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Speaker checklist (courtesy of Dr. Devang Modi) to help make sure you have all of the information needed for the newsletter and meeting

The constitution of MCDS states that the purpose of the society, among other things, is to "cultivate the science and art of dentistry", and to "promote among themselves mutual improvement, social intercourse, good will and self protection. To this end a Program Chairperson is selected each year to assist in recognizing these goals.

The Program Chairperson is appointed by the President-elect and is responsible for organizing the monthly meetings for Middlesex County Dental Society. This includes establishing a continuing education program for six of the seven general meetings, preparing for the January officers meeting with NJDA, and organizing Staff Night in May. The duties of the Program Chair also include working with the Continuing Education Chairperson in setting up the full day courses sponsored by MCDS, and working closely with the Corporate Sponsor Chairperson in obtaining funding for all of the Continuing Education programs.

Speakers should be contacted and written confirmation established by the end of May. Corporate Sponsorship should be established in coincidence with booking the speakers. This too should be confirmed in writing.

It is the responsibility of the Program Chair to make certain that the venue for the meeting is booked in advance and prices are negotiated in advance. The Program Chair is encouraged to ask the previous Program Chair and Treasurer for assistance in this matter.

Newsletter Responsibilities

The following is a check list to assist the Program Chair in running a successful program.

-Meet with President-elect, CE Chair and Corp Sponsor Chair in January to establish ideas and goals.

-Make contact with speakers in February and March and have a preliminary schedule in place by April. Be sure to set up the Calendar carefully, avoiding conflicts with holidays and other MCDS and NJDA courses. See what other dental programs may be running simultaneously in the area, and how often a particular speaker appears in the area. Keep in mind that speakers traveling a distance may have to contend with weather situations in February and March.

-Keep the finances in order. Find out each speakers honorarium and expenses that need to be paid and get them in writing. -Contact sponsors and attempt to coordinate sponsors with speakers (try to match the lecture content with the product sold) Get the sponsors financial commitment in writing. Avoid conflicts with sponsors. Agree on the dollar amount, the allotted space, the allotted personnel and any additional sponsors in advance.

-Confirm all Tuesday evening meetings with the Pines Manor management and negotiate the price and menu in advance. (Remember those with special dietary needs; there are usually two entrée selections plus a vegetarian and fruit platter selection). General membership meetings take place the third Tuesday of Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan(Life Members/Officers Night), Feb, Mar, Apr, May(Staff Night).  This should be completed by April.

-Notify the Pines Manor as soon as dates become available for the full day CE Programs and again negotiate the price in advance.


-In April present a preliminary schedule to the BOT

-In May confirm all Speakers and Sponsors in writing being sure to thank everyone for their participation.

-In May confirm that NJDA Officers Night will be the January meeting.

-In May meet with the Event Assistant to formulate ideas for Staff Night of the following year.

-Over the summer maintain contact (via phone or email) with Speakers and Sponsors.  --Establish a list of alternate speakers and sponsors in case of a cancellation. Prepare a list of special requirements any of the speakers may have; i.e. AV equipment. Contact the appropriate vendors and obtain contracts.

-Before August obtain speaker bios, digital photos, and course descriptions. Submit this information to the newsletter editor before August.

-In September determine which Tuesday night lecture will be the Sy Symanski Memorial Lecture, and order the appropriate plaque. An example introduction speech give at the Tuesday night lecture prior to presenting the award is below.

-In September start organizing May's Staff Night in conjunction with the MCDS Event Coordinator and Executive Secretary.

In setting up the meetings (including the all day programs) keep the following in mind: -Reconfirm all speakers, sponsors and vendors at least two weeks in advance. -Reconfirm the menu, room assignment and setup one week in advance. -Arrange for transportation and hotel accommodations for the speaker if necessary. -Arrive at each meeting at least 30 minutes prior to the cocktail hour or registration. -Remain at the meeting until the speaker and sponsors have left. -Follow-up the next day with a phone call and then a letter to the speaker and the sponsor.

Our contact at the Pines as of 2010, in charge of arranging the meetings: Janet Baio


Attached is a list of Speakers, Sponsors and Vendors.


THS Multimedia  908-964-4316     Jeff Palley

(Fees for full day courses with PA system, projector , screen and tech

may cost around $1500.)

Mastergraphics  732-329-0088

(This company will provide NJDA fees for any printing job.)

Pines Manor 732-287-2222 (contact the  current banquet manager) (Tuesday evening fees approximately $500 for the cocktail hour, and $35pp for dinner; buffets for full day courses run over $45 since this includes Continental breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack.)

The Edison Clarion 732-287-3500

(Approximately $130 per night)

Moonwalk Entertainment  201-206-9308  Donna Perno

(need to be booked 4-6 months in advance for staff night)

Joe Romer Trophy Shop 732-417-1117

(may be used for plaque for Sy Symanski Lecturer)


Harold Crossley   410-706-7871   Pharmacology

Jon Molinari   313-494-6632                Infection Control

Jennifer DeSt.Georges 408-354-4144  Practice Management

John Kois 253-922-9872   Treatment planning

Gerard Chiche 504-619-8528  Esthetics

Steve Seltzer 317-496-9187 High Tech Practice Management

Douglas Damm 859-323-5515 Fraud in the Dental Office

David Sirois 212-998-9549 Oral Medicine and Pain Control

Keith Rossein  (516)593-3806

Implants/Practice management

David Garber       (678)872-7720             Prosthetic Dentistry

Maurice Salama               Perio/Prosth.

Henry Salama                    Perio./Prosth.

Michael Schaff, J.D.  732-855-6047  Contracts/Associations/Legal Issues

Donald Lewis      (440)261-1010                          Employee



Dentsply Tulsa Brian Vaughn  800-662-1202x1343

Pfizer  Melissa Maggioncalda 732-940-2777

Tri-State Dental 908-653-1180

Kuwata Pan Dent  Yukio 877-377-4455

Benco   Marty Schayowitz 908-507-6735

Septodont Tim Laimer  800-872-8305x2200

Town and Country Dental Studios David Lambert 800-925-8696

Equipment Broker Rich Jacobs 973-812-0777

Asteto Dental Lab  Marc Daichman 973-763-1000

Dentsply Caulk Andre Pepe

Dentsply Professional Mike Porro

Dental EZ  Greg Romeo

GC America Keri Casey

Coltene Whaledent John Kedersha


Dexis Roberto Reyes 888-88-dexisx289

Orapharma Nancy Zolan 888-553-6010x0646

Metalor Art Francis 888-554-5504x602

Dental Anchor systems Carl Brignola 800-397-4433

Ivoclar Roy Goldberg 716-691-0010

Additional sponsors



Dental Search

Island Dental

Paul Banditt

Savitt Collection agency


Example Pines Contract

Example Sy Symanski Memorial Award Speech

Dr. Sy Symanski was a dedicated member and leader of the Middlesex County Dental Society for over 75 years.
He was considered by most to be the "hear and soul" of this Society over the years that he served this group.
Sy served on various committees of the NJDA and ADA, he was formerly president of MCDS, and he served on the NJ State Board of Dentistry. He was also a NJ Board Examiner, as well as a consultant to the Northeast Regional Board.
His commitment to organized dentistry has and will serve as an inspiration to all of us who work tirelessly for the enrichment of our profession.

MCDS Program Ledger

Staff Night Registration Form Checklist

Search on our web site and look at previous registration forms, like this one. The registration form needs to go in the newsletter starting in the March issue. By then, you should be ready with: