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MCDS Reduces Dues by $13

President's Message

It’s Time to Take the Next Step
I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all back to a new year with the Middlesex County Dental Society. I hope you had a great summer and trust that it was most enjoyable for all. We are at the post Labor Day time which is marked by back to school and back to the meetings which are so much a part of organized dentistry.
Middlesex County has been doing its part to serve as a role model throughout the state. With our membership recruitment program, mentor program, publishing of our Newsletter, children's dental health month, and positioning ourselves to be financially sound, its time to take the next step. That next step is to embrace new members to become part of our board. This has already started to take place starting with the very successful Staff Night that allowed for time where members could speak and exchange ideas and goals in a relaxed setting.
Many of you have come forward and have agreed to serve on the board in some capacity even if you just attend and see how the board operates. I would like to thank all you new members on our Board for your interest and I speak for the entire Board when I say we welcome the opportunity to work with you.
I would also like to welcome all the new residents at both our hospitals and encourage you also to attend Board meetings to get to know your colleagues and become familiar with the workings of the Board.
We are enjoying a very good relationship within our state with the State Board of Dentistry and the UMDNJ-NJ Dental School. This is primarily due to the leadership of NJDA, its components and the leadership at the University and the Dental School. This has led to a more complimentary relationship with the State Board which has become a win-win situation for all parties involved.
Please take advantage of the many opportunities organized dentistry has afforded you, as well as the exciting program that has been assembled for this years general meetings.
Our September meeting will continue our newest tradition here at Middlesex County, that being our "Welcome Back Extended Reception" format allowing us all some extra time to catch up. We will then have dinner and our scientific program.
I am looking forward to working with the other officers and our executive board for another productive year in Middlesex County.
See you in September.
Peter L. DeSciscio, D.M.D.
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MCDS Board of Trustees Report

-May 8, 2001-

Attendance: Bloom, Brunsden, DeSciscio, Glickman, Huberman, Kahn, Kline, Krantz, Prabhu, Rosen, Schambra, Silverstein, Villa, Weiner
Acceptance of Minutes-4/10/01-vote unanimous.
President’s Report-C. Bloom
The segment in May newsletter on “New Arrivals,” i.e., congratulations to expecting parents was discussed. It was recommended that we not make such announcements; rather, we should wait until babies are born to extend our best wishes.
We received a thank you note from Dr. Hank Finger for our $2000 contribution to his ADA Presidency campaign.
Informed NJDA that Dr. Celi Ziemba will serve us as our representative to the council for 2001-2002.
We received the annual report from NFDH (Donated Dental Services). Twenty-seven states participate in this program and New Jersey ranked first in number of participating dentists, participating labs, production of donated services and number of patients enrolled. We should be extremely proud of this, as several other states with much greater population than New Jersey participate in this program.
Website Editor’s Report-R. Silverstein
The following are the statistics for our site traffic during the month of April: There were 35 hits to our home page, with 10 accesses to the members only home page and 3 accesses to the non-members page. There were 2 downloads of the Job Bank form, and 1 of the membership survey. The site is still experiencing only minimal usage by our members.
Program-R. Kline
The Sy Symanski Memorial Lecture with featured speaker, Dr. Edwin Rosenberg, was held on April 17, 2001 at the MCDS General Meeting at the Pines Manor. The information was extremely comprehensive and on the cutting edge of Periodontics, Prosthetics and Implants.
Staff Night, which was held on May 15, 2001 at the Pines Manor, was a resounding success. The entertainment consisted of Black Jack, Craps, Roulette, and Poker. Instead of a sit-down dinner, this year we tried buffet style, and the feedback from everyone was outstanding. The Chinese Auction consisted of a $50 gift certificate to Victoria’s Secret, a $50 gift certificate to the movies, a $100 gift certificate to the Menlo Park Mall, and a $100 gift certificate to the Restaurant of your choice. Approximately 250 Doctors/Staff were in attendance.
NJDA Council Reports:
NJDA Trustee Report-D. Krantz
Updated detailed report will be given in October newsletter
ADPAC Report-P. DeSciscio
An effort will be made to have the categories for PAC and ADPAC donations for Diamond Club and other levels be added to NJDA dues notices.
A $500 category and a $1,000 category will be established for PAC and ADPAC contributions.
The Annual Fund Raiser for New Jersey PAC was held on May 2nd at the Pegasus Restaurant at the Meadowlands Racetrack. Approximately 90 people attended, which is a good turn out. Present at the event were Paul DiGaetano and Joseph Doria.
There will be a fund-raising breakfast for Gerry Cardinale on Saturday morning at the MADE NJDA Annual Session.
MCDS Council Reports:
Children’s Dental Health Month-C. Brunsden
Certificates will be awarded to the winners of the Poster Contest at the East Brunswick High School on Thursday, April 24th.
Membership Council-N. Villa
The ADA’s end of the year report for 2000 has just been published and the NJDA has had a net gain of 29 members, 27 of whom are in the Active Member category. MCDS has had a net gain of 19 members, 15 of whom are Active Members.
Mentor-Ethan Glickman
“Annual OSHA Seminar.” We will present this course on Thursday evening’May 10, 2001, at St. Peters Medical Center. This program will satisfy the OSHA standard on Occupational Exposure to Blood Borne Pathogens, which is required annually for dentists and staff. Each office person trained will receive certification that they have been properly instructed for this OSHA regulation on Infection Control. Two CEU credits will be awarded for all those attending the seminar. The fee for this required OSHA seminar will be $15 per person and the instructor is Joyce Koenig, RNC, APIC.
****The Annual OSHA Seminar has become so popular that we had to close the course at 200 people and we have arranged to present an additional OSHA Seminar on Thursday, June 14th 2001, again at St. Peters Medical Center.
The Mentor Committee has arranged three seminars for Fall 2001. Course descriptions and a registration form are inserted in this newsletter.
Respectfully submitted
MitchWeiner, DMD, Secretary

