May 2019 Newsletter


Member Appreciation Night
Mingle with your fellow MCDS members
Pines Manor (Edison, NJ)
Tuesday 5/21/19

Open Bar with Beer/Wine
Appetizers, then a Buffet Dinner:
Penne a la vodka
Shrimp alla Pines
Fried Calamari
Apricot and Sesame Glazed Chicken
Eggplant Rollatini

Gratis for MCDS Members (open to MCDS Members only)!
Just show up like you usually do for the General Meeting!

President's Message - Dr. Genevieve Fernandes

MCDS President

My dear friends, this has been a remarkable year. We have had an extraordinary turnout at our general meetings at Pines Manor and at our study club meetings. This has been a special year for me because not only did I have the privilege to serve you as your President but also because my oldest child started her first year of dental school while my youngest son will be off to college soon. Now for those of you wondering what’s my middle child doing-well what can I say? He is suffering from the middle child syndrome! Jokes aside, he is working hard in his sophomore year in college pursuing a major in Applied Economics and Management.
Now, over the past few months as I watched the social interactions between one dentist to another dentist, dentist to a sponsor, and sponsor to sponsor among others, I realized what we have is so special at Middlesex County Dental Society. All this wouldn’t have been possible without the incessant efforts of our board members. I thank you all for not only your support during my Presidency but for also giving me the courage to speak up and challenge at times the extraordinary circumstances that arise. We’ve all worked hard to build our organization, and my goal has always been member retention by providing to them valuable experiences within our dental society. I want to thank those leaders who stayed focused on issues at hand, and who worked hard to resolve differences to make sure that Middlesex County Dental Society stays on track.
Now, for the rest of our members who have renewed their membership year after year, and have supported me with their emails of gratitude, I want to thank you for your commitment to the growth of our dental society. So, during this special holiday season and always I’m thankful to God, all my fellow dentists, sponsors, my staff, the staff at Pines and my family for this wonderful year at Middlesex County Dental Society.
Our dental society is filled with members that at times are in a quandary about the present. We are a people in search of our future. The future at Middlesex County Dental Society looks bright. We are a heterogeneous group made up of dentists of diverse backgrounds. I believe that our members are instrumental in Dentistry’s future, and that their authority is to be extended, not restricted. By providing our members with opportunities to participate in the dental society’s board their voices will be heard. Our dental society has an obligation to remove any obstacle that could block individual achievement - obstacles emanating from race, sex, economic condition. I invite you again to join me as I take New Jersey to a higher level within our nation.
My best wishes to you this Easter and Passover. I will look forward to you joining me and the rest of our board as we celebrate your Membership during our Membership Appreciation Event at Pines Manor. I am confident that in the upcoming year under the leadership of Dr. Sunny Satwah we will continue to build upon the value that Middlesex County Dental Society offers to its members. Thank you for giving me the honor and privilege to serve you as your President.

