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MCDS Reduces Dues by $13

President's Message

Welcome to the March edition of MCDS newsletter. With only 2 more issues of our newsletter to come prior to a summer hiatus, I feel it is an opportune time to address the “state of our local dental society.” I will try to be as brief as possible and will discuss what I have designated as 3 of the most topical issues facing our component today.

Membership – In terms of numbers, MCDS is a very healthy organization. Currently, we have approximately 250 members and I think that every one would agree that, based on attendance at our monthly general membership meetings, we have a large, active core of members that are sincerely interested in having a voice in organized dentistry. Our membership is also diverse in terms of age, sex and ethnicity. Part of this is a function of where we live – lets face it, Middlesex (and Somerset) county is a very diverse place and, despite all of the jokes, a great place to live and have our practices. For these reasons alone our component would probably always be more or less self sustaining. However, our past presidents and council representatives have made membership recruitment and retention a top priority. Clearly, we cannot rest on our laurels and must realize that a strong voice from organized dentistry is critical to the future of our profession and the welfare of our patients. For these reasons, membership recruitment and retention will always be a primary focus of our society’s officers and trustees.

Treasury - Our finances are extremely healthy. Over the past several years our treasury has grown from less than $10,000 to over $60,000. This has been accomplished via increases in membership, corporate sponsorship and cost-cutting measures enacted by our board of trustees. Specifically, a few years ago we approved the purchase of the hardware/software/material to print our own monthly newsletter. This investment paid for itself quickly and currently saves us about a thousand dollars every month. It has also allowed us to harness some of our best creative talents and publish a product that is the envy of every other component in the state. Furthermore, our treasury has grown to the point where our trustees have felt confident enough to move our funds out of a traditional checking account and into a higher interest yielding money market account. This move should be viewed as a sincere effort by our trustees to investigate and act on any (responsible) fiscal measure that results in the growth of our treasury. As with membership recruitment and retention, our treasury must always remain a primary focus of our component if we desire to maintain a strong voice in organized dentistry.

Member benefits and services - Our society’s officers and trustees are constantly debating and re-evaluating what tangible value there is to being a member of the dental society. Yes, it means you are part of the voice of organized dentistry and NJDA endorses several programs that can potentially save us money or make our lives easier, but at the local level we have put tremendous effort into making membership a valuable asset. First and foremost the society has made available quality low cost or no cost continuing education in the form of full day courses and evening offerings at St. Peter’s Hospital. Not to be overlooked also are the speakers at our monthly general membership meetings, many of whom are nationally recognized. Also, at St. Peter’s Hospital library our society has amassed a large collection of instructional/CE videotapes. The library and these tapes are at our disposal, free of charge, anytime. Furthermore, our board of trustees is extremely sensitive to the high cost of NJDA/ADA membership. We are limited in what we can do to reduce those dues, however for the past 2 years running our leadership has allocated funds for each of our members to completely offset ADA dues increases. I believe this signals a sincere effort on the part of our trustees to recognize the sensitivity of the “dues issue” and that we try in every way we can to insulate our component from ADA mandated dues increases.

There are several other programs/issues that I feel are vital to our component, especially community service commitments like Donated Dental Services and Children’s Dental Health Month. However, I simply feel that to continue is beyond the scope of this message. Simply put, MCDS is a vibrant, healthy organization we can be proud of. Our membership has worked hard to get to this point and, if we remain faithful in our commitment to our organization and community, MCDS will continue to grow in size and prestige.

Charles Bloom, President

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MCDS Board of Trustees Report