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Treasurer's Report

August 15, 2001

Dr. Ross Kline

(6/30/01) (7/31/01) (8/15/01)
CHECKING 16,008.08 17,056.38 17,056.38
Savings 50,610.17 50,785.96 50,785.96
TOTAL 66,618.25 67,842.34 67,842.34

(7/1/01 – 8/15/01)
CORP SPON-newsletter 75.00
DUES 1,815.58

(7/1/01 – 8/15/01)

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NJDA Board of Trustees Report

Components societies are not allowed to separately post minutes of the State Board of Trustees Report. You can find the reports at

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Membership News

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In Memorium

Steven B. Reichel

Dr. Steven Reichel practiced dentistry in Metuchen for 5 years and prior to that for 20 years in Edison. Dr. Reichel was an Active Life Member of the Association.


For the last several years, we have carried on the tradition of having an extended cocktail hour with food during the September meeting. This allows our members to mingle and catch up on everyone’s summer activities. In addition, it gives us the opportunity to welcome our new members and allow them to interact with the general membership. If you have never attended a Middlesex County Dental Society dinner meeting, September is a wonderful opportunity to see your component society in action, and pick up some continuing education credit. Our Program Chairperson this year, Dr. Steve Lawson, has put together a terrific C.E. program with engaging and accomplished speakers. This is an opportunity you should not pass up.


Robert Wood Johnson University
Hospital Residents:

Agnieszka Bara - Rutgers University, BA Biological Sciences '97. UMDNJ '01, DMD
Alyssa Bernstein - Lehigh University, BA Neuroscience '95. UMDNJ '01, DMD
Michael Cicalese - Rutgers University, BA Biological Sciences '97. UMDNJ '01, DMD
Rachel Hoffmann - Rutgers University, BA Sociology '96. UMDNJ '01, DMD

JFK Medical Center Residents:

John Rassias - Rutgers University, BA Biological Sciences. UMDNJ '01, DMD
Peter Benisch - Northwestern University, BA Psychology,UMDNJ '01, DMD

Important NJDA Bylaws Change

Active Life Member: The dues of an active life member shall be due January 1 of each year, and shall be fifty percent (50%) of full active dues except, however, active life members who earn a gross income of ten thousand dollars ($10,000) or less as defined by Article I, Section 20. B.1. during any calendar year shall be exempt from payment of dues.

Congratulations in Order

MCDS Congratulates Dr. Peter DeSciscio on being named a NERB Examiner.

Mentor Committee
Upcoming Courses

Click here for information concerning registration for upcoming Mentor Committee sponsored courses. These are some of the BEST MEMBER BENEFITS that MCDS can offer, low or no cost CE right in our backyard.


General Practitioners are needed for Middlesex County Peer Review Council. If interested, you must be available to take a full day course in October for certification. Peer Review Council members play a vital role in mediating disagreements between patients and dentists in order to avoid formal (and costly) legal pursuits. Members who are interested in becoming members of the Peer Review Council should contact the MCDS Council Chair, Dr. John Fahsbender at 732-356-1313.


