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President's Message

Welcome to the November edition of the MCDS newsletter. It is actually October 17th as I try to organize my forthcoming thoughts into a coherent message, the difficulty of this task compounded by the distraction of last night’s Mets’ NLCS clincher and the possibility of a subway series if the Yankees win the ALCS tonight (I wonder how this will effect the attendance of tonight’s general membership meeting). If this comes to fruition it will definitely be the highlight of my baseball loving lifetime. However, if the Yankees and Mets meet in the World Series, perhaps I should also consider how it might impact on our dental society. Is it possible our corporate sponsors might desert us for a bigger audience? Will the Armitron sign that looms so large in Shea Stadium be supplanted Benco Dental? Will Yankee Stadium be renamed “PayChex Park.” Will Americus Dental Lab become the official dental lab of major league baseball? Surely such nonsense is nothing more than a “modest proposal,” however we should not feel so comfortable with corporate sponsorship at MCDS general membership meetings and courses that it be taken for granted. Recently, our major sponsor, Benco Dental Supply, informed us that they will no longer be present at our meetings due to perceived lack of interest on our part. There have been similar rumblings from our other corporate sponsors. While these sponsors have not supplemented our treasury on a strict quid pro quo basis, they do at least expect some “traffic” at their displays. Furthermore, even though the health of our treasury surely does not depend on corporate sponsorship, funding from it is not insignificant ($5,000 in our proposed 2001 budget). These funds help to make other projects more affordable, such as helping to provide capital to offset ADA dues increases the past two years and subsidizing what might otherwise be over ambitious continuing education programs.
Please do not misinterpret these comments as a passioned plea to support corporate sponsorship. No MCDS member ever came to our board of trustees begging for corporate sponsorship and I know that some of our members are against it completely. However, please understand that our board of trustees approved this program solely with the benefit of our membership in mind. We are not trying to coerce anyone into patronizing our corporate sponsors and we realize that an overriding attraction of our monthly meetings is often social, not business. Nevertheless, if you are an advocate of corporate sponsorship, is it too much to ask to spend a few minutes with these vendors each month? I have done so myself and found them all extremely courteous and often helpful. These sponsors will not put any pressure on you to purchase anything; their presence is simply to represent their product and a purchase requires initiative on your part. Clearly our dental society has much to gain from such relationships. The expenditure on the part of our constituency to make this arrangement viable only requires your time and courtesy.
Hmm, “Hu Freidy Field at Flushing Meadow,” how does that sound?

Charles Bloom, D.M.D.
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MCDS Board of Trustees Report

