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President's Message

Our Prez

Last month, the State Board of Dentistry did a random audit of New Jersey dentists to verify that they had completed the required 40 hours of continuing education units during the two year period from 11/1/95 through 10/31/97. The dentists were told that they must reply within 14 days. A number of our member dentists contacted us for verification of those courses that we sponsored in order to respond to the audit. As I have mentioned in this column previously, I believe that one of the best reasons to belong to the Middlesex County Dental Society is the convenient, high quality, readily available, diverse, continuing education opportunities. In addition, we were able to provide our members with the necessary verification in a timely fashion for the State Board of Dentistry - another member benefit.
While an audit of this type can be annoying (and never occurs at a convenient time), I took a moment to think about the purpose of this relatively new requirement for dental licensure. The 40 hours of continuing education keeps us current, knowledgeable and motivated in our day-to-day existence as dental professionals. It allows us to expand our horizons and improve the quality of care that we provide to our patients. In the end, both our patients and we are the ultimate beneficiaries.
We have many hours of continuing education available to our members in the next few months. Please join us at our monthly general membership meetings,

numerous mentor committee programs and our all-day continuing education seminar on April 21, 1999. The all-day program for dentists and staff will feature Dr. Gary Takacs, a nationally known speaker on Practice Management. In addition, the NJDA Annual Session on Friday, Saturday & Sunday, May 21, 22 & 23 in the new Convention Center in Atlantic City will provide an incredible opportunity for continuing education. Take advantage of these opportunities for yourself and for your patients - I hope to see you there.


Ira S. Rosen, D.M.D.

President, Middlesex County Dental Society

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MCDS Board of Trustees Report

-January 12, 1999-

Attendance: Bloom, Brunsden, DeSciscio, Engel, Fahsbender, Fertig, Glickman, Huberman, Kline, Krantz, Lawson, Leizer, Livanos, Perlmutter, Rosen, Rosenheck, Schambra, Silverstein, Villa, Weiner

Acceptance of Minutes-11/10/98-Reporting error in UMDNJ report-Minnesota, not Missouri, has student component to their society-Vote unanimous.

Treasurer's Report: December 1, 1998
P. DeSciscio, Treasurer Previous Balance $39,791.10
Income/Expenses - 4027.90 Current Balance $35,763.20
January 1, 1999
Previous Balance $35,763.20
Income/Expenses - 51.39
Current Balance $35,711.81

NJDA Council Reports:

Annual Session-P. Engel

There is a weekend date for the meeting this year, May 21-23-not in June as is has been in the past. It will be held at the Convention Center in Atlantic City. The New Jersey Dental Assistant Association will hold their annual meeting with NJDA. There will be a pre-Convention speaker, William Dickerson, on May 20, 1999. Anyone interested in presenting a table clinic or the "Breakfast & Learn" should contact NJDA or Dr. Engel.

NJDA Board of Trustees-M. Schambra

See full report in the newsletter.

Special Olympics-C. Brunsden

NJDA was raised from Gold level sponsorship to Platinum level sponsorship this year.

Membership Council-N. Villa

Dues bills were sent to former members who have dropped their membership within the last three years. If one of these former members sends in their dues, their membership will be automatic. Prior to this time, a new application would have to be filled out to reestablish membership. NJDA sent a letter of invitation to the January meeting along with a copy of our newsletter to nonmembers who are potential members. NJDA's nonmember list for MCDS has been tailored to include target members in the county who would be most likely join the Society.

Dental Health Council-B. Huberman

NJDA is presently developing a policy on wearing mouth protectors for athletes participating in organized sports. Efforts are being made to get legislation enacted despite the reluctance of NJSIAA.

The NJDA Web page has new patient information section with articles written by Dental health members on TMJ, implants, periodontal disease, and aesthetic dentistry. The Web page also offers an updated draft Exposure Control Plan that can be downloaded and used by individual offices.

The Smile Line will be held again at the Annual Session on May 21, 1999.

The State Police and the State Medical Examiner have officially recognized the Dental I.D. team.

Every NJDA member has received a water fluoridation booklet outlining the fluoride levels for every town in the state. Since publication, South Brunswick also will be fluoridated.