MCDS is currently running an
advertisement in every Sunday Home News for our JOB BANK.
If you are a dentist/owner looking to fill a vacant position in your office or a dentist looking for an associateship, call:
MCDS at 732-238-1255
or click here to download a Job Bank request form.

Staff Night Pictures, including installation of officers and prize winners

Annual Crossword Puzzle

1. Pro-pet organization (abrev.)
7. If it breaks down, your hygienist isn’t coming to work.
13. Pointy #11 or smart dog?
17. Poor man’s leaf blower.
18. What an AAA affiliated station may have done today?
19. What your staff may be watching during lunch in the staff lounge?
21. Trying to find a severely calcified canal?
24. ____ the World Turns.
26. You’ll find one in St. Louis or at McDonald’s.
27. Eskimo
29. They made our calculators in the 70’s and 80’s (abrev.)
31. He/she may work for a Congressman.
33. George W. Bush’s favorite country?
35. A poorly done amalgam restoration after a long night of drinking?
38. Computer key (Abrev.)
39. Lawyer Barry Scheck’s obsession.
40. Dr. Benton operates on this show.
41. Christopher Columbus (by birth) or MCDS President DeSciscio in his exam room?
49. What a French dentist may say to promote his practice?
50. Where you’ll find surgeons?
51. Button pushed in a bowling alley.
52. What you may say a periodontist who goes from a 5-day week to a 2-day week is doing?
56. Martini and Rossi’s ________ Spumanti.
57. _____ Na Na
58. Dental fraternity to a dyslexic.
59. School where you’ll find ‘Locust Walk’.
60. One of the Spice Girls.
62. MCDS Oral Surgeon Initials.
63. Popular VH1 show (abrev.)
65. A truck driver rides a big one.
66. A group of male endodontists singing 5-part harmony?
72. Tonight Show bandleader or Newlywed Game host last name.
73. Deadly virus.
75. Olympian Jesse.
78. Implant company (Abrev.)
79. Don’t cough around me if you have this.
80. Another nickname for a group of endodontists?

1. ________ Zeneca- makers of Prilosec.
2. Cable movie channel (abrev.)
3. Chess piece.
4. Dental materials term or Nixon organization from “All the President’s Men”.
5. What every dentist needs to look up drug interactions?
6. Aussie tennis player from yesteryear.
7. What they’d be without Stills and Young?
8. ___&____: “Biography” cable network.
9. Found in a Greek Play: the ________ hero.
10. Eminem’s “art” form.
11. Gives the go ahead.
12. Trenton to NYC NJ Transit Train (Abrev.) __.__. Corridor Line.
14. Vena _______.
15. Drug that might be used on an OD patient.
16. What an orthodontist might call an activated maxillary impacted canine that was recently surgically exposed, or Bill Gates?
19. Original ______.
20. Where the alphabet would stop if you didn’t have v,w,x,y, & z?
22. City in Ukrainian State.
23. Ill-fitting gold onlay or Sophia Coppola in the Godfather III?
25. NY Post Headline if Laurel (of Laurel and Hardy) had been assassinated.
28. ____ _________ of two evils.
30. Moron’s answer to the question, “Do you date Czechs?”
32. Nike AD, “Just ___ It.”
34. Tough ___ Nails.
35. Boston Lead Singer Initials or Las Vegas Institute Founder Initials.
36. Voracious elongate snakelike fish.
37. Choices for president in 1984, either ___. ___. ____ W.M.
42. Physicians Group.
43. Nickname for Madonna’s daughter or Manilow’s “Copacabana” girl.
44. Implant Company (Abrev.)
45. Egg ______.
46. How the word “SAX” may be written in a Jumble puzzle?
47. ________ the Rewards. (gather, harvest)
48. Zit cream component.
53. Michael Jordan’s sneakers.
54. Baseball Legend Ty.
55. Lower extremity of O.J. Simpson House Guest?
57. Actress Initials of The Bob Newhart Show.
61. History and Physical Abbreviation.
62. Organization the Mets, Yankees and Phillies are in.
64. Flick ____ _____.
67. US Commander in Chief during the Gulf War.
68. Billy Joel Album: ___ Innocent Man.
69. Initials of Animated TV Father (“Doh”)
70. Till the _______ with a hoe.
71. Dictator Pol ________
74. Long Island University (abrev.)
76. Lowly TV Network
77. “Senior’s” son. (Abrev.)