September 2019 Newsletter

Program: September 17, 2019

Featured Speaker: Dr. Michelle Weddle
“The Dentist’s Role in Recognizing Adult Airway and Sleep Related Breathing Disorders”



Dr. Weddle is a general dentist in private practice in Watchung, NJ. A special focus of her practice is managing the adult and pediatric patient with airway issues. She received her DDS from NYU. She completed her GPR at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center. She continued her education through the Dawson Academy, Pankey Institute, Kois Center and Spear Education. Dr. Weddle completed her first sleep apnea course in 2007 with Dr. Barry Glassman. In 2017 she completed the Dental Sleep Medicine mini-residency program at Tufts University. She is currently a visiting faculty for the Airway Prosthodontics Workshop at Spear Education, a speaker for the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain and is pursuing board certification with the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine.

In 2017, the ADA adopted a policy statement outlining the dentist’s role in treating Sleep Related Breathing Disorders (SRBD) in adults and children. At the end of this lecture you should understand the role of dentists in treating SRBD as outlined in the ADA Policy Statement, recognize the medical and dental signs and symptoms of SRBD in adults, understand the impact of SRBD in the dental prognosis and become familiar with the different screening methods for SRBD in adults and be able to incorporate screening in your practice if you choose to do so.

President's Message - Dr. Sanjeev Satwah

MCDS President

I am humbled, honored and privileged to assume the role of President of the Middlesex County Dental Society. I am deeply grateful to the board members for their leadership and outstanding contributions to MCDS. I am inspired by their commitment to the society and all of their achievements. Indeed, the growth of MCDS has been propelled collectively by the individuals and all the past leaders and members of the MCDS Board and Executive Committee. I look forward to continuing this important work towards fulfilling the mission of MCDS. In this endeavor, I am joined by my colleagues on the Executive Committee – Antoinette Tauk (President Elect), Mario Fiorentini (Vice President), Anil Ardeshna (Secretary), and Christopher Fiorentini (Treasurer).
Membership in MCDS enables us to surround ourselves with like-minded professionals. In sharing our experiences and brainstorming our solutions, we are given the tremendous opportunity to learn from each other. That’s why my mission for the year ahead is to provide the organizational value that will keep our members engaged, involved and more actively participating in the many opportunities MCDS has to offer.
I am targeting education as a primary objective. I will encourage more individuals to take advantage our educational offerings, including our general meetings, study clubs, and our all day course on 10/16/19 with Dr. Gordon Christensen. These opportunities will enable us to sharpen our skills as clinicians and bond with fellow members, new and old. Of course, this would not be possible without the countless efforts of the Education Committee—particularly Antoinette Tauk. I would like to personally thank her for putting together an amazing lecture series for the upcoming year.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mark Vitale for inviting me to become part of the board back in 2011, as the MCDS representative to the NJDA New Dentist Council. I have matured over the many years as a member of the board and I am grateful to be a mentee of Mark and our other great leaders of MCDS.
I am ready to get underway and work with you to make this a year of accomplishments. It is my belief that our increased participation will improve retention and attract new members. It will also enable each of us to give more, grow more and reignite passion for our profession.

MCDS Board of Trustees Report

There was no MCDS Board Meeting or General Meeting in May, so there are no meeting minutes, pictures, and no Treasurer’s report in this newsletter. The usual newsletter format and content will return for the October issue.


Insurance Claims Problems?

The Board would like to remind you that Claims Resolution Service is available through the NJDA to help you resolve any dental claim issue. Please contact Dr. Joan Monaco at 732-821-9400.
This service is provided free to you as a member benefit.

NJDA Trustee Meeting Highlights, Amit Vora, MCDS Trustee


The meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order by Dr. Thomas Rossi, President, at 11:17 a.m., on June 12, 2019 at the Pines Manor, Edison, N.J.

Dr. Joseph Basilicato, Chair, Council on Annual Session, gave a summary report on the 2019 Annual Session given by Dr. Renee Arace.
Total revenue: $195,632.03
Total expenses: $149,691.72 ($25,000.00 less than last year)
Total Surplus $45,940.31 (including $45,185.00 EBA allocated support)

Member dentist registration was up from last year, however registration by component was relatively low.
To date, we have five events schedules for NJDA’s 150th Anniversary Year.
1. Ribbon cutting ceremony: Wednesday, January 15, 2020- 9:30 am- NJDA HQ
2. NJDA Dinner Dance: Sunday, June 7, 2020 - 6:30 pm - Yacht, Atlantica
3. Jersey Shore Event: July 23 & 24, 2020 - Atlantic City Area (tentative)
4. Family Picnic September 13, 2020 - Mercer County Parks (tentative)
5. Official NJDA Anniversary October 25, 2020 - NJDA HQ

Council on Governmental & Public Affairs - Dr. Elisa Velazquez
The council met with PAC in Trenton on June 26th. The Governor appointed a Dental Director, Dr. Darwin Hayes who is a member of the Mercer Dental Society. Governor Murphy also chose Dr. Asha Samant to serve as a member of the NJ State Board of Dentistry. NJDA will put forth the name of another candidate. Dr. Velazquez reported that the leasing bill did pass unanimously and is heading to the full Assembly now. She informed the Board that Governor Murphy intends to become involved in the issue of health insurance. The Senate Health Committee is working on an opioid consent form for minors; NJDA’s consent form can be used by anyone. We have applied for the SPA Grant for the next portion of 2019. The next event will be held in Ocean County and a statewide PAC event will be held in Middlesex and Monmouth­ Ocean. These will be fund raisers. The next MEWA meeting will be in two weeks. We are acting in partnership with Drug Free NJ.

