January 20, 1953 Newsletter

The Newsletter

of the

Dr. T.V. Symanski, Editor


Roger Smith Hotel

New Brunswick, N.J.
Dinner - 6:30
Meeting - 8:30
JANUARY 20. 1953

Dr. Louis Blatterfein,
New York, N.Y.
"Partial Dentures"

The opinions contained herein are those of the editor and not binding upon the society.


To say the least, the attendance at our last meeting was very disappointing. The subject of flouridation of community water supplies is of vital importance to every member of the profession. He should be prepared to answer the questions put to him by his patients and the public relative to this subject. His intelligence on this matter should always be kept up to date. It was with this in mind that your program committee brought the top man in this subject to address yon as well as the general public, and to give you the wherewithal to answer any questions that might be put to you by anyone. Had you attended, you would have heard a clear and concise presentation, of Flouridation of community water supplies. You would also have heard questions propounded by the laity as well as members of the profession. You would also have had an opportunity to ask your questions.

We were also privileged to hear some remarks directed against this proposition. Here was presented to you literally on a silver platter the opportunity for you, yourself to evaluate this proposed program of water flouridation, and for some reason or other, you stayed away in droves. No doubt the closeness of the Christmas Holidays offered the best excuse, but we fail to see it's legitimacy.

To those intrepid souls who endured the dangers of Christmas traffic and the difficulty of finding a parking space and attended this all important meeting we are indeed grateful and they are deserving of our appreciation. To the men who devoted their time and energy to getting up this splendid meeting we humbly say thanks, we say no more because we know that they have that deep personal satisfaction that goes with a job well done.


Now my friend is the time for you to sit down and write out a check for your dues. Your Insurance, Hospitalization and a couple of other things are based on your being a member in good standing of this Society. For 1952 your Society received a commendation for being one of the few Components that had no delinquent members. They tried to blame the Secretary for this situation, but the credit is all yours. Oh please send me your check NOW!

We hope you all had a nice Yuletide season, and the New Years Hangover wasn't too bad...

How about the guy who has been edentulous for 21 years and comes in on 23rd of December 6:00 P.M. and says. "I gotta have teeth by Christmas" ---- (25th of December 8:00 P.M.) he's still he's still edentulous, $150.00 is too %#/*% much to pay for a set of teeth.


1. Pay your dues.

2. Send in check for A.D.A. Relief stamps.

3. Contact "Sy" about Cancer Course (If you are interested.)

See you at the meeting. And by the way the Annual Columbia College Day is March 18th, Wednesday. Make this change in your appointment book...

To Dr. Louis Karshmer, the Society extends it's sincere and heartfelt sympathy on the loss of his Son.

Anyone interested in taking the Five Day Cancer detection course being given January 27th to 30th, 1953 at Columbia University contact the Secretary NOW.


All aboard: Trains for Jacksonville, Miami Beach and all points South. We understand the annual trek to Florida is in full swing. Dimond and Uchin couldn't resist the temptation. Phil Fass has also planned a well earned vacation. Don't forget fellows, you can't take it with you. Enjoy, yourselves while you can. And a vacation never hurt anybody.

If we hadn't reserved the High School Auditorium for our meeting on Flouridation, we would have been mobbed, as it was we should have taken one of the Classrooms. We thought you fellows were interested in this subject. Goodness knows, you asked enough questions about it.

"Milt" Levy has earned the envy of the Secretary. "Sy" wants a vest like that.

Now don't tell me that you havn't sent in your check for the A.D.A. Relief Fund Stamps...


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