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President's Message

All Things Must Pass.....

Although you will be reading this message in 2002, I am writing it as 2001 comes to a close. I hope that everyone enjoyed the holidays and I wish you all a Happy Healthy New Year.
As I reflect on 2001, one cannot help to think of how the September 11th tragedy has changed us all and the way we view the world. We have all altered the way we do things, be it good, bad, or indifferent. Another recent event was the passing of George Harrison, the second Beatle to be taken from us. For the large majority of us, the Beatles have been a staple of American life. We all grew up with them one way or another and they have probably influenced our lives in some way. I for one was influenced by them which started my interest in music. This year has changed the world as much as when the Beatles landed in America,ironically, the same city as the site of the World Trade Center bombing. It is cliche' to want to find the good in a tragedy; but maybe in light of this past years events, we all have grown closer, and have become more sympathic. Maybe we should reflect more on our own humanity and our purpose here on earth. In a volunteer organization such as ours, it is incumbent upon each one of us to lend a helping hand when necessary. We will only be remembered for our deeds and actions not by the material things we surround ourselves with.


Peter L. DeSciscio, D.M.D.

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MCDS Board of Trustees Report

-November 13, 2001-

Attendance: Brunsden, DeSciscio, Flynn, Glickman, Huberman, Kahn, Katz, Kline, Krantz, Lawson, Leizer, Perlmutter, Prabhu, Pollatos, Schambra, Silverstein, Tauk, Weiner
Acceptance of Minutes-10/09/01-vote unanimous.
President’s Report-P. DeSciscio
• Dr. DeSciscio introduced new board member Dr. James Flynn.
• Dr. DeSciscio introduced a new program that UMDNJ-NJ Dental School would like to institute in conjunction with Middlesex County Dental Society. This program would allow for Rutgers’ College Pre-Dental Society members to visit our offices here in Middlesex County to observe.
• We received an application from the ADA for the Golden Apple Award in the category of New Dentist. The New Dentist committee will propose nominees and submit applications.
• The Semi-Annual Meeting of the NJDA House of Delegates is tomorrow, November 14th at 10:00AM at the Pines Manor. It is imperative that all board members be in attendance.
Treasurer’s Report-R. Kline
The budget for 2002 was presented to the Executive Board and approved for distribution and comment by the general membership. Final vote by the general membership will take place in January at the NJDA Officer’s Night meeting at the Pines Manor.
ADA Delegate Report-J. Leizer
This report was presented to the Board by Dr. Joel Leizer. The full report appeared in the last issue of the newsletter.
NJDA Council Reports:
Annual Session-A. Ziemba
Plan ahead and save the date:
• Annual Session will be held June 12-14 in Atlantic City at the Taj Mahal.
• Free wine and cheese reception will be held in the exhibit hall on Wednesday, June 12th at 5:00PM
• The Greaseband will perform at the President’s Dinner Dance on Thursday, June 13th.
• Course and hotel discount packages will be available.
Dental Education-P. DeSciscio
• NJDA and the NJ Dental Assistants Association will cooperate with each other to recruit more people into dental assisting.
• The Council has also developed a committee to act upon a request by the NJDA Board of Trustees to examine the dental hygienist shortage in New Jersey.
• The Council will implement a statewide study club out of North Brunswick targeted to younger dentists who cannot attend study clubs during traditional meeting times.
