Newsletter submission guidelines
Program Chairperson:
Initial course information submitted should include:

The bio and synopsis should be put together and formatted to fit the allotted space in the newsletter. Here’s how to do this:

For full day courses:

Anyone who is submitting a report for inclusion in the minutes:
The easiest way to see what I need is to look at a previous copy of a newsletter and look at the formatting of the reports. Specifically:

Ads (instructions for anyone accepting an ad from a sponsor to give to them):
Any ads submitted by sponsors for inclusion in the newsletter must meet the following criteria:

ADA Delegate, NJDA Delegate reports
If you are submitting information from a report that someone else typed up, please reformat it according to the guidelines above for submission of reports for the minutes.

President's Message
As per the above, you should download a copy of a previous newsletter and make sure your message fits into the allotted space. If you want to run over significantly because you have a lot to say, that's fine. Just let me know.