-February 13, 2001-

Attendance: Bloom, Brunsden, Chustckie, Clemente, DeScisco, Fertig, Glickman, Kahn, Kline, Krantz, Rosen, Schambra, Silverstein, Weiner
Acceptance of Minutes-1/9/01-vote unanimous.
President’s Report-C. Bloom
We were asked by NJDA if we have a nominee for the Sy Symanski Lifetime Achievement Award. It was decided that Dr. Jerome Engel would be the nominee from our component.
The board discussed transferring money into a higher interest bearing account. It was decided that we should maintain our relationship with Magyar Savings and that most of our current account balance would be transferred into a higher interest money market account. We will also maintain a traditional checking account into which we will transfer funds as needed in order to pay our bills.
Program-R. Kline
The entertainment for Staff Night this year will be a Casino Night on May 15th, which will consist of Black Jack, Craps, Roulette, and Poker. This SUPER fun-filled evening of entertainment for both doctors and staff will take place at the Pines Manor. This event is provided for ALL members, regardless of whether they bring their staff or not. Based upon the large turnout of this event in the past, pre-registration is a must!! There is a discount for early registration!!!
(See advertisement in this and upcoming issues of our Newsletter)
NJDA Council Reports:
NJDA Trustee-D. Krantz
See full report on page 4.
ADPAC-P. DeSciscio
The fundraiser for ADPAC will be “A Night at the Races” to be held on Wednesday, May 2, 2001 at the Pegasus Restaurant, Meadowlands Raceway. We look forward to everyone’s support.
MCDS Committee Reports:
Mentor-E. Glickman
The Mentor Committee has arranged four seminars for the year 2001:
• On Thursday evening, February 8, 2001, we will be presenting “Transitional Implants and the Construction of Immediate Restorations.” The Dentatus USA Company is sponsoring the program. The speaker for this presentation will be Mr. Howard Cliff. This will be a hands-on program with ALL materials supplied by the Dentatus USA Company. Two CEU credits will be awarded for this course. This seminar will be made available to our members free of charge, as a member benefit of MCDS.
• On Thursday evening, March 29, 2001, we will be presenting “Off the Shelf Dental Digital Imaging.” The speaker for this program will be Dr. Martin Jablow. Both beginners and techies will learn the latest technology from hardware to web pages and computer imaging. This presentation will show you how to use these technologies with off the shelf products thus saving you thousands of dollars. Digital imaging helps the patient understand and accept treatment while helping the dentist treatment plan the case. You will be amazed to discover that you can do digital computer imaging for less than $100 using your family’s camcorder. Two CEU credits will be awarded for this course. This seminar will be made available to our members free of charge, as a member benefit of MCDS.
• On Thursday evening April 12, 2001, we will be presenting “Lasers in Dentistry.” Topics covered in this course will be Laser history, physics & mechanics, case presentations and clinical applications followed by Q. & A. The speaker for this seminar is Dr. William Fromkin of North Brunswick, NJ. Two CEU credits will be awarded for this presentation. This seminar will be made available to our members free of charge, as a member benefit of MCDS.
• Our fourth program will be our “Annual OSHA Seminar.” We will present this course on Thursday evening May 10, 2001, at St. Peters Medical Center. This program will satisfy the OSHA standard on Occupational Exposure to Blood Borne Pathogens, which is required annually for dentists and staff. Each office person trained will receive certification that they have been properly instructed for this OSHA regulation on Infection Control. Two CEU credits will be awarded for all those attending the seminar. The fee for this required OSHA seminar will be $15 per person and the instructor is Joyce Koenig, RNC, APIC.
Contact Marlene, our MCDS Executive Secretary at 732 -238-1255 if you have any questions regarding these exciting programs.
See Registration Forms for these programs inside this newsletter.
New Business:
• Dr. Silverstein requested that we contract with a web hosting service to obtain our own domain name and to facilitate changes to the site. The costs associated with this would be a $20 setup fee, a $75 domain registration fee (incluides the first two years; $35 per year thereafter), and $17 per month to host the site. The Board unanimously approved his request, and approved the domain name for our site.
Mitch Weiner, DMD, Secretary

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Treasurer's Report

March 1, 2001
Nancy Villa, DMD

Previous Balance (2/1/01)
Current Balance (3/1/01)

2/1/01 through 3/1/01
Corporate Sponsorship
Cont. Ed. Courses 675.00
Newsletter 540.00
Dues 11,191.24
Interest 57.33
Mentor Committee 855.00
TOTAL INCOME 13,318.77
Dinner Meetings 2,251.20
Executive Committeee Dinner 208.93
Lecture Fees 500.00
Mentor Committee 277.00
Name Badges 39.43
Newsletter 781.08
Office Supplies 26.00
Secretarial 392.00
Staff Night Deposit 100.00
Telephone 58.36

Net 8,684.77

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NJDA Board of Trustees Report

Components societies are not allowed to separately post minutes of the State Board of Trustees Report. You can find the reports at

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Membership News

None this month.
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NJDA Board of Trustees Meeting Highlights

