to your dental practice. As a continuing member benefit, NJDA’s General Counsel, Arthur Meisel, Esq. and Assistant Counsel Patricia DeCotiis are always available to confer, at no cost, with members.
    If you have a question or need assistance, call Mr. Meisel at (732) 422-2730 or Patricia DeCotiis at (732) 422-2717 or send them a fax at (732) 821-1082.
  4. Discounted hotel rates are available to ADA members at selected hotels in Chicago, New York, and Washington, D.C. For specific hotels and rates, call ADA at 312-440-2500 extension 2853.
    Members who join Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom Club receive discounts at Disney hotels, resorts, and stores and on Disney cruises. Membership in the Magic Kingdom Club is free to ADA members. For more information, call ADA at 312-440-2500 extension 2582.
    Hertz offers ADA members money-saving rates on car rentals in the United States and Canada, as well as bonus coupons throughout the year. For more information, call ADA extension 2923.
  5. Downloadable forms from NJDA for such things as overdue insurance payments.
  6. Downloadable manuals (you need your NJDA login name and password to access these):
    1. Employee manual
    2. OSHA sample exposure plan
    3. Member Resource Directory
  7. Third party problem resolution
  8. Peer Review of patient complaints: As a public service, NJDA offers a "Peer Review" program, which is a dispute resolution mechanism to address differences that may arise between a patient and dentist. NJDA has twelve peer review committees throughout the state, as well as six specialty committees. These are composed of specially selected dentists who volunteer their time to deal impartially with questions of quality or appropriateness of care. When a patient agrees to Peer Review, they agree to forego a malpractice claim against the dentist.
  9. CE courses at reduced or no fee under our Mentor program. Examples of recent course listings are :
    1. Off the Shelf Dental Digital Imaging: Free
    2. Lasers in Dentistry: Free
    3. MCDS Annual OSHA Seminar: $15 per person
  10. Directory Listing of Fluoride Levels in Drinking Water by County
2006 Dues Structure