• The Council determined that it would again publish the C.E. course record folder for members to maintain their C.E. verification forms.
• The Council will again sponsor member benefit C.E. courses next year.
Membership-A. Pollatos
• The NJDA sent out a mailing to current members asking them to please sign up to serve as colleagues for new MCDS members in the Colleague Program.
• Meredith La Vecchia, NJDA’s Director of Membership and Communications, will be leaving the Association early to mid-December.
MCDS Committee Reports:
Mentor-E. Glickman
The Mentor Committee hosted three seminars in October and November:
1. Dental Digital Imaging - Part 2: October 18th 2001 by Dr. Martin Jablow
This two-hour program followed his last seminar, Digital Imaging Pt 1. This program demonstrated how to use computer-imaging software to organize our dental pictures taken with a digital camera, 35 mm regular camera or our intra-oral camera. I would like to thank our fellow MCDS member, Dr. Martin Jablow for his excellent presentations on the types of software needed to organize and use our dental pictures effectively. His lively and easy to understand format made the technology appear simple to use. We left with the information needed to use this software in our office immediately. Two CEU credits were awarded to the 50 people who attended.
2. Oral Manifestations of Systemic Disease -October 25, 2001 by Dr Arnold Rosenheck Assistant Dean; UMDNJ and OralCDx – Computer Assisted Oral Brush Biopsy Analysis by Mark Rutenberg, MSEE ,President /CEO of OralScan Laboratories, Inc. OralCDx is a simple to use yet extremely effective diagnostic tool for the early detection of oral cancer that each of us can easily incorporate into our practice for those innocuous “wait-and-observe“ lesions. This course provided important information on clinical use, as well as information on billing and reimbursement for OralCDx. OralScan Labs Inc. donated $500 to MCDS to help sponsor this program and sent FREE OF CHARGE - CDx Brush Biopsy kits (normal price to purchase would be $29.95) to the 35 Dentists who attended the seminar and would like to use this procedure in their office. This Biopsy kit also included a simple ”How to Use“ Video and all the patient literature to get started immediately.
3. Scaling & Root Planing-November 8, 2001 by Dr. Richard Kahn.This program explained how scaling & root planning in the proper light of total patient care is the cornerstone of successful periodontal therapy. I would like to thank our fellow MCDS member, Dr. Richard Kahn for his excellent presentation. He spoke directly to the issues regarding scaling and root planning. His program was well presented and he spoke with a true passion for this topic. Two CEU credits were awarded to the 47 people who attended.
All three seminars were available to our members free of charge, as a
member benefit of MCDS.
I would like to thank our fellow MCDS member, Dr. Arnold Rosenheck and Mr. Rutenberg, owner of OralScan Labs. for their excellent presentations on this very important subject. The information was well presented and we left with the knowledge and ability to perform these Brush-Biopsy procedures in our office.
Three CEU credits were awarded to the 56 people who attended.
We also offered these seminars as a “one time courtesy promotion” to the non-member Dentists of Middlesex County. We wanted these non-member Dentists see first hand the type of programs and benefits that we extend to the members of MCDS. Hopefully they will realize the value and see that becoming a member of MCDS has many rewards.
We were very pleased that 4 non-member Dentists attended the seminar on Oral Manifestations of Systemic Disease & OralCDx – Computer Assisted Oral Brush Biopsy Analysis and 6 non-member Dentists attended the seminar on Scaling & Root Planing.
Respectfully submitted
Mitch Weiner, DMD, Secretary