• Dr. Feinberg reminded Trustees that dentists are only allowed to prescribe drugs to dental patients of record in connection with dental treatment. A dentist received a three months’ active suspension of his license for prescribing to a non-patient.
• Dr. Feinberg updated the BOT about a case brought by the Attorney General and the Director of the Division of Consumer Affairs alleging a violation of the Consumer Fraud Act against a dentist who allegedly coerced patients into financing dental care. Following a fifteen-day trial, the dentist won the case. The judge found that there was no coercion.
• The New Jersey Dental Hygienist Association requested that the State Board allow hygienists to administer local anesthesia. The NJDA Board considered that and other procedures pertaining to expanded functions for dental auxiliaries. After much discussion, a motion was approved to table discussion regarding the list of expanded duties until the next BOT meeting in March to allow the Trustees to go back to the components to get input at the local level. Note: Our MCDS Executive Board is against allowing hygienists to administer local anesthesia.
• Dr. Rempell reported that a best estimate on the budget from last year is that NJDA will be in the black by approximately $125,000. Some of this net gain is attributed to staff vacancies in the calendar year 2000.
• Settlement in property tax appeal – for 1999, the property assessment will be lowered to a level that NJDA will receive a $8500 refund on 2000 taxes. NJDA will receive this in the form of a payment reduction towards the 2001 taxes. Beginning in 2001, the NJDA property assessment will be further reduced, resulting in a further tax reduction of $17,000.
• PIP – was argued in the Appellate Division, which decided that it would not order the Department of Banking and Insurance to adjust the dental fee schedule at this time. Mr. Meisel recommended that NJDA file a petition for certification with the New Jersey Supreme Court. A motion was made and approved for Mr. Meisel to seek review from the New Jersey Supreme Court.
• Council on Dental Education – The board voted down a motion to award a $1300 student loan to a former student who came to NJDA so he could take a remedial class after failing the NERBS for a third time. It was recommended that he first seek a loan from the UMDNJ Alumni Association.
• Judicial Council – Dr. Joel Leizer reported to the Board on an issue that was referred to the Judicial Council. It was asked whether NJDA should take further action against a member after he/she has been formally disciplined by the State Board of Dentistry. It was the sense of the Council not to get involved further. Under NJDA bylaws, if the State Board terminates a member, he/she is automatically terminated with NJDA, so there is no need to take further action.
• Council on Government Affairs – Under the new Whitman budget, Medicaid for dentistry is expected to increase by $26.9 million. However, Senator DiFrancesco, who will replace Whitman as acting Governor, must sign off on the increase.
• A motion was approved for the proposed revised definition of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics as proposed by the American Dental Association.
• Currently, semi-retired active life members who earn a minimal amount of money are required to pay full, retired active dues. The issue was raised that this might be unfair. It was recommended that the Trustees take this issue back to components to discuss and address it at the next meeting in March.
• The Trustees approved a motion that NJDA contribute $500 to support the ASDA regional meeting.
• The New York Dental Association Board of Delegates is introducing legislation that would make it illegal to use live subjects in dental examinations. NJDA supports this and a letter will go out stating the same.
• Dental Licensure Reform – consider accepting any of the four regional exams for licensure as opposed to just accepting the NERBS. Motion made for NJDA to write to the state board to recognize any of the four exams to get licensure in the State of NJ, as opposed to accepting just the NERBS.
Respectfully Submitted,
Daniel Krantz,
NJDA Trustee

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MCDS gets our own web site!

With our Board’s approval, I recently moved our web site to a new web hosting service. Previously, our site was hosted by Batnet within the same site as NJDA’s web site. With the new service, I have direct access to scripts such as “hit counters” and to the server logs to know which pages are being viewed the most. I will also be able to upload changes to the site much more efficiently (it used to take about a week to get changes posted to the site). We also now have our own domain name, There are “non-member” and “members only” sections. To access the members only section, use the login name “mcds” and the password “sy.” (no period at the end of the web address or “sy”). The members only section contains the latest information on our general meetings, course listings and registration forms, pictures from the meetings, pictures and information on the speakers, the latest newsletter, our bylaws, information on the video library at St. Peters (to which ADA members have free access), an archival section with past newsletters, budgets, officer nominations, and much more. Please visit the site and give me your feedback.
-Bob Silverstein, Web Site Editor

Lawson Named Program Chairperson

President-Elect Dr. Peter Desciscio has named Dr. Stephen Lawson, an endodontist with a private practice in Edison, as 2001-2002 Program Chairperson for Middlesex County Dental Society. Dr. Lawson received his B.S. degree from Rutgers University and his DMD degree from UMDNJ. He completed his specialty training in endodontics at UMDNJ. In addition, Dr. Lawson is an Attending Dentist at JFK Hospital and Jersey Shore Medical Center.