Membership - Mr. Bill Cook - Ms. AnnMarie Varga
Mr. Bill Cook reported that membership is ‘up’ over last year at the same date. If the members have not renewed by July 12th they will be dropped. The final dues statement was recently mailed to those that have not renewed. Revenue was up $36,000 compared to the same date last year including $15,000 more for Full Active members.

Executive Director & Legal Counsel - Mr. Arthur Meisel
Mr. Arthur Meisel presented an overview of the duties and responsibilities of the NJDA Trustees. He informed them that all board members are entitled to receive any information they request about the Association. He advised that he would be emailing a copy of the current Bylaws to every board member.

On legal matters, he received a notice that Smile Direct Club filed a motion to reconsider the prior ruling to dismiss.

The NJDA is filing Petitions for Certification seeking review by the NJ Supreme Court of the decisions rendered by the Appellate Division in favor of Aetna and DoBI.

President’s Report - Dr. Thomas Rossi
Dr. Thomas Rossi reported that he is looking forward to the upcoming year’s Board meetings and the officer visitations to the components. He further reported that he loved the gavel. He asked that we all encourage non-members to join.

Vice President’s Report - Dr. Luciano Ghisalberti
Dr. Luciano Ghisalberti reported that this was his first attendance at the State Board of Dentistry public meeting on June 5th.
President-Elect’s Report - Dr. Mitch Weiner
Dr. Mitch Weiner reported that NJDA has renewed Art Meisel’s contract through the end of 2021.

Treasurer’s Report - Dr. Peter DeSciscio
Dr. Peter DeSciscio reported that we have $111,364 in the relief fund, $63,684 in PAC, and in PR around $9,000. The cash fund and money market are up to $2,551,528 and we have
$1,586,760 in available funds. $250,000 is a secured CD held as collateral for a line of credit and $167,794 has been paid towards the renovation. We are in the process of having the audit done. Randi Shook will compile the second quarter numbers and the auditors will probably be at the August 14th Board meeting.

Development - Ms. Maureen Barlow
Ms. Maureen Barlow reported that we are revisiting our relationship with TD Bank. We are looking at TD Bank as a possible credit card solution. We continue to see less royalties from our endorsement with Bank of America. To date, BofA has not replaced the New York representative that was responsible for a large portion of royalty dollars. Although we are engaging in conversations with other banks, we are limited in offering any program due to our exclusive contract with Bank of America.

Our new relationship with Best Card is quite successful. Best Card is endorsed by 30 other state associations. They tell us that our relationship has experienced the fastest growth of any other state endorsement.

The Committee on Non-Dues Revenue will be responsible for the oversite of how we utilize the renovated headquarters facility for potential non-dues revenue.

A question was asked regarding the status of the billboard contract. Art Meisel responded that engineers were to come out and submit its plans to the municipal boards. To date we have not received an update.

The renovation project is moving along. The Capital Campaign Committee started reaching out to the officers and the Board members and are happy to report we have received commitments for $160,000. We have received 100% commitments from officers and trustees. Today, at 4:30
pm, we will be giving a tour to some of our Past Presidents, showing the renovation progress and plans. The 150th celebration dates are being lined up and will be brought back to the components.

Communication with components is key. Middlesex proposed that a separate email be sent to component general membership once a year. It also suggested that each component has a section on the web where it can announce whatever it wants 52 weeks a year. Dr. Anush Shah asked when the component emails would begin. It is difficult to communicate with components, logistics being the problem, so it has to be dealt with on a case to case basis. Ms. Barlow urged the components to be aware in that components should support the EBAs that support NJDA. Communication means we are all in it together. Contact people, call the Trustees. In securing sponsors be careful so that we do not hinder our small successes.

Dr. DeSciscio suggested that the component Champion for Action be the contact for communication. Dr. Vora suggested that each component come up with a name for the communication contact.

Dr. Mitch Weiner suggested that an allocation for funds for the I.D. Team be added to the NJDA Budget. He suggested that we conduct annual training for forensic dentistry and set aside funds for a new training event and to get it to the Committee on Finance and Investments in a designated amount. He felt it would be great press for NJDA.

The NJDA Directory should be out next week.

The Board congratulated Dr. Tom Rossi on his first meeting and welcomed Dr. George Athanasios as Trustee for Essex. Congratulations was sent to Samantha Bove Heffernan on her nuptials.

For Sale

Long established general dental practice in the Southern end of Middlesex County. It is located on a busy corner with a traffic light. The office has 2 operatories, Dentrix software / new computers and Visix x-ray system. This beautifully landscaped commercial property includes an occupied rental apartment above the office, a new roof with solar panels and a fenced in yard with an underground sprinkler system. There is an attached oversized one car garage as well as 5 outdoor patient parking spots.
The dental practice and associated real estate must be purchased together.
All inquiries should be directed to:
Ellen Newman (H) 828-435-0227 (C) 415-328-2049 (please try the home number first) and/or email:

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