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Treasurer's Report

November 7, 2001

Dr. Ross Kline


(10/15/01) (11/7/01)
CHECKING 15,262.80 11,752.49
Money Market 51,127.57 51,270.03
TOTAL 66,390.37 63,022.52

(10/15/01 - 11/7/01)
Dues 192.00
Interest 15.86
Dinner Meetings 2,706.25
Executive Secretary 658.00
Memorial/Gift 26.50
Office Supplies 205.32
Postage 40.00
Telephone 81.57
OVERALL TOTAL (3,509.78)

(10/15/01 - 11/7/01)
Interest 142.46
No Activity 0.00

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NJDA Board of Trustees Report

Components societies are not allowed to separately post minutes of the State Board of Trustees Report. You can find the reports at http://www.njda.org/member/board_minutes/index.html.

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Membership News

The following three MCDS members have achieved life membership this year. They have shown a steadfast dedication to their profession and organized dentistry over their careers. They will be formally inducted as life members at this month’s dinner meeting. Each new life member was asked to submit biographical information that is included below, recognizing that such limitted space cannot do justice to all of their professional and personal achievements.

Dr. Raymond Bastkowski

-Received his A.B. in Biological Science from Rutgers University in 1958.
-Received his DDS degree from University of Pennsylvania in 1962.
-Served in the Army Dental Corps from July 1962 to September 1964.
-Established and still maintaining a general dental practice in East Brunswick (1962-present).
-ADA/NJDA/MCDS member for past 40 years.
-Hobbies and Interests include: working with youth in Pop Warner Football and East Brunswick Baseball Managers Association., gardening, music, reading and travel.
-Raised 4 sons with his wife of 43 years.

Dr. Norman Nepo

-Received his dental degree from Temple University in 1963.
-Completed an Internship in Staten Island for the U.S. Public Health Service (1963-1964).
-Served in the Coast Guard on Active Duty out of Staten Island (1964-1966).
-Established and still maintaining a general dental practice in Woodbridge (1966-present).
-Memberships include ADA/NJDA/MCDS and AGD.
-Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity Member and Past President of the Fraternities Raritan Valley Chapter.
-Completed a mini-residency in Intravenous Sedation at Seton Hall University Dental School in 1983.

Dr. Edwin Galkin

-Received his D.M.D. degree from Tufts School of Dental Medicine in 1961.
-Served as a Captain in the U.S. Army Dental Services (1961-1963).
-Received his graduate training in Periodontics at NYU Dental School (1963-1965).
-Maintains a private practice partnership in Periodontics in Woodbridge.
-Former Clinical Assistant Professor at UMDNJ/NJDS.
-Attending Dentist at JFK Hospital.
-Membership in ADA/NJDA/MCDS.
-Membership in American Academy of Periodontology, the Northeastern Society of Periodontists, and the New Jersey Society of Periodontists.
-Former President of N.J. Society of Periodontists.
-Member of Circumnavigators Club and flew a single engine plane “around the world”.
Hobbies and Interests include flying and skiing.

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MCDS Nominates Dr. Ethan Glickman for
Prestigious “Golden Apple Award”
MCDS has submitted an application and references nominating our own Dr. Ethan Glickman for The Outstanding Leadership in Mentoring Award as part of the ADA’s Golden Apple Awards Program. This is a national award recognizing an individual ADA member dentist.
It is the MCDS Executive Board’s belief that Ethan’s dedication to MCDS and his hard work in developing, nurturing and maintaining what has now become a flourishing MCDS Mentor Program should be recognized by the ADA.
It is a tribute to what Ethan has accomplished that the NJDA has been trying to duplicate his Mentor course formula of easy access, low or no cost CE on the state level this year. His MCDS Mentor program has been a tangible member benefit, helping MCDS not only with retention of existing members, but also the attraction of new or non-members to join our organization. MCDS wishes Ethan luck with his nomination and recognizes his great achievements on our behalf.

Needy dentists and their families getting help
Nearly half the money collected through the ADA American Tragedy Fund has been disbursed to nine dentists and their families affected by the events of September 11, ADA executive director Dr. James B. Bramson disclosed November 9.
Dr. Bramson said initial grants, based on recommendations from the New York State Dental Association (NYSDA), amounted to $135,000, about half the $275,000 contained in the Tragedy Fund, a temporary fund established as the ADA's quick response to the terrorist attacks.
He said the funds were disbursed in amounts ranging from $5,000 to $30,000, depending on the loss sustained, and that additional grants could be expected soon. For this first round of disbursements, checks went out by overnight express November 9.
Shortly after the fund was established, NYSDA officials and representatives of the local dental society formed a committee to evaluate need and to make recommendations to the ADA. New York dentists reportedly have raised about $230,000 on their own for the relief effort.
ADA and New York dental officials agreed that monies from the ADA fund would be disbursed first, before tapping into funds collected locally.
On a related matter, Dr. Albert Guay, the ADA's chief policy officer, noted that one of the Association's existing funds, the ADA Emergency Fund Inc., has so far approved 21 grants of $2,500 each to help cover the immediate needs of dentists and families affected by the September I I attacks. Source: www.ADA.org, Today's News, November 13,2001

Upcoming Mentor Courses

The Mentor Programs for Spring 2002 that are being developed are:
• Two - Annual OSHA Seminars - May 2002 and June 2002
• Linda Lakin - Practice Management
• Productive Practice Inc. - Using the art of Feng Shui to enhance our Dental Practices
• CPR and First Aid courses
More information about the seminars will be in the future MCDS Newsletters.