Children's Dental Health Month-C. Brunsden

This year's activities include the following:
County-wide School Poster Contest
Pediatricians Awareness Program
County Nurses Continuing Education-March 10, 1999
NJDA at the Circus-"A Family Affair"-March 14, 1999
Dental Health Fair and Awards Ceremony-April 11, 1999

Peer Review-J. Fahsbender

Two cases were heard this month for mediation. Both cases were found in favor of the patient.

MCDS Committee Reports:

Editor's Report-M. Weiner

The newsletter was very good this month and the printer did a good job. NJDA sent them to all the non-members. There are some new ads this month, and we are also advertising for other local CE courses.

There was a discussion last month on how to print the information on the new life members in the newsletter. It had been decided that Dr. Weiner would get some brief biographical information from the ADA Membership Directory and print that in the newsletter. The heading on the page read "Life Members" rather than "New Life Members" in error, and a high volume of calls from existing Life Members were received by the Editor and the President to inquire why their name was not on the list. Also, some of the biographical information was incorrect from the ADA Membership Directory. Next year a new plan will have to be considered to make this smoother.

Website-R. Silverstein

The latest newsletter has been uploaded and should be posted soon. The Bylaws have been placed in the Archives section of the site. There are links included to download the Bylaws in Microsoft Word format for both the Mac and PC. These files contain formatting not possible with HTML. As soon as the Board provides them, the "Rules of the Board" will be included in the Archives section.

Program-N. Villa

There was a long agenda for the January 19th NJDA Officer Visitation. There was a cocktail hour, a business meeting, dinner, new member induction, life member recognition, presentation of Diamond Club PAC pins, and the presentations by the Officers. Drs. Rosen and Villa worked out the timing of all these important events.

Membership-N. Villa

Follow-up letters were mailed to nonmember attendees of the last Mentor OSHA program. Three out of five nonmembers who attended last year's Mentor computer program have since joined MCDS thanks to Dr. Glickman!

Corporate Sponsorship-R. Kline, J. Chustckie

Dr. Chustkie has been working on a proposal with Benco Dental for a comprehensive sponsorship package. Benco will reserve all tables at the February and April dinner meeting. They will reserve five of the ten tables for the April 21st continuing education course. They will reserve either the front or back cover of the ad journal for the dinner dance, if it has not already been sold, or a full page inside otherwise. We will be giving them two quarter page ads in the newsletter and a non-competition in exchange for the nearly $7000 they will pay in fees. Benco will be using some of the tables themselves, and the others will be used for manufacturers that they will bring in with them. This arrangement was arrived at after Dr. Chustkie contacted over 80 dental suppliers and manufacturers independently, who declined because of the small size of MCDS. Because of the enormous size of Benco Dental, they are able to provide the manufacturers for us.

Dinner Dance-H. Habas

A contract is on its way from the band. A $200 deposit will need to be given. The invitation will be sent to the Board for approval. Drs. Ross and Prabhu are arranging for the centerpieces and decorations. The seating arrangements will be determined 2-3 weeks before the event.

New Business

Budget-P. DeSciscio
The budget committee met to prepare the budget for 1999. A motion was made to accept the budget-vote unanimous.

Nominations-M. Schambra

The slate of nominations for the next election will be presented at the January 19th meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Bruce Huberman, DMD


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Treasurer's Report

January 1, 1999

Peter L. DeSciscio, DMD, FAGD

Previous Balance  
(12/31/98) $35,763.20
Income / Expenses  
(12/31/98 - 1/31/99) $ 1,536.95
  (- 1,588.34)
Net Loss: (- 51.39)
Current Balance  
(1/31/99) $35,711.81
12/31/98 Through 1/31/99  
Total $ 1,536.95
Newsletter (December) 1,510.96
Telephone 44.05
Name Badges 33.33
TOTAL EXPENSES ($1,588.34)


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NJDA Board of Trustees Report

Components societies are not allowed to separately post minutes of the State Board of Trustees Report. You can now find the reports at http://www.njda.org/member/board_minutes/index.html.

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Membership Council Report

Dr Nancy Villa

1. Follow up letters were mailed to nonmember attendees of the last Mentor OSHA program. Three out of five nonmembers who attended last year's Mentor computer program have since joined MCDS. Many thanks to Ethan!

2. New life members were honored at our January meeting, Certificates were presented and short biographies read for each honoree.

3. Dues bills were sent to former members who have dropped their membership within the last three years.

4. NJDA mailed a letter of invitation to the January meeting along with a copy of our newsletter to nonmembers who are potential prospects.