-October 10, 2000-

Attendance: Bloom, Brunsden, Chustckie, Clemente, Fertig, Glickman, Huberman, Kahn, Katz, Kline, Krantz, Leizer, Livanos, Perlmutter, Rosen, Schambra, Silverstein, Villa, Weiner
Acceptance of Minutes – 9/12/00-vote unanimous.
President’s Report-C. Bloom
• Our Executive Secretary, Marlene, mailed approximately 1700 flyers offering the Dr. Paul Belvedere Course to dentists from other components. The response has been good and there is still one month to go before the course.
• A survey, which is included in this newsletter, asks for information that patients commonly ask when calling MCDS. Please take a moment and fill out the survey, which will help MCDS direct the public to the dental offices that can best accommodate them.
• The presidents of Mercer, Tri-County, Union and Essex County dental societies were called and asked to announce and advertise the Dr. Belvedere course. They were very accommodating.
• Dr. Art Meisel attended our October Executive Board Meeting and discussed membership issues and the Annual Session.
• Last year, Dr. Schambra obtained materials from the Passaic County Dental Society about their job bank program, which enables dental personnel to find positions at dental offices by responding to an advertisement in the newspaper. We are looking into the possibility of utilizing this program for MCDS.
Program-R. Kline
• It has been decided to go back to the two-room arrangement at the Pines Manor, one room for the business meeting and a separate room for the dinner and lecture. If anyone has any specific comments/complaints regarding the Pines Manor, please send them to the attention of Dr. Kline by e-mail: or fax them to 732-254-8799.
• We are considering having our staff night at a different location this year. Research and bids from hotels will be started shortly. Please let Dr. Kline know, as soon as possible, if you have any suggestions!
NJDA Council Reports:
Peer Review-J. Fahsbender
There were no peer review cases handles this month.
Annual Session-P. Engel
• Annual Session meeting dates for 2001 will be Friday, June 1, to Sunday, June 3, at the Sheraton Hotel and NJ Convention Center.
• Several options are being explored to increase attendance at future meetings. Included are to change the city where the meeting is currently held to central or northern New Jersey. Another possibility is to change to a mid-week meeting (Wednesday to Friday) at a hotel on the boardwalk in Atlantic City.
• The Council was reorganized in structure to four Co-Chairpersons.
Communications-R. Silverstein
• As you know, the NJDA Board of Trustees, is considering changing the format of the Journal to include less scientific articles and to reduce its size. Art Meisel has made the executive decision to outsource the Journal starting with the Winter 2000 issue (the cost of the outsourcing will be made up in advertising revenue). However, the Journal will continue to be in the same format as it is now until such time as the Board of Trustees approves the changes. Their next meeting is in October.
• A new membership directory will be sent out in the first quarter of next year. Members will be receiving a request in the next couple of months for current information. The membership directory has been outsourced to the same company that will be doing the Journal at no charge to NJDA (again, the cost is covered by advertising).
MCDS Committee Reports:
Corporate Sponsorship-R. Kline
• Benco Dental Supply Company has decided not to renew their sponsorship of our evening Continuing Education meetings, for the present time. They will reconsider their participation again in the future.
• Several of the vendors have complained that only a few of our members visit their tables or ask questions about their products or services. Again, we ask that the membership support our sponsors, as they make a significant difference in helping us provide benefits to the membership at reduced rates.
Mentor-E. Glickman
The Mentor Committee has arranged three seminars for the year 2001:
• On Thursday evening, February 8, 2001, we will be presenting, “Transitional Implants and the Construction of Immediate Restorations.” The Dentatus USA Company is sponsoring the program. This will be a hands-on program with ALL materials supplied by the Dentatus USA Company. Two CEU credits will be awarded for this seminar and this program is available to our members, free of charge, as a member benefit of MCDS.
• On Thursday evening April 12, 2001, we will be presenting, “Lasers in Dentistry.” Topics covered will be Laser history, physics & mechanics, case presentations and clinical applications followed by Q. & A. The speaker for this seminar is Dr. William Fromkin of North Brunswick, NJ. Two CEU credits will be awarded for this presentation and this program is available to our members, free of charge, as a member benefit of MCDS.
• Our third program will be our annual “OSHA Seminar.” We will present this course on Thursday evening, May 10, 2001, at St. Peters Medical Center. This program will satisfy the OSHA standard on Occupational Exposure to Blood Borne Pathogens, which is required for staff and dentists who need to be instructed annually and tested to verify their training. Each office person trained will receive certification that they have been properly instructed for this OSHA regulation on Infection Control. Two CEU credits will be awarded for all those attending the seminar. The instructor for this educational seminar is Joyce Koenig, RNC, APIC. Look for further information in our monthly newsletter or contact Marlene, our MCDS Executive Secretary, at 732-238-1255.
Respectfully Submitted,
Dr. Mitch Weiner, Secretary

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Treasurer's Report

October 1, 2000
Nancy Villa, DMD

Previous Balance (91/00)
Current Balance (10/1/00)

9/1/00 through 10/1/00
Continuing Education 315.00
Corporate Sponsorship
Monthly Meetings 2,025.00
Newsletter 1,980.00
Interest 69.57
Mentor Committee 1,000.00
Continuing Education 900.48
Dinner Meetings 2,632.50
Executive Committee Dinners 208.93
Insurance 336.86
Lecture Fees 500.00
Gifts 164.13
Newsletter 615.57
Office Supplies 92.74
Secretarial 210.00
Telephone 56.29
Net (327.93)

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NJDA Board of Trustees Report

Components societies are not allowed to separately post minutes of the State Board of Trustees Report. You can now find the reports at