MCDS Board of Trustees Report

April 9, 2019

Attendance: Drs. AniI Ardeshna, Genevieve Fernandes, Richard Kahn, Nima Mir- Madjlessi, Maya Prabhu, Ira Rosen, Sanjeev Satwah, Mark Schambra, Robert Silverstein, Steven Susskind, Antoinette Tauk.
Acceptance of 11/13/2018 Minutes - Vote unanimous.
President’s Report - Dr. Genevieve Fernandes.
We have had a great year so far. I would like to reiterate that per NJDA, the Middlesex County Dental Society’s President is officially the waiver designee for Middlesex. Also upon clarification with Mr. Art Meisel, the Board understands that it is the waiver designee’s decision to approve or deny a member’s fee waiver request. We appreciate the timely renewal of membership dues from all our members. Our membership numbers have increased since last year at this time. We are confident that Middlesex County Dental Society will continue to provide value to its members, and we are thankful for the dedication and commitment of all.
Treasurer’s Report - See Full Report below.
Educational Coordinator’s Report - Dr. Sanjeev Satwah
On 4/16/19, Dr. Jason Goodchild will be presenting his lecture titled “Local Anesthesia--Mythbusters Edition!”
NJDA Council Reports:
Governmental Affairs - Dr. Amit Vora
See Full Report below.
Membership - Dr. Nima Mirmadjlessi
This is the summary of the last membership council which was held as a conference call on March 11, 2019:
Compared to this time last year we are up a total of 26 paid members. NJDA staff will send components their membership numbers to date.
2019 Dues: The Council was provided with the February dues bill insert as well as the email sent to 1st year members paying $0 dues. The Council was also provided with their components list of non-renews that are identified by the ADA to be at a higher risk to not renew. Their variables in identifying these members include: practice size, years in practice, specialty and email in member record. The Council was asked to work together with their New Dentist Committee representative (if they have one) who have also received the list.
Accuracy of Data update: The membership department is continuing to clean-up the email data on a monthly basis. The membership department has also completed the clean-up of the 500 non-member new dentists eligible for the ADA’s SPI program (50% off membership).
Here are the final stats: #, %
Updated Record 187, 37.18%
Record is Good 163, 32.41%
Moved out of State 83, 16.50%
Member 2019 6, 1.19%
Unable to Verify 64, 12.72%
Total 503, 100%
The ADA continues to run their monthly non-member national change of address program through the postal service. The Council will be sent a list of their non-members with the updated contact information who are eligible for a 50% discount off of their 2019 membership dues. NJDA staff will also provide
New Member Update: The Council was mailed a sample of the ADA new member kits. NJDA staff continues to move forward with the new member on boarding process. The Council agreed to reach out to a small number of non-members who have joined but not paid. NJDA staff will send these names out to the Council.
Committee Reports:
Corporate Sponsorship - Dr. Ira Rosen
I am pleased to announce that we will have four corporate sponsors at our upcoming April meeting next week. We will have our two gold sponsors with us – Zimmer Biomet and Provident Bank. In addition, we will also have our silver sponsor – Dentsply Sirona – as well as one of our bronze sponsors– Benco Dental Supply Company.
We will continue having four raffles at each of our general meetings for $25 VISA gift cards to entice all of you to meet our sponsors. All members are encouraged to visit the sponsors and see the products that they have to offer and how they can help us and our dental practices.
MCDS Study club/Mentor report - Dr. Nima Mirmadjlessi .
On March 27, 2019 Dr. Ira Rosen presented “THE NUTS & BOLTS OF TREATMENT PLANNING FOR THE COMPLEX DENTAL PATIENT”. This was a well attended course by 15 members and residents.
I would like to thank Dr. Chu for presenting one of his cases and participating in the presentation. Also, I would like to thank Dr. Amit Vora for making arrangements at JFK Hospital for our Study Club. I would like to encourage our members who have not been able to attend any of our regular events, to attend these meetings.
The presentation by Dr. Hugh Habas has been rescheduled for fall 2019. The last Study Club session for this season will be held on May 22 by Dr. Joan Monaco, Director of Dental Benefits at NJDA, titled Dental Insurance Overview :2018-19. It will be held at JFK Medical Center, MRI Conference Room, 65 James St., Edison NJ.
I would like to remind everyone that this Study Club is a Membership Benefit.
Respectfully submitted,
Anil Ardeshna, Secretary

Treasurer's Report

Dr. Mario Fiorentini

As of March 31, 2019

2/28/19 3/31/19 3/31/18
Checking (Provident)
$72,436.98 $60,590.35 $109,866.21
Savings (Provident)
$20,060.75 $20,062.45 $20,042.41
$14,377.27 $14,377.27 $14,377.27
$106,875.00 $95,030.07 $144,285.89
2/28/19 through 3/31/19
P & L Statement Checking Account
Executive Secretary   $666.00
Supplies   $153.25
Dinner Meetings   $9,528.87
Telephone   $59.58
Speaker   $1,000.00
PO Box $103.00
Fax   $79.50
Study Club Dinner   $96.42
Exec. Comm Dinner   $160.01
TOTAL EXPENSES   $11,846.63
SUB TOTAL $(11,846.63)
P & L Statement Savings
TOTAL $1.70
OVERALL TOTAL $(11,844.93)



Preview of the MCDS General Meeting Schedule for 2019-2020

Arranged by Dr. Antoinette Marie Tauk, incoming Education Coordinator

9/17/2019: Dr. Michelle Weddle “The Dentist’s Role in Recognizing Adult Airway and Sleep Related Breathing Disorders.”

10/15/19: Dr. Gordon Christensen “Predictable, Non-Sensitive, Long-Lasting, Profitable Composites.”

11/19/19: Dr. Chad Gehani “Management of Periapical Pathosis.”

1/21/20: Officer’s Night.

2/18/20: Dr. Dean Vafiadis “Digital Technologies: Aesthetics and Occlusion.”

3/17/20: Dr. Maxine Feinberg “Dentistry: The Road Ahead with a Look in the Rear View Mirror.” (Sy Symansky Memorial Lecture).

4/21/20: Dr. Shahid Aziz “Virtual Surgical Planning in Orthognathic and Reconstructive Surgery and Invisalign Orthognathic Surgery.”

General Membership Meeting Business

The 2019-20 slate of officers was elected and inducted by Dr. Daniel Krantz. Our new officers are: President: Dr. Sanjeev Satwah, President-Elect: Dr. Antoinette Tauk, Vice President: Dr. Mario Fiorentini, Treasurer: Dr. Chris Fiorentini, Secretary: Dr. Anil Ardeshna


Bob Silverstein was approved as our MCDS representative to the NJDA Judicial Council.