Children’s Dental Health Month
“Smile for America”

NJDA at the Circus
Continental Airlines Arena
Sunday, March 10, 2002
10:00 am Floor Show 11:00 am Circus
Contact Dora Cheek at 732-821-9400

Nurses Education Night
NJDA Headquarters, Route 1
Tuesday, March 19, 2002, 7:00 pm

County-wide School Poster Contest
East Brunswick High School
Tuesday, May 14, 2002, 7:00 pm

If you wish to participate in the
Children’s Dental Health Program,
CAVAN BRUNSDEN, DMD at 732-679-2323

Mark Millstein no longer at NJDA
Mark Millstein, Director of Dental Health and Education and a 26 year veteran of NJDA, was relieved of his duties on Monday, November 12, 2001. At press time, details of Mr. Millstein’s departure were unclear. No official statement has been released from NJDA to component editors and the official summary of the NJDA Board of Trustees meeting on Wednesday, November 14 contains no mention of the termination. The decision to give Mr. Millstein notice appears to have come from NJDA Administration and top Officers as the State Board of Trustees members from each component were not consulted in advance.
It is without question that Mr. Millstein had established tremendous goodwill with the membership throughout the state in his 26 years of service. His approachability and willingness to go out of his way of behalf of individual members will be missed. Should the NJDA administration present a statement to the membership that clarifies the ambiguity of Mr. Millstein’s termination, it will be printed in the next issue of this newsletter. We wish Mr. Millstein the best of luck in his future pursuits.


MCDS Congratulates Dr. Richard Kosofsky on his appointment to the Faculty of NYU College of Dentistry. Dr. Kosofsky has been appointed as Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of General Dentistry and Management Science in the Division of Reconstructive and Comprehensive Care as of September 2001.

NJDA Noteworthy News
-The auxiliary duties regulation is still within committee at the State Board and final regulations have not been approved as of newsletter press time.
-The State Board reported that hygienists require duplicate licenses posted in offices in which they work on a regularly scheduled basis. Duplicate licenses must be obtained from the State Board for a nominal fee.
-The Council on Education will administer a statewide study club pilot program which will begin mid to late winter. Four courses will be held at the Association Headquarters- two on Saturdays and two on Sundays. A twenty dollar donation to Special Olympics New Jersey will be collected from each attendee in lieu of a registration fee.
-The State Board has advised that it will not consider offering the Dental Assistants test in Spanish as had been requested by the Hudson component.
-NJDA will contact the ADA to determine what efforts are being made to disseminate information to membership regarding bio-terrorism and the role dentists will play in protecting the public health.
-NJDA will report to the New York Medical Examiner’s Office and in the Capsule that New Jersey dentists may release ORIGINAL records to the Medical Examiner while maintaining a copy.
-Director of Governmental Affairs, Tim Clarke, reported on the recent election and in particular on the four member dentists who have been elected to the New Jersey State Legislature.
-Executive Director Arthur Meisel reported that the NJDA is kicking off a Membership Recruitment Campaign. This will be an extensive coordinated effort with administrative oversight and tracking. ADA membership lists, specialty society and study club membership lists will all be utilized to determine who non-members are and NJDA members will be called upon to contact non-members in those groups that they know. Lists of non-member dentists will be disseminated to all individuals making calls along with information regarding the benefits of membership.

Diane Davis no longer at NJDA
Diane Davis, Director of Information Services at NJDA, has stepped down from her position. Ms. Davis was an important asset for NJDA and was most recently overseeing the upgrading of NJDA’s computer systems. Diane was also an important contact person in assisting with the production of our newsletter. MCDS wishes Ms. Davis luck in her future pursuits.


MCDS is currently running an
advertisement in every Sunday Home News for our JOB BANK.
If you are a dentist/owner looking to fill a vacant position in your office or a dentist looking for an associateship, call:
MCDS at 732-238-1255
or click here to download a Job Bank request form.