Free Email Address!

Did you know that every NJDA member has access to a free email account?
If you have already received a username and password from Diane Davis at NJDA to access the Members Only section of NJDA’s web site, then you already have your free email address.
Your email address is If you wish to access your account directly from your email client, enter the following information in the mail server preferences:
The incoming mail server is
The outgoing mail server is
If you prefer to avoid setting up more than one account in your email client, you can contact Diane Davis and ask that your njda email be forwarded to the email address of your preference (I have my njda mail forwarded to my earthlink account).
If you have not requested a username and password to access the Members Only section of NJDA’s web site, you can contact Diane Davis at
Robert Silverstein, Web Site Editor


General Practitioners are needed for Middlesex County Peer Review Council. If interested, you must be available to take a full day course in October for certification. Peer Review Council members play a vital role in mediating disagreements between patients and dentists in order to avoid formal (and costly) legal pursuits. Members who are interested in becoming members of the Peer Review Council should contact the MCDS Council Chair, Dr. John Fahsbender at 732-356-1313.

Get Ready for a MCDS Special Event
Staff Night this year will be a Casino Night!
Save the date!
Tuesday, May 15, 2001

NOMINATIONS 2001 - 2002

President - Elect Bruce Huberman
Vice - President Nancy Villa
Treasurer Ross Kline
Secretary Mitch Weiner
Joel Leizer
Peter Clemente
Daniel Krantz
Joseph Perlmutter
Charles Bloom (chair) Joel Leizer
Ira Rosen Arnold Rosenheck
Mark Schambra Cavan Brunsden
Peter DeSciscio Daniel Krantz
Bruce Huberman Joseph Perlmutter
Nancy Villa George McLaughlin

Peter Clemente Richard Kahn
Joseph Fertig Ross Kline
Raj Lall Gregory Livanos
Jody Ross Steve Lawson
Philip Engel Maya Prabhu
Ethan Glickman Jeffrey Chustckie
Peter DeSciscio
To be announced at general meeeting
Peter DeSciscio

Free CE
Society Meetings

MCDS members may attend general meetings of all component societies in the state and receive continuing education credit for the program (course) portion of the evening. Component Societies are providing this feature as a benefit of membership. Individuals wishing to purchase dinner must reserve prior to the meeting by calling the contact person indicated. A complete listing of programs can be found in the members only CE section of the NJDA website ( Be advised that programs involving NJDA officers and staff may not be eligible for credit. Licensees may utilize 7 credits per licensing cycle in practice management courses.

Don’t Forget These Great Member Benefits

MCDS Web Site — Our web site has all of the latest MCDS news, as well as archives of past newsletters and useful links. You can reach the site through NJDA’s component section ( Contact Diane Davis at NJDA at 821-9400 or for a user name and password.
MCDS Video Library — at St. Peter’s Hospital. All you need is a valid ADA membership card to access the extensive video collection.
Lawline — Remember LAWLINE if you have a legal question related to your dental practice. As a continuing member benefit, NJDA’s General Counsel, Arthur Meisel, Esq. and Assistant Counsel Patricia DeCotiis are always available to confer, at no cost, with members.
If you have a question or need assistance, call Mr. Meisel at (732) 422-2730 or Patricia DeCotiis at (732) 422-2717 or send them a fax at (732) 821-1082.
Discounted hotel rates are available to ADA members at selected hotels in Chicago, New York, and Washington, D.C. For specific hotels and rates, call ADA at 312-440-2500 extension 2853.
Members who join Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom Club receive discounts at Disney hotels, resorts, and stores and on Disney cruises. Membership in the Magic Kingdom Club is free to ADA members. For more information, call ADA at 312-440-2500 extension 2582.
Hertz offers ADA members money-saving rates on car rentals in the United States and Canada, as well as bonus coupons throughout the year. For more information, call ADA extension 2923.