Governmental and Public Affairs

March 27, 2019
State Dental Director – Update
A dental director candidate has been identified by the Department. The Governor’s office has not yet made a decision to approve the candidate.
ADA Lobby Day / AAOMS Day On the Hill –
Elisa gave general information on these two Hill events and the NJ delegations who are attending.
NJDA Legislative Updates
Networking Leasing Legislation
This is caught up in legislative process. Jim Schultz is optimistic that the legislation will be heard in May or June before budget recess.
Dental Assistant to State Board –
Jim Schulz explained the politics and policy implications of this legislation and the steps he’s taken to mitigate its ultimate advancement.
Phases out the use of Latex Gloves in NJ -
Elisa explained the policy intent of the bill. Jim explained the political landscape of this legislation and that he has met with Senator Ruiz who has requested amendments from the dental association to address our concerns.
“Dark Money” Transparency Bill –
Jim explained the history of this legislation and the political realities associated with the bill. He explained that the Assembly had amended this bill to include 501(c)(6) corporations like NJDA. This would have had a significant financial and compliance impact on the association. NJDA organized with 53 other organizations to have this removed. We were successful in this lobbying effort.
NJ DLN Budget Appeal –
NJDA is once again asking for a budget request of $150,000-$170,000 for administrative support services to increase the number of patients served.
NJDA Regulatory Update
NJDOBI – AMT Issue - Ending one-life employer groups –
Jim explained the politics surrounding this topic and its continuing evolution. This rule if enacted would have a negative impact on a number of member dentists and their families.
a. Betel Nut Public Awareness Campaign
b. Residency Program @ NJDA Annual Session
c. Dentistry and Hospitals
d. DOH – Opioid Programming (CE)
Elisa outlined the issues above and how we are working cooperatively with the department on a number of topics including a joint project with the NJDA Opioid Task Force and the Department’s Opioid Programming.
NJOMS Resident Medical Licensure – ACGME Accreditation
Jim has met with MSNJ and is working to get BME to be accommodating to oral surgeons residency requirements.
NJDA Legal Issues
General Legal Update – Arthur Meisel
Art provided a general legal update
New Business
Recreational Pot Policy –
Jim outlined what he been articulating to policymakers in Trenton and throughout NJ. That is: NJDA is opposed to smoking anything due to the negative oral health impacts – pot included. NJDA is also opposed to chewing tobacco and snuff. With regard to THC and/or CBD, the NJDA has no position if swallowed or topically applied. The NJDA recognizes that there are therapeutic benefits to some patients but it has little practical application in dentistry or oral health. Therefore, the NJDA is neutral on recreational pot so long as it is not smoked or vapped.

Mark Vitale – put forward a proposal to amend the NJDA bylaws to have the NJDPAC Chair, or a designee of the NJDPAC Board serve as an ex-officio, voting member of the Council on Governmental and Public Affairs. Elisa made the motion, Vinnie seconded it and it was unanimously approved.

Adjournment – Next meeting – June – Location Trenton – TBD June 19th is the next meeting.

Highlights from the April 2019 Meeting


Pictures from the Meeting

MCDS President Dr. Genevieve Fernandes with new member Dr. Howard Chi


Pictures from the Meeting

MCDS President Dr. Genevieve Fernandes with new member Dr. Dhaval Vithlani


Pictures from the Meeting

Incoming President Dr. Sunny Satwah presents outgoing President Dr. Genevieve Fernandes with a plaque thanking her for her year of service as our President.

Pictures from the Meeting

Dr. Daniel Krantz (R.) inducts our new officers for 2019-2020:
From Left to Right:
Dr. Anil Ardeshna, Secretary; Dr. Antoinette Tauk, President-Elect;
Dr. Christopher Fiorentini, Treasurer; Dr. Sanjeev Satwah, President


Pictures from the Meeting

New MCDS President Dr. Sunny Satwah with April Featured Speaker Dr. Jason Goodchild.

For Sale

Long established general dental practice in the Southern end of Middlesex County. It is located on a busy corner with a traffic light. The office has 2 operatories, Dentrix software / new computers and Visix x-ray system. This beautifully landscaped commercial property includes an occupied rental apartment above the office, a new roof with solar panels and a fenced in yard with an underground sprinkler system. There is an attached oversized one car garage as well as 5 outdoor patient parking spots.
The dental practice and associated real estate must be purchased together.
All inquiries should be directed to:
Ellen Newman (H) 828-435-0227 (C) 415-328-2049 (please try the home number first) and/or email:

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