5. NJDAs nonmember list for MCDS has been tailored to create a list of potential prospects based on the following criteria:


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By Dr. John Fahsbender

By incorporating sound business and professional techniques, the dentist is best able to avoid the Peer Review process. Think of it as preventive medicine.

1. As always, keep good records. Write down everything. More is better than less, Include not only information from your clinical work, but also phone conversations, case presentations, correspondence or any other communications on behalf of your patient. Be perceptive as to any potential problems. If your patient confides that she has instituted lawsuits against her three prior dentists, make sure all your records are in order. Use pen, not pencil. Don't erase or blacken out errors. Draw a line through the entry. If you need to add additional information after the fact, date it and make note that it is additional material.

2. Heed the advice of that great philosopher, Dirty Harry Callahan: "A man's got to know his limitations." Don't make promises you can't keep. Don't attempt work you're not properly trained to do. Refer "out" to specialists. That's why they're called specialists.

3. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. Take all the time necessary to sit down with, or call on the phone, that patient who has presented you with a problem. Most patients are reasonable and are interested in solving a problem rather than producing trouble.

4. Use the best labs, the best materials, hire the best staff, keep the cleanest office, etc., etc. etc. When your patients can see that you are pulling out all the stops for them, they become much less hostile toward you. If a crown has an open margin, re-do it. If the patient is not satisfied with the color, make it right. Let your patients know that you won't settle for anything but the best for them. Don't "skimp" on procedures. Take appropriate x-rays and study models. Take an adequate health history and update regularly. Chart the mouth carefully. When necessary, use an intraoral camera. Involve the patient in the treatment plan, explaining the risk/benefit factors of each treatment.

5. Be respectful of your fellow dentists. Keep sarcastic, demeaning comments on the attributes of that guy "up the street" out of your conversations. You can present problems that need addressing without making things personal. We all have skeletons in our closets. If all the above fails to produce results, it is comforting to know that there is the Peer Review mechanism in place to serve as ombudsman for both the patient and the dentist.


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In Memorium

Joseph J. Sena

Dr. Sena was an active member of the Association

MCDS' Second Annual Full Day Continuing Education Course

Featuring Nationally Recognized Practice Management Consultant and Lecturer

Dr. Gary Takacs

Wednesday, April 21, 1999

It's Time for Another

Dinner Dance


April 17, 1999

Free CE
Society Meetings

MCDS members may attend general meetings of all component societies in the state and receive continuing education credit for the program (course) portion of the evening. Component Societies are providing this feature as a benefit Of membership. Individuals wishing to purchase dinner must reserve prior to the meeting by calling the contact person indicated. A complete listing of programs can be found in the members only CE section of the NJDA website (www.njda.org). Be advised that programs involving NJDA officers and staff may not be eligible for credit. Licensees may utilize 7 credits per licensing cycle in practice management courses.


Noteworthy News



Middlesex County Dental Society


"A Great Smile is Always in Fashion"

County-wide School Poster Contest

• Pediatrician Awareness Program

• County Nurses Continuing Education -Mar. 10, 1999

• NJDA at the Circus - "A Family Affair" -Mar. 14, 1999

* Dental Health Fair and Awards Ceremony - Apr. 11, 1999

MCDS members actively support the concept of early preventive dental health education for children. If you wish to participate in the Children's Dental Health Program contact:

CAVAN BRUNSDEN, DMD at 732-679-2323

Don't Forget These Great Member Benefits

MCDS WEB SITE - (password and user name assigned by Diane Davis at NJDA: 732-821-9400).

MCDS VIDEO LIBRARY - at St. Peter's Hospital - all you need as a MCDS member is a valid ADA membership card to access the extensive video collection.

LAWLINE - Remember LAWLINE if you have a legal question related to your dental practice. As a continuing member benefit, NJDA's General Counsel, Arthur Meisel, Esq. is always available to confer, at no cost, with members.

If you have a question or need assistance, call Mr. Meisel at his direct-dial number (732) 422-2730 or (732) 821-9400 (NJDA).


In our January issue, a list of our new Life Members was published along with biographical information taken from the ADA Directory However, given that the word "new" was not used in the heading, it was misconstrued by many to be a comprehensive list of all of our life members. We apologize for any misunderstandings. In addition, some of the biographical information taken from the ADA Directory was deemed to be inaccurate. Once again, congratulations to all of our new and existing life members for their career-long dedication to organized dentistry.

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