Rules of the MCDS Board of Trustees

Newsletter Layout Editor (Bob Silverstein)

The Newsletter is published 8 times per year: September, October, November, January, February, March, April and May. For each issue, printing begins on the third Friday of the month (except for the September and January issues, which go to print the second Friday of the prior month).

The newsletter deadline for information to be submitted is the third Tuesday of the month prior to the above scheduled print dates (except for the September and January issues, when content needs to be submitted by the second Tuesday of the prior month).

Before each Board meeting, I do a preliminary layout which includes the advertisements for the upcoming month (ads are sent to me directly from the advertisers, from the Business Editor (Constantine Simos), or from the program chairperson). At the Board meeting I get the minutes from the Secretary. I take photos at the General Meeting of the Speaker(s), New Members, Life Members, etc. The President emails me his/her message by the Wednesday after the General Meeting. I layout the Newsletter on that Wednesday and edit content to make everything fit. All submissions, including those from Ethan Glickman for the Mentor course inserts are due by that Wednesday. The Content Editor gives final approval and printing starts on the Friday after the General Meeting. Printing is completed by the following Tuesday. My staff then folds, tapes, adds labels and stamps, and brings to the post office. ($10 per hour, and this typically takes 10 hours).

I contact Ann Marie Varga at NJDA the day of the Board meeting to get the current MCDS Member list. She emails the list to me. I merge the data in Microsoft Word and print out the labels.

I buy the stamps at the post office (regular postage plus additional ounce postage if there is an insert - currently $0.63).


Paper Supplies

Mailing Labels at Quill

Avery Laser Post Cards

28lb 8 1/2 x 11 paper

28lb 11 x 17 paper (check all links for the best price)

HP Color Laserjet 8500 Supplies


Annual Budget

Presented to the Board of Trustees at the October meeting, published in the November issue of the newsletter, and voted on at the November general meeting. You must bring printed copies of the budget to this general meeting for all of the members to look at.