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Membership News

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I am now in my tenth year as a member of NJDA/MCDS. I have volunteered countless hours of my spare time for the sake of bettering this the fine organization. In doing so, I have a vested interest in seeing that my investment in time does not go to waste. It is my hope that some younger members, who care a great deal about the future of the dental profession (the way it is perceived, practiced, and regulated), will read this article.
In 1990, there were several “Goliath’s” on the back of practicing dentists. OSHA was an intrusive threat. Managed Care was beginning to take root in the state. Dentistry was getting very bad press (60 Minutes on mercury in amalgams), and the State Board’s relationship with organized dentistry was lukewarm at best. NJDA, with the support of a strong membership, fought back these Goliath’s consistently and laid the foundation for me to build my business with limited over-regulation and intrusion from outside influences.
Countless examples of NJDA’s accomplishments come to mind. The hiring of Arthur Meisel as NJDA Counsel (now Counsel and Executive Director) in the 1990’s gave us a full time attorney at a time when we needed one desperately to combat the growing regulatory threats. Through the help of our Legal Counsel, we have rolled back licensing and waste generator fees, offered advice and support to members during the ugly use tax audits of ‘93- ’94, stopped mandatory back flow valve installation in Hudson County, improved our relationship with the State Board and helped convinced them to see our side of various issues, and challenged insurance companies and the NJ Department of insurance over numerous unfair practices on behalf of our members.
When I was asked by the MCDS President at the time, Dr. Joseph Perlmutter to serve on the MCDS Executive Board in 1993, I felt that I could give something back for all the benefits that I’d received through the actions of organized dentistry. In addition, I felt that I could serve as someone who would look out for the best interests of younger dentists. Over the years, many of our members have become active with the MCDS Executive Board, joining it’s various Councils and Committees. However, after 7 years of service, as I looked around at the last Executive Board meeting, I realized that I was still the youngest member in attendance. As Secretary of MCDS, soon to be President in 5 years, I thought to myself, who will be my Program Chairperson when I become President?
We need to stimulate our new and younger members to become more active, to serve on the Executive Board and to learn more about the organization and the benefits it has to offer. We need more computer savvy members to help with and eventually take over the MCDS Newsletter preparation in the future. We need more active younger members to help chart the course of the future for this organization, as they will be the primary beneficiaries (or victims) of the course that we chart. At MCDS, our Executive Board meets on the second Tuesday night of each month (except December) through May at NJDA headquarters off Route 1 in North Brunswick. Any members who are interested in becoming active in MCDS are welcome (and encouraged) to attend. It is my hope that over the next few years, the MCDS Executive Board will be comprised of several new faces, ready to represent their generations’ voice on behalf of our members.
-Mitch Weiner

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In Memorium

MCDS Executive Board extends its condolences to past-President
Dr. Joseph Perlmutter on the passing of his mother.

Dr. O'Brien Named New Residency Director at JFK Hospital

MCDS Member Dr. Daniel P. O'Brien was recently named Residency Program
Director at JFK Hospital. Dr. O'Brien received his undergraduate degree from
the University of Scranton and his D.M.D. degree from the University of
Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. He completed a general practice
residency at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. In addition to his
hospital appointment, Dr. O'Brien continues to practice general dentistry in

Free CE
Society Meetings

MCDS members may attend general meetings of all component societies in the state and receive continuing education credit for the program (course) portion of the evening. Component Societies are providing this feature as a benefit of membership. Individuals wishing to purchase dinner must reserve prior to the meeting by calling the contact person indicated. A complete listing of programs can be found in the members only CE section of the NJDA website ( Be advised that programs involving NJDA officers and staff may not be eligible for credit. Licensees may utilize 7 credits per licensing cycle in practice management courses.

Don’t Forget These Great Member Benefits

MCDS Web Site — Our web site has all of the latest MCDS news, as well as archives of past newsletters and useful links. You can reach the site through NJDA’s component section ( Contact Diane Davis at NJDA at 821-9400 or for a user name and password.
MCDS Video Library — at St. Peter’s Hospital. All you need is a valid ADA membership card to access the extensive video collection.
Lawline — Remember LAWLINE if you have a legal question related to your dental practice. As a continuing member benefit, NJDA’s General Counsel, Arthur Meisel, Esq. is always available to confer, at no cost, with members.
If you have a question or need assistance, call Mr. Meisel at his direct-dial number (732) 422-2730 or send him a fax at (732) 821-1082.
Discounted hotel rates are available to ADA members at selected hotels in Chicago, New York, and Washington, D.C. For specific hotels and rates, call ADA at 312-440-2500 extension 2853.
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